Jerry Lewis & Dick Gregory: Twins Trick

Legendary comedians Jerry Lewis & Dick Gregory died a day apart from each other on August 20th and 19th respectively. Dick Gregory =242 and Jerry Lewis =243 were born 2402 / 2403 days apart. They also died 24 weeks before Super Bowl Fifty-Two =204 at US Bank Stadium =204 on 2/4, a date with 24 numerology, and in this vein, Gregory died the same day as NFLer Edward Charles Sharockman =224 who played his entire career with the Vikings, Minneapolis Minnesota =224 hosting Super Bowl Fifty-Two =1224.

  • Lewis =402/1024 was born Joseph Levitch =204 and died 22 weeks 4 days after his birthday and had a son named Joseph who died on 10/24 of ’09. Richard Claxton Gregory =124 died 1 month 24 days before his birthday. Dick =42 wrote an autobiography titled Nigger =42. Richard Claxton Dick Gregory =142. Entertainers =204. Comedy =24. Comedian =142. Dead Comedians =42. This sequence reminds us that Charlie Murphy recently died on 4/12 (which connects through Eddie Murphy’s remake of The Nutty Professor =124, originally done by Jerry Lewis).

Jerry Lewis =130/103 was comedy partners with Dean Martin =31/310 and Lewis =31 died exactly 1130 weeks after the death of Martin. Richard Gregory =310. Gregory =31 died 311 days after his birthday and was an Activist =113. Murphy =311. Charlie =301 died 130 days before Lewis & Gregory, who died 3 years 10 days after Robin =31 Williams and 13 years 13 days after Rick =31 James. Lewis was the lead spokesperson for Muscular Dystrophy =310 and he had two marriages, one to Patti Palmer =131 on 10/3 and another to SanDee Pitnick =130 on the 13th day of February. Celebrity Death =130. 

Dick Gregory =33 died 33 years 3 months 3 days after the death of Andy Kaufman =133. (Andy Kaufman =666. Gregory Lewis =966.)

Jerry Lewis =155 died  1550 days after his final film Max Rose premiered at Cannes and he died at 9:15 AM, the 555th minute of the day. Entertainers =555. Entertainment =555. The Masonic Order =555 calls each other Brothers =555. Masonic Blood Sacrifice =555. Dave Chappelle was born 5555 days after the birth of Prince, excluding start & end points.

  • Dick Gregory was an outspoken Truth Activist, and it was thanks to his ‘landmark research’ into the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr that helped move the U.S. House Select Assassinations Committee to investigate the murder, along with that of John F. Kennedy. He also went on a 109 week hunger strike to protest the lies of 9/11.
  • Richard Claxton Gregory =119 died on the 19th and Jerry Lewis the King of Comedy =119 died age 91. Civil Rights =91. Civil Rights Leader =91. Comedy =91. Celebrity Sacrifice =91. Dead Comic =109. They died 9 years 1 month after George Carlin =109. 

And as for these two comedians dying right before the Eclipse on 21/8, along with Viking Edward Charles Sharockman =218, we find a powerful 218 sequence regarding the deaths of comedians which I covered back with Charlie Murphy and will recite it here: Eddie and Charlie Murphy =1218. Dave Chappelle =218. Eddie was 20,108 days old for Prince’s death and the True Hollywood Story =218 featuring Prince aired on 2/18. Charlie died six days after comedian Don Rickles =218 and was born 12,118 days after him. Bill Hicks died when Eddie Murphy was 12,018 days old and Chris Farley died on 12/18. Charlie also died 12,018 days after the death of Andy Kaufman. Comic =218.

2 thoughts on “Jerry Lewis & Dick Gregory: Twins Trick

  1. Malcolm X in a televised interview called Gregory a “Puppet”.
    Puppet = 128 (K).
    Dick Gregory + Disinfo Agent = 128, 1016 (J).

    He had me fooled before I knew any better. I saw him and Viktoras Kulvinskas at the first New Age/ Health Convention in NYC. I was ignorant that the whole thing- including; Aquarian Age /Eastern Religions/ Mysticism/ Yoga, etc., was set up thru the Lucis (Lucifer) Trust/ NWO/ UN. I wised up later after surviving a spiritual meat-grinder ‘experience’.


    • I know it’s very disheartening when you find out that these individuals are not who they are pretending to be. They are basically modern-day slaves, doing what the Master will allow them to do.

      “Modern Day Slaves”-Jewish=71
      “Synagogue Of Satan”-Jewish=71
      “Puppetry”-ALW Kabbalah=171


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