Haruo Nakajima, the suit actor for Godzilla (1954 to 1972) passed away on 7 August 2017 at the age of 88. Wikipedia has him wearing a NY Yankees ball cap in his profile pic, and while that is the most valuable sports brand in the world, it could be a World Series clue – especially considering that a Japanese player named Hideki “Godzilla” Matsui played for the Yankees (2003 to 2009). Indeed as we’ll see, there definitely appears to be a pattern behind monster movies and Yankees Championships.

Haruo Nakajima =131/1031. Hideki Matsui =131. Championship =131. The Yankees =131. Aaron Judge (a monster in his own right) was exactly 1301 weeks old for the season opener. Nakajima died 31 weeks 1 day after his birthday, 1 year 13 days after the last Godzilla film, and 3 months 11 days before the next Godzilla release, all in the lead-up to the 113th World Series. The Yankees =113. The Yanks =113. Seventeen World Series =113. Commissioner’s Trophy =113. The first Godzilla film released on 11/3 of 1954, eleven days after the New York Giants won the World Series. Ten Cloverfield Lane =1113 (released on 3/11 of 2016) is a knock-off / homage to Godzilla.

  • Godzilla + New York brings us to the 1998 Godzilla film starring Matthew Broderick =113, released May 20th. That’s a span of 1010 weeks 3 days before the last baseball game of this regular season and 1013 weeks before the World Series.
  • That’s also 1010 weeks 7 days (or 7077 days) before the Playoffs begin. New York City New York =117. Hideki Matsui =1170. Yankees in 117th season with Game 7 on 11/1/17. There’s an upcoming Japanese reboot titled Godzilla Planet of the Monsters =117 releasing on 11/17. Fenway Park =117. The Green Monster =711. 

And of course that’s also exactly 1011 weeks from Godzilla ’98 to the first day of the Playoffs. New York =111. The Cubs =111. Broderick =111. Cloverfield =111. A Monster =111. 

Matsui’s last game was on 7/22 (2012) and the upcoming 2019 Godzilla film is scheduled to release 72 weeks 2 days after Game 7, which will be played 7 months 22 days after the premier of Kong Skull Island, 227 days before the World Series begins. Its general release came 22 weeks 7 days before Nakajima died.

Matthew Broderick =227 was 20,227 days old the day before Nakajima died and will be 20,314 days old for Game 7, or exactly 2902 weeks. World Series =292. Game 7 is also 2920 days after the Yankees last World Series. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off =314 was directed by John Wilden Hughes Jr =314. As we covered previously, Ferris Bueller is set in Chicago and there’s a scene of a Cubs game at Wrigley. Wikipedia tells us that game was on 6/5/85, which is 31 years 4 months before last year’s baseball playoffs began, leading to the Cubs first World Series win in 108 years. History Repeats By The Numbers =3140. Historic Repetition =314. 

  • Ferris Bueller opened 11,102 days before the Cubs won the 112th World Series on 11/2. Chicago Cubs World Series =112. Chicago World Series =112. Windy City =112. Houston =112. Godzilla =112.

Matthew Broderick =1237 will be 20,307 days old for the start of the World Series, 237 days after Skull Island opened; and it premiered 237 days before Game 7.


Nakajima was born exactly 1066 months before Game 7. Theo Nathaniel Epstein =1066. Epstein =606 will be 16,006 days old for Game 1 of the One Hundred Thirteenth World Series =166. Hideki Matsui =66. Aaron James Judge =166/669. New York =666. The Cubs =666. Windy City =666. A Monster =666. Cloverfield =666 released 9 years 9 months 6 days before Game 1 of the World Series and Game 4 of will be 16,666 days after the last film Nakajima did in the suit (Godzilla VS Gigan). The most popular film in the franchise, Godzilla VS King Kong, released 66 days before the Yankees won the ’62 World Series.

  • Nakajima died 20,020 days after that Yankees win on 10/16/62. New York =220. The Chicago Cubs =220. King of the Monsters =220. Continuing the pattern, the Yankees won the ’98 World Series exactly 22 weeks after the release of that year’s remake of Godzilla. (Yankees would also go on to win in ’99 & ’00).
  • The first Cloverfield came out the year before Yankees won in 2009 and the Cloverfield sequel came out last year… Further, the 1933 King Kong came out while Yankees were World Champions and the year that the New York Giants won.

The first Godzilla film released 23,002 days before the start of The One Hundred and Thirteenth World Series =232. The New York Yankees =232. The LA Dodgers =232. King of the Monsters =232. The Cubs =323. Kim Jong Un will be 12,320 days old on the last day of the season, which ties in symbolically to all the North Korean fear-mongering lately as Godzilla was originally conceived as a metaphor for nuclear weapons.

It’s also interesting to note that Kong Skull Island is set in 1973, a span of 29 years after the intro scene from 1944. The ’73 World Series was won by the Oakland A’s and 29 years before 2017 was the ’88 World Series, where the Dodgers beat the A’s (the Athletics =29 also won in ’29). King Kong =29. Godzilla =29. Fenway =29. Hideki Matsui =129. One Hundred Thirteenth World Series =129. The One Hundred and Thirteenth World Series =209. New York Yankees =209 won the 29th World Series in 1932 (over the Cubs) and last won in 2009. [Also, Trump was born 10 months 29 days (333 days) after the first ever nuclear bomb dropped in the Trinity Test].

If you haven’t watched Skull Island there’s a scene where John C Reilly =209 (playing a character called Hank =29 stranded for the past 29 years) asks if the Cubs have won the World Series yet. While the film opened 129 days after Cubs won, the shooting had wrapped up in March 2016, and coincidence theorists call this “irony.”

Hank’s surname is Marlow =108. Hank Marlow =108. It was The Cubs =108 first World Series in 108 years. One Hundred Eight Years =108. Wrigley Field of Dreams =108. 

6 thoughts on “Godzilla

  1. Thank you Brother Berg!
    See that another “Hideki”, Hideki Matsuyama , just won the golf WGC-Bridgestone Invitational.
    ( his name is very similar to Hideki Matsui !!) Wonder what this could mean for the outcome of the US PGA tomorrow??


  2. He played the role for “Eighteen Years” (1954-1972) and (54+72=126).
    “Baseball”-Full Reduction=18 (1+8=9) Relating to the Cubs winning their first Series “108” yrs(18)
    “Suit Actor”-English Ordinal=126(1+2+6=9)
    “Eighteen Years”-Reverse Sumerian=1260(126/162)
    “Major League Baseball”-English Ordinal=162
    “Number Nine”-Full Reduction=52(Like his DOD 8/7/2017, 8+7+20+17=52)
    “Dead At Eighty-Eight Years Old”-Francis Bacon=413(413/314)


  3. Haruo died a span of 72y 2d after Hiroshima bombing. He died age 88. On 8/8/1+7=8, here in USA, we had media blather of Trump’s threat of fire and fury towards NK, and in return, threats from King Kong un (ICBM…the shit’s going to fly). This was all inbetween the Japanese twin bombing anniversaries of 8/6 & 8/9/45. Pre-emptive STRIKE = 227 (K), 88, 112, 211,181. Three days later?


  4. […] July 2011. That’s an interesting synchronicity between Nakajima & Irabu, especially as my Godzilla report drew a parallel to another Yankee named Hideki. Before we explore the coding, a reader points out […]


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