Terror in Barcelona

Yet another “yet another” vehicle ramming attack, this time in Barcelona, as a van plows through Las Ramblas. According to the Vehicle-Ramming Attack page on Wikipedia, this is the 32nd such incident since the 1981 Iraqi Embassy Bombing. Las Ramblas =1032. Barcelona =1032. Spain =32. Placa Catalunya =32. A Ramming Attack =132. Stephen King Mr Mercedes =132. The primary press conference confirmed 1 dead 32 injured – just so we know we’re not fucking around with these numbers, 10/32 are seriously wounded. The perps holed up in a Turkish =132 restaurant with hostages. Israeli Secret Intelligence =132. 

(Although judging from the eye-witness videos immediately preceding the event, there are hardly any people on Las Ramblas, 1/1000th as many as we see in the image above of the popular tourist strip on a good day.)

  • Again, this very bizarre pattern of vehicle-ramming attacks synched up with the release date of King’s 2014 novel, featuring a vehicle-rammer, that immediately preceded the latest spike in such events. It released 1172 days earlier. Barcelona =172. Las Ramblas =172. And it happened at 17:20 local time. La Rambla =72. The Brussels Bombing happened 1072 days after the Boston Bombing. And wouldn’t you know, they’re saying the van was rented by a man named Driss Oukabir =172. 
  • If we exclude the end date that’s 1171 days later in La Rambla =17 on the 17thVan =17. Spain =117. Barcelona =71. White Van =107. Fiat Talento =117. Talento =71. It happened exactly 701 weeks after the Madrid Bombing.

Madrid =113 was hit on 3/11. The Paris Attacks of 11/13 came 311 days after Charlie Hebdo (which began at 11:30) and the Champs-Elysees Attack happened 311 days after the Pulse Massacre. This one in Barcelona with A White Van =113 (specifically a Talento =113) happened 1 year 1 month 3 days after the Vehicle-Ramming Attack in Nice. The Bangkok Bombing of the statue of Phra Phom =113 happened 11 months 3 days after two British tourists were murdered by the mafia on Koh Tao and 31 weeks 1 day before the Brussels Bombing killed 31 people in 13 minutes a perfect 130 days after 130 people supposedly died in the Paris Attacks. Barcelona also happened exactly 113 weeks after the Charleston Church Shooting Hoax, and as it turns out – the Mr Mercedes TV show (the second episode airing the day before Barcelona) is filmed in Charleston SC =113. 

This picture of the terror suspect in Masonic checkerboard pants was arrested in Barcelona 113 days earlier. And we just saw in the previous post how prevalently 113 was coded into the Charlottesville event. This is an undeniable pattern (and again, as I see it, the gematria supports the date counts, not the other way around) where all we really need to do is identify the organization that is A) obsessed with numerology, and B) capable of orchestrating all of these events by the numbers as synchronized with media coverage, and there we have our culprits. Or some of these events are real and the collective consciousness operates on a mathematical base function of 113 derivatives.

  • That inaugural ’81 Embassy Bombing happened 13,030 days before this incident. Spanish =331. White Van =33. The next one – which undoubtedly will come before August is up – will be the 33rd. As the 32s synch up with this location, watch for somewhere like Paris =33 with the +33 country code to get hit next.

It happened 12 years 1 month 10 days after the London Attacks of 7/7/05 and 21 weeks 1 day after the Westminster Attack. Turkish =211. Stephen King Mr Mercedes =112. La Rambla =112. Oukabir =112. The emergency number is 1-1-2 in Europe.

Alright I’m gonna watch this Mr Mercedes show and get back to you with my findings.

12 thoughts on “Terror in Barcelona

  1. Haha amazing links yet again… we’re now on 13 dead…

    I watched some clips on twitter and theres one that is being replayed on the news but with people being blurred out… but on twitter there is no blurs… you can pause and play it over and over to get stills… looks like alot of fake blood to me and at one point in particular there is 2 women lying down… one moves with blood on her head… the other is blatantly a dummy… completely naked apart from wearing a top with a blood stain in the middle then from head to toe same pale colour… naked bottom half no “parts” or shoes and completely still with one arm in a wierd position…

    The first 2 or 3 accounts over the phone all said sonething along the lines or these actual lines… before anything even happened there was a servere police pressence / the police were there in seconds / the atmosphere felt strange and uneasy and people started running and the police told us to run and then there was a big bang and everyone started screaming and running faster…


  2. Ohhhhhh and fitting in nicely with the start of this post and the 22/3 westminster bridge “drill” I just rehashed in the Big Ben post…
    The road going over the top of the bridge which I’m sure you included in your post about it is the…
    A302 / 1302…


    • These False Flag/Fear Mongering/Military Drills are becoming so cliche. But still the dumb “Sleeping Masses” believe this madness. I had a conversation with a dummy yesterday who that Barack Obama did a lot for the US. When I told the dummy to name one thing that he did, she could not. She then stated that, well at least he graduated from Harvard University. The stupidity is outrageous.

      “Masonic Terrorism”-Reverse Ordinal=223
      “Sleeping Masses”-Full Reduction=55-Divisors sum to “72”
      “Masonic Clothing”-Full Reduction=72
      “Order Out Of Chaos”-Full Reduction=75=Octal is “113”
      “Fear Mongering”-English Ordinal=132


  3. Regarding the next possible date/place in August for number 33… we had Paris 1 dead 19 injured a couple of days ago… maybe it will be back to Belgium = 33 ???

    I like 22/8/17 for the date after my last posts covering it being the 234th day with 131 remaining…

    August twenty second = 131,
    Twenty second of august = 137, 88, 101,
    Twenty two eight = 69, 144, 213, 101,
    Twenty seventeen = 216, 69, 227,

    The briefest of looks on wiki’s 22/8 page a couple of things sprang out at me…

    22/8/1485 – Richard III killed at battle of bosworth field…
    Noted as the last significant battle of the war of the roses…

    Battle of bosworth field = 96, 330, 88, 93, 123, 231, 3669,
    Battle of bosworth = 96, 196, 66, 227, 231,
    War of the roses = 1032, 116, 169,
    Tudor = 66
    Tudors = 69, 93, 123
    York (Richard the last monarch from this house) = 33, 234, 137, 69, 63,

    But the main thing that caught my eye and convinced me to post… yet again… haha

    22/8/1642 – start of the english civil war…

    From the END of the war 3/9/1651 (sept) to 22/8/17 is…
    365 yrs 11 mths 19 days…

    Thats some time span, then you see a couple of numbers pop up like these…

    English civil war = 234, 119, 696, 99,
    Charles = 131, 311, 36, 66, 69, 63, 396,
    Charles the first = 234,

    There will be plenty more to find and you probably have already done or documented other things from the past linking to the 234th day of the year… 😉


    • What a ridiculous coincidence (100 + 13=113)

      “Thirteen Dead”-English Ordinal=113(Like Dishonest)
      “One Hundred Injured”-Full Reduction=90
      “Ninety”-Francis Bacon=113
      “Spain, Barcelona”-Reverse Full/Single Reductions=113
      “New World Order”-Full Reduction=75-Octal is “113”
      “Barcelona Van Attack”-Reverse Ordinal=322(Like Skull & Bones)


      • Nice catches…

        Want to correct myself from above, the last Paris car attack was 1 dead an 8 yr old girl and 8 injured…

        Got mixed up with Charlottesville…


    • Chris- they nearly always join up a terror attach with a celebrity (star) death. I’m mentioning this to you as we’re both from the same region. Bruce Forsyth is mixed into this as well as Big Ben, Brexit et al. even if it sounds funny at first.


      • Haha yeah I know cheers buddy, left a couple of notes about him but not “delved” too deep into him numbers wise… I’m just waiting for his name to be next on the “post death pedo list”… a Sir and a CBE spells out trouble to me… plus of the little I saw when the news broke within 10 mins they were showing old clips of him performing or a clip of jokes…

        Went to some bloke interviewed by the thames who without any shame or smirk on his face was waxing lyrical about old brucie and says…

        “He was such a good entertainer, that he could survive a car crash… quite literally”… (goes on to explain a “flop” of a show as in car crash TV)

        then they went onto an old interview that brucie had done saying something along the lines of…

        “Blah blah blah and the children… its like the children have all been with me forever… (then lists off shows from down the years)… like I’ve been with them forever and they’ve been with me in their frontrooms and the letters I get from children… I think its the children that have given me the power or strength to go on forever”…

        Could be taken innocently, but also bare in mind that on the same day we get the death of a certain Liz MacKean used to work on BBC’s Newsnight and then onto Channel 4’s Dispatches… not a house hold name…

        but clicking on her name unfortunately theres not DOB other than November 64… also doesn’t state wether her orignal name is Elizabeth or Liz… it does say that she was survived by her wife and 2 children who are probably adopted refugees to tick a few “equality” agenda boxes…

        But the real reason I’m making this post is it also states… she was the person who made… had shelved by her editor… but later won awards for…

        the exposè of Jimmy Savile being a paedophile…

        Planned to be shown in Dec 2011 after his Oct death but was pulled by her editor Peter Rippon whos bday is 22/8…

        She later moved to Chan 4 and her first doc was titled…

        The paedophile MP, how Cyril Smith got away with it…

        Now I’ve never seen either but can guarantee that not ALL the facts that have been uncovered or are known are covered properly… very much doubt that any royalty will be mentioned or the vast majority of cover ups/terrors exposed…


  4. Sorry I obviously lied with the last post comment… haha but can’t resist the latest update…

    Four killed = 113 by Catalan = 137, Police = 119, 211 in a
    Terror Raid = 116 in Cambrils = 113
    Police terror raid = 1116
    Four dead = 37,
    One wounded = 119,
    Four terrorists dead = 116,
    Four terrorists dead 1 wounded = 311, 131,
    Four terrorists dead one wounded = 1133,
    Four terrorists shot = 113, 131, 211,
    Four shot dead one wounded = 113,

    Cambrils is listed on google maps as 119 kms away from Las Ramblas,
    Taking 122 mins in a car without traffic…

    Population density of Barcelona is listed as 234 / km2 (610/sq m)

    Spain = 234,
    Cataluna = 113, 73,
    Barcelona = 73, 211,
    Las Ramblas = 73,
    Cambrils = 113, 73, 37,
    Terrorists = 113, 73,

    I think that is it… hopefully no mistakes and not left anything out… almost 3am over here so I’ll bid you all good night… happy truth seeking…


    • Damn it… haha

      I forgot (there’s always something) to list the injured and dead from earlier, tying in with the rest and MM’s above “Barcelona van attack” = 322

      Thirteen dead over one hundred injured = 322, 137,
      Over one hundred injured = 112, 337,
      One hundred plus injured = 113, 112,
      Injured = 113,
      Thirteen dead = 113, 211, 337,


  5. Good morning all…

    Very brief over night update on numbers of events in Cambrils…

    5 dead 7 injured = 113,

    Also saw a house exploded not long after in a place called Alcanar that was said to be connected to attacks…

    Alcanar house explosion = 113, 112,


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