Hideki Irabu

On 7 August 2017, the same day that Godzilla actor Haruo Nakajima died, Sports Illustrated published an issue featuring a story about former Yankees pitcher Hideki Irabu, whose disastrous fall from grace ended in his apparent suicide on 24 July 2011. That’s an interesting synchronicity between Nakajima & Irabu, especially as my Godzilla report drew a parallel to another Yankee named Hideki. Before we explore the coding, a reader points out that August 7th falls right between the 72nd anniversary (Hideki =72) of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima (8/6) and Nagasaki (8/9), making for quite the prime timing, especially with the tensions of the North Korean Missile Crisis.

Hideki Irabu =149 was nicknamed the Fat Pussy Toad =149 by former Yankees owner George Steinbrenner and as this Sports Illustrated article emphasizes, Irabu died 14 Julys after his MLB debut and 9 years after he’d thrown his final pitch. He died on July Twenty-Fourth Twenty Eleven =149. A Blood Sacrifice =149. World Series =149. 

  • Irabu =49. H Irabu =49. Neymar Jr =49 (the SI cover boy). New York City New York =409. The Hundred Thirteenth World Series =409. Yankee Stadium =49. The Two Thousand Seventeen New York Yankess =149. The Two Thousand Seventeen Yankees =149.

Irabu is immortalized in pop culture, as in the series finale of Seinfeld, Frank Costanza =149 screams at the Steinbrenner character, “How could you give $12 million to Hideki Irabu?” As it turns out, Hideki Irabu =482 died 4820 days after that Seinfeld series finale. (Seinfeld =118 aired for a span of 8 years 10 months 10 days).

The 49th prime is 227. Irabu died at the age of 2202 weeks 7 days old and this Sports Illustrated issue (with the cover caption Hideki Irabu’s Last Days =227) published 2207 days after his death. 10 October 2017 will be 2270 days after his death. A New York Yankee =2207. Yankees World Series =227. Playoffs begin 7 years 2 months 20 days after Steinbrenner died and season ends 2 months 27 days after his birthday. Twenty Seventeen World Series =722.

  • Including end date, Irabu died when he was exactly 2203 weeks old. I don’t have any thematic connects with this number but we know it well: Masonic =223. The Synagogue of Satan =223. Order of the Illuminati =223. 

Irabu played 126 games in the MLB over an exactly 261 week career and died 2600 days after his last professional game in Japan. He also died a clean 3300 days after his last MLB game. New York =33. Lawrence Peter Yogi Berra =333 died at the age of 33,003 days old, excluding start & end points. World Series =1333.

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