Charlottesville Rally (UPDATE)

Our Truth-Sleuths have made some excellent discoveries regarding the staged events in Charlottesville VA on 12 August 2017 that deserve some exploration. First I’d like to point out how clearly this psychological operation was intended to be used as an attack against Trump (problem-reaction-solution) who in the aftermath said some things that pissed a lot more people off. Even if it were real, some 20-year-old kid emulating all the staged vehicle ramming attacks we see on the news does not necessarily make this an evil Alt-Right conspiracy, as the official view holds – especially when the deaths of the two cops in the helicopter (which crashed into a forest beside a golf course, reminding again of Trump) are being called casualties of domestic terrorism as well.

Were the protests & counter-protests held on different blocks so Mr Fields could easily identify which mass of people he intended to harm? This is all part of the myth of individualism that the west glorifies, where one lone nut can completely rewrite the course of history. Although like every other lone nut story, this one too is saturated in evidence of secret society meddling.

  • Domestic Terrorism =444. US Federal Government =444. The original definition of terrorism is “government by intimidation” and the first 9-1-1 call for the helicopter crash came in at 4:44 PM. Masonic =444. Occult =444. Choreographed Rituals =444. There’s been no explanation given for the helicopter crash which was on its way to provide support for Governor Terry McAuliffe’s motorcade and did not issue a distress call.

Further, there was a neighbour present at the arrest of James Fields who posted on 4Chan that two blacked out SUVs hauled the driver away and that he looked middle-eastern, “not black but not caucasian pale.” This account completely contradicts the official story that the VA State Police arrested Fields with the Got Em image that this neighbour says, “was NOT the guy we saw get helped out of the car.” As we see, Fields is an extremely white-lookin dude, so who knows.

Maybe this eye-witness account is disinformation to fuel & distort the truth community – or maybe the real driver was a Mossad agent and this character Fields is the patsy. Especially when we compare the images of Fields with the shot of the driver – who looks much more like Chris Pratt (or an intelligence agent) than the pudgy dude we see wearing transitional lenses that day. Apparently he switched into contact lenses before getting in his car.

Now, the image of the Dodge Challenger vividly plowing through the crowd (with at least four loose shoe symbols of Freemasonry) is framed beside a Toyota Tundra with a SHRINERS bumper sticker that reads, “No Man Stands So Tall As When He Stoops To Help A Child” =1013. The Unite the Right Rally =113. Nazi Germany =1113. The letters on the GVF-1111 Dodge Challenger license plate driven by James Fields =113 (born on the 1st of Nisan =113 on the Hebrew Calendar) match the letters on the GVF-1122 license plate (pictured below) at the perp’s mother’s house: GVF =113. What are the chances.

Her surname is Bloom =113. Donald J Trump Make America Great Again =311. A Dodge Challenger =311. James A Fields =311. The New World Order =311. Protest =113. Uprising =113. Neo-Nazis =113. Controlled Opposition =113. Operation =113. Fiction =113. Bullshit =113. Fake Reality =113. Elitism =113. Politics =113. The Challenger =113 Space Shuttle exploded 1 minute 13 seconds after launch and in 1941 Big Ben stopped at 10:13 after a worker dropped a wrench into the gears and didn’t start again until 10:13 came around again. Widow’s Son =113 is the name of the Masonic Lodge in Charlottesville, after the nickname of Hiram Abiff.

  • As we mentioned last time, Challenger school teacher Sharon Christa McAuliffe =103 (sharing the same rare surname as the Virginia Governor) was 13 years old for the Apollo 13 disaster which launched at 13:13 CST. Bava Kamma 113 from the Talmud permits Israelites to “circumvent” Gentiles and their “heathen laws” by “subterfuge” (which means deceit), like Pixar coding A113 into all its films and this number being tagged into every single false flag event we’ve covered on this blog.

James Fields =103. Shriner =103. Virginian =103. Neo-Confederate =130. Swastika =103. Elite World Government =103. Government Conspiracy =103. Presidential Assassination =103. And isn’t it funny how these Trump supporters are apparently anti-semitic yet Trump has been called the first Jewish president? Cognitive Distortion =103.


Now who are the Shriners? The Shriners are an appendant body to Freemasonry, known officially as Shriners International =314 and their original title was Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine =227. Mystic Shrine =1314, Pi-Coded as all these secret societies are. Excluding start & end points, this crowd ramming happened 722 days after James Fields joined the military. COINTEL =227. White =722. Charlotte Elizabeth Diana =1722/1314. Sharon Christa Corrigan =227. 

James Fields was born on April 26th which is 1/19 (19 Nisan) on the Hebrew Calendar. Subterfuge =119. Star of David =119. Zionist Government =119. Occupied Government =119. Fascism =119. Silver Dodge Challenger =119. Unite the Right Rally =119 in Charlottesville happened exactly 119 weeks after the birth of Princess Charlotte and the Vehicle Attack =119 killed 1 injured 19. Virginia State Police =119. Police =119. Fraternal Order of Police =119, which is the Masonic link to police departments throughout at least all of North America. Donald =119 was elected on 11/9 which was the 27th anniversary of the Berlin Wall (aka the Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart) being torn down. The Berlin Wall was a convenient 111.9 km long and ended 9 years 11 months 11 days after the release of Pink Floyd’s The Wall. 

Employing this calendar conversion appears to have some genuine merit, as according to the Hebrew Calendar, Donald Trump was born on 15/9 (Sivan 15) and James Fields =59 was born exactly 1059 weeks before The Unite the Right Rally =1590. Robert E Lee Sculpture =1590. Anti-Fascist =159. The Mystic Shrine =159. Helicopter =159. The Cassini probe will crash into Saturn on 15/9. 

  • White Nationalists =59. White Supremacy =59. COINTEL =59. Mr Mercedes =59. General Robert E Lee =159. David Earnest Duke =159. Police Brutality =1059. Israeli Secret Intelligence Service =159. Government =159. Zionist Occupied Government =159. Evil Racism =159, as Trump decried.

Evil Racism =666. Antifa =666. Christa =666. Abiff =666. Helicopter =666. Shriners Children’s Hospitals =999. Hitler was born 6696 weeks before the upcoming Solar Eclipse and the Reichstag False Flag happened 6 years 6 months 6 days before the outbreak of World War II.

  • And it bears repeating the 88 connections, what with 88 being the Neo-Nazi gematria acronym for Heil Hitler (H=8 H=8). Alt-Right =188. Alt Right Rally =188. Vanguard =88. White Supremacist =88. White Supremacy Groups =88. Aryan Brotherhood =88. Race Wars =88. Far Right Rally =88. Domestic Terrorism =88. White Terrorism =88. Right Wing =880. Trump =88. Race Rally =188/88/888. 
  • Again, the victim was HH =88. Heather Heyer =1188. Heather Danielle Heyer =188/888. Heyer =808. The most ridiculously 88-coded character we’ve seen.  James Alex Fields Junior =88 and the Unite the Right organizer was Jason Kessler =888. Kessler =88. Widows Son Masonic Lodge =88. 

And it’s funny how we got the story of the stunt driver dying on the set of Deadpool two days after the Charlottesville event, a staged psy-op that would have employed stunt drivers and stunt personnel as crisis actors. We see it in Hollywood every day but the difference there is we know we’re watching fiction.

And as per the organizer’s name of Kessler, there’s something called the Kessler Syndrome proposed by NASA scientist Donald Kessler: a scenario in which the density of objects in low earth orbit is high enough that collisions between objects could cause a cascade where each collision generates space debris that increases the likelihood of further collisions. In other words, a clusterfuck. Which is perfectly symbolized by a car crashing into a disorganized mob of people as an event that leads to yet further events. 

And one last piece about the Shriners. In the post-tragedy press conference, Trump shakes the hand of a fez-wearing Shriner with a big grin on his face! The Shriners =137 remind me of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade =137 which was all about Masonic allegory. Now get this: that movie released 10,307 days before this Far Right Rally =137. Government =137. The Templars =137. Indiana =137. Helicopter =137. Authority =137. Zionist Occupation Government =137. Government By Intimidation =1137. United States President =1137. Assassination of Trump =1137. And of course 137 is the 33rd prime number. Ri-dic-ulous. I don’t think any of this will end well for Trump.

As for that identical GVF licence plate: G=7 V=4 F=6. Charlottesville Rally =1746. Charlottesville Virginia =1746. Believe =746. Robert E Lee Sculpture =476. So let’s keep our eyes peeled for this sequence. The Impeccable Pig =467, which is the perfectly named store we see in the background as the Challenger rips away in reverse.

And we have to add one more image here, as the vehicle ramming took place literally next door to the aforementioned Widow’s Son Masonic Lodge in Charlottesville, one of the oldest in Virginia at 218 years, matching the Shriners bumper sticker: “No Man Stands So Tall As When He Stoops To Help A Child” =2018. Secret Society =218. The Government =218. TRUMP =218. The Unite the Right Rally =1812. Anti-Fascist Protective Wall =1812. Far Right Rally =812. 

Some fuckery is most assuredly afoot.

10 thoughts on “Charlottesville Rally (UPDATE)

  1. They brought in the Laser Broom

    A laser broom is a proposed ground-based laser beam-powered propulsion system whose purpose is to sweep space debris out of the path of other artificial satellites such as the International Space Station. It would heat one side of an object enough to change its orbit and make it hit the atmosphere sooner.


  2. I really like that long count of 10,307 days and Indiana Jones. Trump’s Vice President is from Indiana. The day after the debut of “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark” Vice President Mike Pence was 22 years 7 days old.
    VP Michael Pence & Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark =314/1037.


    • On 9-3-17, in Washington DC, a first-ever Syria Fest will take place, including a life-sized replica of Palmyra’s Arch of Triumph. The WTC Twin Towers were bulit on the former neighborhood of Little Syria….what could go wrong?
      From Trump’s birth to Fest = 71y 2m 20d.
      From Pence’s birth to Fest = 58y 2m 27d.

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  3. BB,
    You mentioned ‘the first 9-1-1 call for the helicopter crash came in at 4:44 PM.’
    Don’t forget the world’s first emergency dialing number (999) was introduced 4y 4m 4d after the Reichstag fire.

    Which makes me think of 18 September 2018 (18/9/18 breaking down to 999).


    • Reagan ‘s Proclamation 5696 on 8-26-87 made 9/11 National Emergency Day.
      Reichstag to first NEDay (9-11-1987) = 19,919 days.

      Reichstag Fire to 8-26-87 = 19,903 days.
      Hiroshima to Trump birth = 10m 8d or 44w 4d. 444th prime: 3119.
      Trump birth to ’69 Moon Landing = 1205w 2d. 1252 prime: 10193
      Nagasaki to Trump birth = 44w 1d or 309d. 309th prime: 2039. (Plutonium 239.)

      Plutonium = 44, 119 (K), 461 (P). ( 6/14 Trump’s bday.)
      Nuclear Detonation + President Trump = 1146 (Sum), 191 (FB), 1118 (EEX).

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  4. On August 12, 2017 – Heather Heyer (HH) – out
    On August 16, 2017 – Hope Hicks (HH) – more in, becomes White House Director of Strategic Communications


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