Charlottesville Rally Staged Terror

Gongshow in Charlottesville Virginia over the weekend as a gathering of white nationalist groups called Unite the Right clashed with counter-protestors from Black Lives Matter (both sides managed by the same intelligence agency) resulting in a staged vehicle-ramming incident and the crash of a police helicopter. The first thing I thought when I saw the city’s name is it’s been a while since we aligned these false flag terror hoaxes with the royal family’s birthdays – so we’ll open today with a beauty of a long count.

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, the daughter of William & Kate, was born on 2 May 2015: exactly 119 weeks before the Vehicle Attack =119 in Charlottesville at the Unite the Right Rally =119 that killed 1 injured 19 (excluding the helicopter crash). Of the wounded, 10/19 were said to be seriously hurt. It also happened 19 years 11 months 11 days after Princess Diana was killed in a car crash. Robert E Lee was born on 1/19. 

  • Virginia State Police =119. Police =119. Fraternal Order of Police =119. Donald =119. Mr Trump =119. Star of David =119. All-Seeing Eye =119. The sun’s diameter is 11.9x that of Saturn =119. The helicopter crash killed Lieutenant H. Jay Cullen =119. 
  • Royalty =116. The CIA =116. Cambridge =116. The Far Right =116. Right Wing =1160. Race Wars =1160. White Supremacy =1116. National Socialism =1116. Car Strikes Crowd =1116. General Lee =1116. Psychological Operation =1116. 

The rally started 88 days after the last one in Charlottesville (5/15/17), which was also intended to protest the removal of Confederate monuments from public places. 88 being the Neo-Nazi gematria abbreviation for Heil Hitler (H=8) and we find an absurd amount of 88-coding in this event that began on 8/11 (8×11=88). Ku Klux Klan =811. White Supremacist =88. White Supremacy Groups =88. Aryan Brotherhood =88. Race Wars =88. Domestic Terrorism =88. White Terrorism =88. Right Wing =880. Trump =88. President Trump =188/1188. Elizabeth =88. The Agency =88. Animal Farm =88. The Right =188. White Nationalism =188. White Terrorists =188. Hazzard =88. The Dukes of Hazzard =1188 (which we’re reminded of with the focus on David Duke and General Lee, the name of the renegade car in the TV show).

The woman in the crowd of Counterprotestors =1188 who died just happens to have both HH initials and 88-coding: Heather Heyer =1188. Heyer =808. The driver of the hit-and-run was James Alex Fields Junior =88 and the helicopter crash also killed Berke Bates =88. Bates =88. The rally organizer was Jason Kessler =888. Kessler =88. And the symbolic focus point was a statue of Robert Edward Lee =88. General Lee =188. Riot =88. A State of Emergency =88. Virginians =888. This September 7th will be 88,088 days after the birth of America. 

Unite the Right =1122. Charlottesville Virginia =122. Vehicular Manslaughter =122. Confederate =122. Confederate Flag =122. Bigotry =122. Virginians =122. Freemason =122. White =1022. Counter-Intelligence Program =122. FBI =122. Michael Signer =122 is the mayor of Charlotesville.

Virginia’s governor Terry McAuliffe was exactly 22,100 days old for the Staged Protest =221 in the park formerly known as Lee Park =221 which killed Heather D Heyer =221 and happened 11 months 22 days after the release of Imperium, with Daniel Radcliffe as a government agent infiltrating a white supremacy group. White Terrorists =221. British Royal Family =221. The Bavarian Illuminati =221. 

  • It also happened 1308 days into McAuliffe’s term as governor. McAuliffe =138. White Nationalists =1308. KKK =138. Ku Klux Klan =138. White Nationalist Rally =138. Federal =138. Donald Trump =138. Emancipation Declaration =138 and the Robert E Lee statue is in Emancipation Park.

Vehicular Homicide =111. The license plate of the Dodge Challenger =111 reads GVF 1111. Counter Intelligence =1111. COINTEL =111. Federal Bureau of Investigation =111. KKK =111. The British Royal Family =111. Donald John Trump =1110. The Apollo Program =110 ran for 11 years 1 month 11 days and The State of Liberty =111 was dedicated 1 year 11 months 11 days after the Washington Monument opened. National Socialism =111. Animalism =111. 


We’ve also been covering how these vehicle ramming incidents are all timed up with the release of Stephen King’s Mr Mercedes, which features a car smashing into a crowd of people. It’s been made into a TV series that just aired its pilot two days before the rally. It’d been postponed after the Anton Yelchin, the actor set to play the villain Brady Hartsfield =1250, was suspiciously rammed to death by his own vehicle, 1 year 1 month 25 days earlier. Predictive Programming =125. Police State =125. 

  • This event also happened 420 days after Yelchin died and 4 years 20 days after the birth of Prince George. Counter Intelligence =420. White =420. Swine =420. Fascism =420. Social Engineering =420. Neo-Nazis =42. Far Right =42. Zionism =42. Masonry =42. Freemason =42. The Pigs =42. The Juwes =42. 

As other researchers have pointed out, the Dodge Challenger is a common police vehicle. The name reminds me of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster from 28 January 1986, especially with all the NASA / NAZI coding we’ve been subjected to over the last while. That happened 11,520 days earlier. White Supremacy =1152. Apollo Program =1152. Staged Terror Hoax =1521. Counterprotestors =521. Princess Charlotte =251/205 was born on 2/5/2015. White Supremacist =205. Israel =205. United Kingdom =205. World Government =205. The Illuminati =205. Impeccable Pig =250. 

The video of the ramming attack clearly shows a store called The Impeccable Pig. The symbolism here is too good to be unintentional. Impeccable means faultless and the pigs in Orwell’s Animal Farm represent the ruling elite, which reminds me of the graffiti from the Jack the Ripper masonic occult ritual: “The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing.” Especially here at a protest largely aimed at Zionist Government with its staged false flag terror carried out by the police force goons – that other group commonly referred to as pigs.

Charlottesville =211. Counter Intelligence =211. Mason =211. World Government =2111. The event happened exactly 2011 weeks after the 1979 premier of The Dukes of Hazzard, and the show ran for 2204 days. The ramming happened on the 224th day in Charlottesville =224. Divide and Conquer =1224. The KKK was formed on 12/24.

  • It also happened exactly 1696 weeks after the series finale in 1985. The CIA =696. COINTEL =666. White Terrorists =1666. The Beast System =1666. Black Nobility =666. The Gods =666. Humanity =666. 

UPDATE: The teacher that died on the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster was Christa MCAULIFFE – the same fucking surname as the Governor of Virginia! What are the chances? Christa McAuliffe =811 was born 811 days after the birth of Donald Trump. The Challenger =118. That’s exactly 116 weeks and she was born Sharon Christa Corrigan =119. This story just got even deeper into the Twilight Zone.

The Challenger =113 exploded 1 minute 13 seconds after launch. Sharon Christa McAuliffe =103 was 13 years old for the Apollo 13 disaster which launched at 13:13 CST. The letters on the Dodge Challenger license plate: GVF =113. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge =113. Neo-Nazis =113. Controlled Opposition =113. Fiction =113. Bullshit =113. Fake Reality =113. Dreamworld =113.  

15 thoughts on “Charlottesville Rally Staged Terror

    • Holy Shit! Christa McAuliffe =811 (born 811 days after Trump). Sharon Christa McAuliffe =333/999. Born “Sharon Christa Corrigan” =227/119 (born exactly 116 weeks after Trump).

      Awesome catch my man! How many frickin McAuliffes can there be in the world…


  1. Well done brother. Get this, for a perfect illustration of how instrumental the Hebrew and even Coptic calendars (and perhaps more) are to this shit. Our perp Mr. Fields was born 1/19 Hebrew, exactly 1119 days after Dylann Storm Roof. That date is also 8/18 Coptic, and Fields allegedly joined the Army on 8/18. He was exactly 1059 weeks old on the date of the “attack”, a date #159 Hebrew (Roof has a 59 life # Coptic).

    For further illustration, there are 112 weeks 2 days between this event and the Charleston event, which occurred on a date #22, when Roof was exactly 21 years 2 months 2 weeks old, and was born 1/22 Hebrew.


  2. Great stuff BB. Mind if I add that this staged attack was 146 years 10 months since the death of (Robert E Lee =46). Confederate Gen Robert E Lee =119/227. Confederate General =314.

    (Robert E Lee =61) died 61 days after the (Shriners =61) order of Freemasonry was founded.
    The Shriners and Confederate General Robert E Lee =227.

    Listed as the first member of the Shriners is (Master Mason Walter Millard Fleming =1111) and that’s why I think your picture with the gray Dodge’s license plate number ,1111, also shows a Shrines’ bumper sticker on the Tundra truck.
    Master Mason Walter Millard Fleming + Tundra =227.

    a gray Dodge rams crowd =227 (Bacon). Shriners International, also commonly known as The Shriners =1314. Shriners International =314.

    According to Wiki, the Robert Edward Lee Sculpture was listed with the National Register of Historic Places on May 16, 1997. From registry day to the date the psy-op rally in Charlottesville began was 20 years 2 months 27 days.

    As for those pilots that “died” in the helicopter crash. Jay Cullen and Berke Bates =314.


    • AWESOME. You Capsanauts are killing it! I also noticed the Tundra =155 (Freemasons / The Agency). Jew =1505. The Illuminati =551. False Flag Operation =551.

      But i didn’t see the Shriners decal! You’ll love this one, it was originally known as the: Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine =227.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Twilight Gong Show Zone Fun Fact: Trump’s favorite episode of Twilight Zone:
    ‘A Nice Place To Visit’ aired on 4-15-1960.
    From Trump’s birth to show: 722w or 13y 10m 1d.


    • Oh yeah right there on the Wiki page – NICE! I’m gonna have to watch this episode. I love the detail in the plot summary that he realizes he’s in hell and hardly any of the world’s inhabitants are actually real. Sounds like simulation theory where only a few of us are Players and the rest are NPCs.


  4. Just saw your question: also cited in Wayne Barrett’s bio of Trump, “The Deals and the Downfall.” (Harper Collins pp.31-32.)
    The character Henry (Rocky) dies from gunshot in an alley with circus posters (The Greatest Show on Earth). The Shriners have circuses and clowns (it’s for the children…) Members (until 2000) had to have completed Scottish Rite or York Rite systems, but now any Master Mason can join. Previously (till 2010) recognized name abbreviation: A.A.O.N.M.S. was changed. Look up “MONAS Hidden Meaning Monas Hierglyphica” (7-22-12) on Open Scroll blog.
    Trump has creepy coding (666) with childrens’ historic tragedies (prior Sandy Hook posts/August) and the Shriners are known for their hospitals which are for children suffering from cancer.


  5. Great connections as always… sorry in advance for my workings… as I said before I would struggle to type out all the words/headlines over and over to point out the numbers but want to include them as they’ve all popped up and been covered brilliantly above in your post and others comments…

    On this same day 11/8 we also had a

    Train crash = 666, 111, 221, 137, 69, 125,

    In Alexandria = 44, 177, 277, 727, 131, 181, 115, 38, 83, 28, 82,

    Egypt = 44, 55, 77, 101,

    Alexandria Egypt = 188, 151, 1033, 126, 162, 323,

    NY times reported 36 dead 123 injured…

    Thirty six dead = 77, 1110, 996, 331, 156, 166, 76, 67,

    One hundred twenty three injured = 123, 411, 404, 118, 1118, 161,

    (As above plus) thirty six dead = 221, 212, 220, 247, 1666

    Then as the BBC’s breaking news headline read…

    Thirty six dead and One hundred twenty three injured = 222, 3222, 363, 213, 231,

    Train = 88, 66, 123, 23, 230, 26, 62,

    Train crash Egypt = 113, 122, 221,

    Train crash Alexandria Egypt = 113, 333, 880, 402, 204,

    Train crash Alexandria = 216, 133, 151, 101, 187, 55,

    Same day we had
    Oxford circus = 133, 155, 169, 181,

    Railway tube station = 227, 116, 69,

    Evacuated due to fire = 77, 211, 1110, 369,

    Oxford circus evacuated due to fire = 369, 169, 366,

    Oxford circus tubestation evacuated due to fire = 216, 333, 181,

    Also kept seeing headlines about Pence commenting on Venezuela…

    Venezuela = 36, 666, 111, 96, 137, 2017,

    Then yesterday saw that the

    United Nations = 1116, 221, 181, 96, 191, 990, 66,

    In Timbuktu = 36, 111, 234, 99, 155, 115, 117,

    In Mali = 33, 69, 55, 17,

    Timbuktu Mali = 36, 44, 144, 202, 711,

    UN base = 123, 88, 55, 114,

    Timbuktu UN base = 44, 669, 199, 109, 91, 205,

    Timbuktu Mali UN base = 119, 137,

    Got attacked by gunmen… headline read…

    Gunman attacks UN base Timbuktu = 99, 117, 171, 93,

    Then it changed to…

    Gunmen attack UN base Timbuktu = 111, 77, 411, 101, 93,

    Gunmen attack UN base Timbuktu Mali = 119, 223, 420, 101, 110, 187,

    Will leave it at that… hope it doesn’t do your head in too much BB… 😉 I’m just nowhere near your level yet… 😂


    • Just finished writing this out then went to check the news… trains are trending all over twitter… we a 3.6% rise in train prices coming… a train derailment at Waterloo… another fire and evac from Holborn… and a train quite literally hits the buffers at Kings Cross… there’s bound to be some lovely syncs to be hunted out relating to all of these places… also you’ll love that we have a stock broker jumping out of the 7th floor of the london stock exchange… 😉


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