USS Indianapolis & Madden ’18

The wreck of the USS Indianapolis was discovered on 18 August 2017, a perfect span of 72 years 20 days (PI!) after she sunk in the Philippines on 30 July 1945 while returning from a secret mission to deliver parts for the atomic bomb that was later used on Hiroshima. The day before her discovery was the release of Madden NFL ’18, the video game featuring Tom Brady on the cover for back-to-back years with Patriots players. It’s the first edition with story mode and, after watching the first twenty minutes of gameplay for clues, was surprised to see the supporting character is named COLT Cruise and him and his buddy Devin Wade are on their way to an NFL Combine in none other than INDIANAPOLIS Indiana to try out for the big leagues at Lucas Oil Stadium.

  • Devin Wade =131 and Colt are from Mathis Texas =131 home of the Bullfrogs =131. Super Bowl =131. Championship =131.
  • Colt Cruise =560/800. The USS Indianapolis sunk 5600 days or exactly 800 weeks after she was laid down. And just so the reference is clear, Colt’s license plate reads CRZMISL (Cruise Missile). All nicely timed with the North Korean drama too.

Last year we reported on a film called USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage starring Nicholas Cage about the story of the ship’s sinking, torpedoed by a Japanese submarine resulting in the single greatest loss of life at sea in the history of the US Navy. Of the 1,196 crewmen aboard, some 300 went down with the ship and of the remaining 900 who were adrift for four days facing exposure, dehyrdation, saltwater poisoning, and shark attacks, only 317 men survived. United States Ship Indianapolis =317. USS Indianapolis =713. Super Bowl LII =317. Excluding start & end points, the ship sunk 317 days before the birth of Trump. 317 is the 66th prime.

United States Ship Indianapolis =660Madden NFL Eighteen =66.

You know who’s being credited with the shipwreck’s discovery? Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, who just so happens to own the Seattle Seahawks. Further, it’s been reported that when Brady plays Madden he doesn’t play as Patriots – he plays as either Packers or Seahawks. Hmm.

  • Paul Allen =162. Microsoft Corporation =1261. The film released in America 26,010 days after she sunk. We’ve been talking about this number. Trump will be 26,001 days old on the Eclipse and 26,010 days old on 30 August 2017.
  • The date 30/8 and the ship was discovered 308 days after the US release.

USS Indianapolis Men of Courage =424. United States Ship Indianapolis =424. Seahawks are in the 42nd season and their coach is Pete Carroll =424. Seahawks play at CenturyLink Field =242 and the crowd is known as the Twelfth Man =242. We just saw the sacrifice of their hall-of-famer Cortez Kennedy =1242. The Super Bowl =242/42. Madden NFL Eighteen =242. Longshots =42. Devin Wade =42/402. Mathis =420. Bullfrogs =142. Super Bowl LII played on 2/4. 

Seahawks could easily be a nickname for sharks, reminding us of the ridiculous half-time show for Super Bowl XLIX with the dancing sharks completely out of synch, followed by the humiliating interception the Seahawks threw on the one yard line, Russell =211 Wilson’s 21st pass on 2nd-and-1 intercepted by #21 on the date of 2/1. The Seahawks losing to the Patriots. Shark =21. Katy =21. LII =21. 

That Super Bowl was 1100 days before this next one and Bill Gates & Paul Allen were born 1010 days apart. Super Bowl =110. Minnesota =110. Super Bowl LII =111. 

4 thoughts on “USS Indianapolis & Madden ’18

  1. Nagasaki bombing to 8-30-17 = 72y 21d. Pence birth to 8-30-17 span 21,270d.

    The ‘Sandman’ scene in BTTF has a creepy shout-out to 8/30. At 1:06, Marty backs up the green to a ‘Korean Conflict’ war memorial, complete with pointed guns on tanks, and a poster to his right with a globe being drenched in red paint (blood). At 1:08, the clocktower begins to chime (8 times) to strike 8:30. Chime ends by 1:16.There’s also an Egyptian sun hieroglyph on the memorial and a winged sun disk symbol on a building right of clocktower. The music is made to sound creepy throughout scene.
    1-20-17 to 8-30-17 = 222/223d , or 7m 10/11d.
    The Black Sun = 116,166 (K), 696. (Trump’s Convention stage floor–Black Sun.)
    JFK’s 1963 eclipse… Apollo 11 Moon Landing 1969…Trump’s Convention 2016: all happened on July 20th, the 201st day of year, 164 remaining.
    Trump’s birth 6-14-46 to JFK eclipse = 17y 1m 7d span.
    JFK eclipse to Trump Convention = 53y (16th prime).
    JFK eclipse to Moon Landing = 6y 1d span.

    Antichrist (head in an eclipse) gets struck by lightning at reverse Pi 04:13, in I, Pet Goat 2. It’s release on 6-24-12, was a span of 1600 days before Trump’s win on 11-9-16. (1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Win.) Trump’s birth was 66y 10d before release.
    Plutonium = 461 (P), 119 (K).


  2. From sinking Indianapolis to Eclipse = 3760 weeks.
    Nagasaki to 8-30-17 = span of 3760 weeks.
    Hebrew Calendar started in 3760 BC. (3760 + 2017 = 5777.)


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