Barcelona Attack: Part III

Predictive Programming =346. Unreal =346. Nelson Mandela =346. Think of the Mandela Effect, or collective false memory, where thousands of people swear the South African leader died in the ’80s and not in 2013; and Mandela was just brought back into the fold with Obama’s tweet (now at 4.4 million likes). March Eleventh Two Thousand Four =346, the date of the Madrid Bombing. The magick word of Thelem a is Abrahadabra (roughly translated from Arabic as “I will create as I speak”), which signifies the ‘Great Work accomplished’. The Great Work =1346. Sun and Moon Conjoined =1346, which is “The Secret Sigil of the Beast” =364 according to Aleister Crowley (the occult magician who wrote a book on Gematria).

All this esoteric mumbo jumbo brings us back to the Pla de l’Os =364 where the aforementioned mosaic of Joan Miro sits (the sketch above, the work conceived as A Milestone =463 to toponomy); the mark where the white van stopped after smashing through garbage cans on a nearly deserted Las Ramblas. Again, the second episode of Mr Mercedes that aired the day before Barcelona is called “On Your Mark.” What comes next? Get Set Go =364. Total Eclipse =463. 

  • Before we dig deeper into this coding, let’s think about that secret phrase Sun and Moon Conjoined =1314. This sounds a lot like an Eclipse =314.
  • And my first reaction to the mosaic is it looks like the Man in the Moon. Perhaps this artwork, said to represent the Cosmos, is indeed a sigil (a symbol considered to have magical power) representing the Sun and Moon Conjoined =966. Sun + Moon =666. Sun + Moon + Earth =966. Terrorists =966. Enough is Enough =969. Humanity =666. The World =666. Dark Matter =666. Clockwork =666. Astrology =666. Witchcraft =666. Illusion =666. 

The van ramming happened some 99 hours before the Great American Eclipse hits its full glory. Vehicular Terrorism =99. Mosaic del Pla de l’Os =990. Miro =199. Ritual Magick =199. Do What Thou Wilt =199. The Great Work Accomplished =1099. Miro says he intended the mosaic to welcome travellers arriving by sea, which if nothing else, makes for some ironic humour re: the migrant issue in Europe.

And now an art interlude with some positivity about the union of polarities so key to the occult.

Bringing it back to the first words that started this post: Predictive Programming =364. The first word spoken in the Mr Mercedes series is Welcome =643 and the Barcelona Attack happened 643 days after the Paris Attacks of 11/13/15.

The reason this matters: 643 is the 117th prime number and this act of Vehicular Terrorism =117 in Spain =117 involving a Fiat Talento =117 that killed Thirteen =117 happened on the 17th day of August =17 in the 17th year of the millennium, a span of 117 hours after the ramming in Charlottesville. Barcelona + Charlottesvile =117. Islamic State of Iraq and Syria =117. Fake Terror =117. Government Sponsored Hoax =117. Psychological Operations =117. Central Intelligence Agency =117. Great Work =117. The Great Work Accomplished =117. Wikipedia has the crash occurring at 16:57, which just so happens to be the 1017th minute of the day.

  • On Your Mark =107. August Seventeenth Twenty Seventeen =107. Israeli Intelligence =107. Pigs Blood =107. The Secret Sigil of the Beast =107. And again this attack at Rambla de Barcelona =107 happened exactly 701 weeks after the Madrid Bombing of March Eleventh Two Thousand Four =117, the last terror attack in Spain. General Black Jack  Pershing =1017. Now the thing about that 701 figure is 701 is the 126th prime.

Vehicular Terrorism =126. Barcelona + Charlottesville =126. The CIA =126. Government by Intimidation =126. Illuminati Ritual =1206. Psychological Operations =126. Assassination =261. Donald Trump + Abraham Lincoln =261. This year marks 2061 years since Julius Caesar was also assassinated in a theatre and Trump will be 26,001 days old on the Eclipse. John J ‘Black Jack’ Pershing =261/126. Enough is Enough =1260. 

Another news item is Trump recommending people research General of the Armies John J Pershing, who allegedly dipped bullets in pig’s blood to execute Muslim terrorists during the US war in the Philippines during the early 1900s (which the mainstream has debunked as fake news). I did look him up – and indeed he yields awesome numbers.

John Joseph ‘Black Jack’ Pershing =328 died at the age of 32,080 days old. Maybe that’s a clue to the date 8/23, when Trump will be 26,003 days old (Radical Islam Terrorists =263), or August 26th, the 238th day of the year, when US President Trump =238 will be 26,006 days old. False Flag Terror Attacks =238. Independence Day =238 was declared in America exactly 23 years 8 months after George Washington became a Freemason.

President Donald Trump =235. August 23rd is the 235th day of the year, reminding us of that Hit and Run / Assassination card from the Illuminati Game back in the 90s (a card that is much more relevant in light of recent events). Which brings us back to those first key words again: Predictive Programming =235.

Pig’s Blood =33. Muslim =33. John J Pershing =303. Which is another one to add to the list. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela =303. Adolf Hitler =303. Picasso =303. Saturn =303. Do What Thou Wilt =303. Francisco =33 Franco =33 died at that mind-blowingly perfect age of 30,300 days old. 

8 thoughts on “Barcelona Attack: Part III

  1. This could of gone into any of the 3 posts… but upon accidently switching onto the 223’s Newsnight program… I caught the presenter say something about the La Boqueria market being “twinned” with none other than Borough market of 3/6/17 London Bridge “drill” fame…

    There’s been so many I had totally forgot about that one too and we find much of the same old numbers… haha

    London Bridge = 113, 311, 119, 61

    La Boqueria market Barcelona = 322, 227, 314, 77, 1440,

    La Boqueria market Barcelona Catalonia = 119

    La Boqueria market Barcelona Spain = 137, 330,

    La Boqueria market = 137, 169, 101, 61,

    La Boqueria = 33, 96, 169, 101, 61,

    Borough market = 73, 609,

    Borough market London = 123, 96,

    11 deaths including the
    3 terrorists,

    3/6/17 was day 154 with 211 days remaining, from then to 17/8 is 1800 hrs or 108,000 mins

    Attack happened at 22:06 to 22:16,
    Ten minutes = 130, 133, 619, 44,
    Ten = 13, 33, 77, 234, 144,

    A quick look on google maps tells me that driving from one market to the other is 922 miles,
    Or 1140.103 kms,
    14 hrs 42 mins in a car,

    Didn’t see a link of the twinning on wiki although there was plenty of twinned places but a quick google search lead me to 2 different stories in a london paper with 2 different dates…

    21/6/05 to 17/8/17 = 4440 days
    Or 4441 including the end date,

    Or 12 yrs 1 mth 27 days (you could scramble around for a 11 followed by a PI but you don’t really need to considering the 2nd date…)

    28/4/06 to 17/8 = 4130 days

    That’s also a span of…

    11 yrs 3 mth 21 days…

    Or 1131.23% of a year


  2. Not quite sure how it’s taken me so long to check because normally it’s the first thing I always do…
    I’m sure I may have said about one already but can’t find it…

    From the queens bday to 11/8 for Charlotteville is…

    113 days or 3 mth 22 days

    And to 17/6 Barcelona is…

    119 days… 😂


    • Rookie mistake again sorry…

      Charlottesville was obviously 12/8…
      Still the same numbers away though as I included the end date for 11/8 which was when the rally started…


  3. Christopher Columbus who supposedly or allegedly is credited for discovering this place, sums to “268” in Reverse Ordinal.
    “False Flag Islamic Attacks”-Francis Bacon=314(314/134)
    “Fear War Mongering”-Jewish=1341
    “Christopher Columbus”-Full Reduction=92-Octal is “134” (“92” or “911)
    “False Flag Islamic Attacks”-Jewish Reduced=92
    “MK Ultra Programming”-Full Reduction=92


  4. Just noticed we have another “celeb” on the deaths list…

    other than old Forsyth = 111, 666 (full name with titles = 216 as I posted elsewhere)
    “dying” yesterday 18/8 the awesome span of 188 days before his next bday…

    Baring in mind that as I put above (I will get it all right this time)

    Both the 17/8 and the 18/8 are 119 days after the Queens bday and that date being 111th day and its anti date being 11/9 (sept) and 111 days from the end of the year…

    We can also “investigate the numbers” around Sonny Landham of Predator fame among a few others after starting out in porn in 1969…

    He died on 17/8/17 the day before trumps 211st day in office aged,

    76 yrs 6 mths 6 days old,

    Flipped around from old Brucie
    188 days after his last bday with the lovely looking date of (my bday😉) 11/2 (feb)…

    Time for some gem-atria-s = gems…

    Predator = 119, 113,

    Released 12/6/87 (June for a nice 12/6)

    From then to his death is 1 day off of 11,026 days…

    Film duration of 107 mins to go nicely with his 17th day of the month death aswell as the year…

    Sonny = 113,
    Landham = 322, 81,
    William M sonny Landham = 119, 232, 222, 88,

    Arnie = 17, 222, 88,
    Arnold Schwarzenegger = 223, 216, 211,

    His 30/7 bday was 18 (6+6+6) days before…

    first thing on his wiki that jumped of my screen and slapped me around my ugly face…

    His dates of “in office”
    17/11/03 to 3/1/11…
    Hahaha hilarious…

    Sonny was also in…

    48Hrs = 216, 17, 71,
    Forty eight Hrs = 131, 88,
    Forty eight hours = 88,
    Released 10/12/82, (dec)

    And Firewalker = 1116, 162,
    Released = 21/11/86,
    Which was 11,227 days before 17/8

    And Action Jackson = 216, 81, 187 for (amount days from bday not including end date)
    Released 12/2/88 (day after his bday)

    He was also in The Warriors that you covered recently aswell as Poltergeist, Lock Up, oh and the porn that I’m glad I’ve never seen… hahaa would’ve ruined Predator for me forever if I stumbled upon some of that… 🙈

    He also appears to have some sort of billy bear “theme” throughout the names his roles…

    Billy Sole = 111, 666, 221,
    Billy Blackstone = 188, 108, 162,
    Billy Bear = 112, 171,
    Billy Lone Bear = 111,
    Chief Bear = 113, 119, 117, 1116,

    I didn’t do any gematria for these names thinking I’d done enough above it all… until I checked Billy and then thought I better go back and check the rest just incase… hahahaa

    Billy = 119,
    Bear = 17, 88

    I must’ve missed lots of connects to things I barely looked at… such as Warriors and Poltergeist…


    • In freemason naming conventions BB is really common for those who operate as gay drones for the masons. Another good example is the guy who did for Gary Speed a while back.


  5. I’d be really depressed but unsurprised if Brucie was another of the old bbc paedo brigade. We should also note Michael Barrymore was in the news simaltaneously with all this stuff, having his case thrown out despite clearly being guilty. Chris, you’re also right about Liz McKean, though usually Liz(ard) is an occult name in the bad sense, so odd to see her being silenced. The fact she was bisexual or masonic gay plays against her too.


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