Dodge Product Placements

Dodge is under fire for keeping this Roadkill banner featuring a Challenger up on their Twitter page over a day after a Dodge Challenger ran down the HH=88 lady in Charlottesville. Understandably insensitive. Though that Dodge logo reminds me of something… that’s right, the frickin arm signs flashed in this widely circulated image of one of the “victims” that day! Of course making the one-eye sign to boot. Crazy. And of course dodge is what you do to not get rammed. 

Dodge Challenger =238. Product Placement =238. US President Trump =238. False Flag Terror Attacks =238. Mr Mercedes =382. 

  • Roadkill Nights =133. The founders of Dodge, brother Horace & John, both died in 1920 (at the age of 55 & 52), a span of 331 days apart. They were born 1300 days apart. Virginia =133. Psychological Operations =133. Hit and Run =33. 

Roadkill is an automotive-themed internet show, “part do-it-yourself auto repair show and part buddy road trip, developed by Motor Trend magazine. Roadkill =23 first aired 2003 days before the Dodge =23 crash in Charlottesville VA =230. Unite the Right =230. Staged Hit and Run =203. 

Let’s play with the end date too, 2004 days into the show Roadkill =24. James Fields =204. Heather D Heyer =124. Lee Park =124. Staged Hit and Run =240. False Flag Terrorism =204. Masonic Rituals =204. And as the tagline of their show reads: Automotive Chaos Theory =204. Mr Mercedes =204. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 8.17.21 PM.png

And nice 949 cap. Roadkill Nights =649. 

One thought on “Dodge Product Placements

  1. Ha, BBerg, their symbology is so cheesy! Gotta love the masonic wall behind her Mickey Mouse ears-like hair, which seems to form a ‘3’ in black hair, ‘3’ in brick against it…which are spooning 3’s, trauma expression ( ritual sodomy signaling). Together with the ’11’ arms = 1133. She’s black wearing white ….masons use several types of mortar for their living stones (humanity). The mortar here is pure bullshit.


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