Newsweek: Lazy Boy + Solar Eclipse

We’ve been discussing Trump’s connections to the upcoming Great American Eclipse and voila: this cover of the latest Newsweek (8/11/17) with its top headline reading Will Solar Eclipse Be Unnatural Disaster =2610. What a sum, as Trump will be 26,001 days old for the Eclipse. And just to make sure it’s deliberate, the side text reads. Six Months In Office + Forty Days at Golf Clubs + Zero Pieces of Major Legislation =261. AND, the article is titled Slacker-In-Chief: Donald Trump Slacker in Chief =261. You know what other word equals 261? Assassinated =261. King Henry’s Eclipse =1261, as we’ll explain shortly & Trump’s threat at North Korea: Fire and Fury =1261. 

Along the side there we’re shown 6 & 40 along with Zero =64, numbers that synch up with the thematic alphanumerics on the cover: Will Solar Eclipse Be Unnatural Disaster =164. Lazy Boy Donald Trump =1464. Eleventh of August Two Thousand Seventeen =164/461. Solar Eclipse =146/64. Total Solar Eclipse =64. Unnatural Disaster =64. August Eleven =64. Lazy =64. ZERO pieces of major legislation =640. Donald J Trump =46 born on 14/6 of ‘46. US President Trump =1164. The Trump Administration =1146. The Eclipse on August Twenty-First =1146 also comes 40 weeks 6 days after Trump was elected and his tombstone appeared in Central Park New York =64 the exact same span of 40 weeks 6 days after his presidential campaign began. August Twenty First Twenty Seventeen =1604.

  • And then we do what we do and draw associations with other words that share these frequencies: American Empire =46. Sacrifice =46. Illuminati =146. Assassination =1146. Assassin =461. Presidency =64. Two days after this Newsweek was published marks exactly 46,004 weeks since the death of King Henry I, who as we’ll see, is associated by death to an eclipse. (For posterity, 16 July 2017 – the day George Romero died – marked exactly 46,000 weeks later, which is also 322,000 days). Michael Pence =146 would become President Michael Richard Pence =146, the 46th President of the USA =146 in the event of Trump’s staged sacrifice. President Pence =146. President Mike Pence =1146. 
  • JFK was born 464 weeks before the birth of Queen Elizabeth =640 and he was assassinated at age 46 the year before ‘64. Lyndon Johnson =64 died 1464 days after leaving office and President Lincoln =64 died 1464 days after the Civil War began. The Law of Correspondence =1464. Fire and Fury =46/64. 

“Slacker-In-Chief” compares Trump to Al Bundy =646 from Married With Children (reporting that he watches an average of five hours of TV per day…) Trump was born 64 days after the birth of actor Ed O’Neill who played Bundy. Edward Leonard O’Neill =1146. Edward O’Neill =46. The article opens on the date 8/8/11, which just so happens to be 6 years 4 days before this Newsweek’s date. Indeed the entire text with title + subheading + author reads: “Slacker In Chief by Alexander Nazaryan: Donald Trump Came Into Office Promising to Work Hard for Forgotten Americans but He’s Been Very Lazy So Far” =464.

Lazy Boy Donald Trump is Bored and Tired Imagine How Bad He’d Feel if He Did any Work =6660/699. Newsweek =666. Pretty strong double synch there, vibrating energetically just off the pages. Laziness =666. President Pence =666. King Henry =666 (almost ready to explain). The article gives us another space-time vector to calculate with the precise date (11/1/92) of the Married With Children episode “Chicago Wine Party” that aired two days before Bill Clinton was elected president. If we run a duration up to the Eclipse we find it’s a clean 9060 days. Assassination =960. President Donald J Trump =96. A Lazy Boy =96. Freemason =96. Henry =96. Eclipse =69. 

Donald Trump is Bored and Tired Imagine How Bad He’d Feel if He Did any Work =314/227. Slacker =314. The article mentions a tweet Trump sent on 8/15/11 criticizing Obama playing golf: that was exactly 314 weeks before the Eclipse =314. 

  • Presidential Assassination =314. US President Donald Trump =314. Trump Suicide =314. Trump Assassinated =1314. Again, all the text on the article cover page: “Slacker In Chief by Alexander Nazaryan: Donald Trump Came Into Office Promising to Work Hard for Forgotten Americans but He’s Been Very Lazy So Far” =1314. 

President Donald J Trump =512 was elected 512 days after his campaign began and the Eclipse comes 512 days after his tombstone appeared, and 2 months 15 days after Pence’s birthday. Trump Assassinated =215. President Mike Richard Pence =1512. Fire and Fury =512. 

Alright now get this: a superstition that dates back to the Babylonian era equated solar eclipses with death threats on the head of state. The Babylonians would put substitute kings on the throne during an eclipse to protect the real thing and astronomers in Ancient China were put to death if they failed to predict one.

Indeed in 1133 CE, King Henry I of England (the son of William the Conqueror) died shortly after one of the longest-lasting solar eclipses in history… The problem with this story is that this article from the Smithsonian talks about the “coincidence” of that eclipse “coinciding” with Henry’s death; though Wikipedia tells us he didn’t actually die for another two and a half years, from food poisoning. 121 years 5 days later to be exact and he died in Lyons-La-Foret France =215, which still connects to the 215/512 sequence above, and while that’s quite a long time when you’re right in the heat of the present, from our current vantage point of doctored history, it might just fit right into the puzzle.

Other historic records say Henry died the same year as the eclipse so who really knows for sure, but the takeaway is that there exists a precedent for the Killing of the King Ritual to be associated with an eclipse. And we still find a strong gem here, as 2017 is 884 years after that 1133 event. Great American Eclipse =884. August Twenty-First Twenty Seventeen =448. 

7 thoughts on “Newsweek: Lazy Boy + Solar Eclipse

  1. There is even a Newsweek article from July about how astrologers are saying the solar eclipse could spell disaster for Trump.

    With Christ allegedly crucified under an eclipse (right), Trump born under a lunar eclipse, and the Trump family matriarch with the surname Christ, born 10/10 and dead 6/6/66, some fuckery is surely afoot.

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  2. You gotta send that to Newsweek. Regarding Trump & the Eclipse….he is staying in Bedminster New Jersey =233. Eclipse on 233rd day. Gematria =233 😉 Bedminster is referred to as the Summer White House =222. Eclipse =222. August Twenty First Eclipse =2022. Eight Twenty-One Solar Eclipse =2202.

    Eight Twenty One =73. Eclipsed =73. Solar Eclipse =73. Newsweek =37.


    • Bedminster =46. Bedminster NJ =46/1146. DeLorean =146, and Trump’s property here includes the former estate of the automaker for another “Back to the Future” =64 connection to old Biff here. Biff Tannen =46. Time Travel =64.

      Trump Organization =222/1332. The Summer White House =233. John Delorean =1218. Eighty Eight MPH =218.

      Trump National Golf Club =1512.


      • BB,
        I’m reminded of your reply to my comment on your G-20 post –
        ‘The assassination attempt (on Hitler) came 1126 days after the (Wolf’s) Lair was built and Adolf Hitler =162 died 162 days after leaving it’.
        Trump will be 26,001 days old for the Eclipse as you’ve stated.

        The Wolf’s Lair = 888
        Donald J Trump = 888

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  3. From the day Trump gave a lotus flower sculpture (Rising Above) to the Pope, on 5-24-17, to Eclipse = 89d (89th prime = 461) or 2m 28d (like 6/14 to 9/11) or 12w 5d (JFK was assassinated 125d after 7-20-63 Total (Canada centered) Solar Eclipse, (seen in NE corner of US).

    Lotus =460 (J)
    Lotus Flower = 146 (K), 996.
    Rising Above = 134 (K). Lotus blooms pink at 01:34 in I, Pet Goat 2.

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  4. The Pope went to Egypt on 4/28-29 this year: “Apostolic Journey to Egypt” = 119.
    The sinister logo poster for the trip shows the Pope beside and within a framed shape of “The Sphinx” = 116 (JO). In Arabic, the Sphinx is known as “Abu al Hawl: The Father of Terror” = 1722 (Sum).
    The span of 4-28-17 to Eclipse = 116d (116th prime: 641), or 16w 4d.

    Father of Terror = 911 (EEX)
    Father of Terror + Pope Francis = 146 (RSR).
    Father of Terror + Pope = 1116 (EE).


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