Nat Turner’s Slave Rebellion

Nat Turner’s Slave Rebellion =1806 began exactly 186 years before the 2017 Solar Eclipse when Turner, an enslaved African American, led an uprising in Southampton County Virginia with dozens of rebel slaves going from plantation to plantation, gathering horses and guns, freeing other slaves along the way, and recruiting other blacks who wanted to join their revolt. The slaves killed some 55 to 65 white folk in the largest and deadliest slave uprising in US history. This story was told in the 2016 film The Birth of a Nation =86. Slavery =86. 

  • I was watching the Solar Eclipse =186 via the virtual reality cam they had on CNN =186, hosted by an astronaut and her family on a farm, and at one point she asks a kid how many degrees the sun has moved. He says 86. A minute later she asks another kid what the temperature is. She says 86. The whole spot was shamelessly sponsored by Volvo with cars posing in the background so I tell my girlfriend, I bet I know what Volvo equals: and sure enough: Volvo =86. 
  • Pyramid =86. Triangle =86. Eye of Providence =86. 

As Wikipedia tells us, “There was widespread fear in the aftermath of the rebellion, and white militias organized in retaliation against the slaves. The state executed 56 slaves accused of being part of the rebellion. In the frenzy, many non-participant slaves were punished. Approximately 120 slaves and free African Americans were murdered by militias and mobs in the area. Across the South, state legislatures passed new laws prohibiting education of slaves and free black people, restricting rights of assembly and other civil rights for free black people, and requiring white ministers to be present at all worship services.” In other words, shit got even worse. But it’s always darkest before the dawn and no baby is born without labour pains.

Nice Templar costumes. 

Turner =28 was born on 10/2/1800 making him 11,280 days old on 8/21 for the Rebellion =281, which started with murdering his owner Joseph Travis =182 and his family, and Turner was executed 82 days later in Jerusalem Virginia. Common enough place name… Nat’s wife was Chary =28. Slave Uprising =82. Slavery =128. Nat Turner’s Slave Rebellion =2082. DW Griffith’s A Birth of a Nation =1828 was the Ku Klux Klan =828 film from 2/8 in 1915 (aka The Clansman =218) that lent its name to the remake.

  • Amistad =82. That rebellion onboard a slave ship was led by Joseph Cinque =218, 282, 182. How perfect. Were these events staged or is this authentic synchronicity in action? The American Civil War =82 began 22,108 days after Turner was born and Abraham Lincoln was shot 12,208 days after Turner’s death (the Lincoln assassination portrayed in the 1915 Birth of a Nation). The Amistad film released 28 years before The Birth of a Nation. 
  • All these numbers are synched with probably the most famous slave leader of all time: Spartacus =28. (This was also the codename of Bavarian Illuminati =280 founder Adam Weishaupt =280.)
  • Israel =28. Zion =28. False Jews =28. The Jewish faith self-identifies with the moon which is linked to the 28-day menstrual cycle.

Birth of a Nation =82 premiered at Sundance exactly 82 weeks before the Eclipse =28 which hit on 8/21indeed the birth of a new dawn. I felt it. The energy was intense, even from Berlin. It was pouring here and as soon as the eclipse peaked the rain immediately shut off and the sun came out. Frickin beautiful.


Turner was 30 years 10 months 19 days old when his rebellion began and he was hanged at the age of 31 years 1 month 9 days. The Birth of a Nation opened 319 days before the Eclipse. The first 9-1-1 call in America came 3 years 1 month 19 days before the 4/4 grand opening of the World Trade Center and September 11th happened 3119 days after the ’93 WTC Bombing, just as 9/11/2001 reduces to 9/11/3.

  • 3119 is the 444th prime number. Trump was born 44 weeks 4 days after the Hiroshima Bombing. Sandy Hook happened 44,444 days after America’s first school shooting. Rocky IV released 1444 days before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Duterte & Trump are born 444 days apart. Ok fuck it let’s review some of these gems.
  • Astronaut =444. John Glenn & Buzz Aldrin were born exactly 444 weeks apart and JFK died 4 years 4 months 4 days before the death of Yuri Gagarin. Man on the Moon =444. The Wright Brothers were born 4 years 4 months 4 days apart, the same duration between Aldous Huxley & CS Lewis (both killed the same day as JFK, who was born 4444 days before Jackie O). General Manuel Antonio Noriega =444 was deposed 1444 days before Pablo Escobar was killed. The Iran Hostage Crisis lasted 444 days.

Skull and Crossbones =444. Masonic =444. Occult =444. Gematria =444. Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of the Law =444. Order of Thelema =444. And remember, if we sum all the names of America’s Founding Fathers: John Adams + Benjamin Franklin + Alexander Hamilton + John Jay + Thomas Jefferson + James Madison + George Washington =444. Washington was Army Commander for 444 weeks 4 days. The Great Wheel of Time =1444. 


Back to the matter at hand with the 218 coding. The Charlottesville Attack happened on 8/12 also in Virginia, as was that ridiculous Roanoke Shooting Hoax on 26 August 2015 where the news reporters were gunned down live on television. Remembering the reference to mystical toponymy in Barcelona, Roanoke reminded us of the Lost Colony on Roanoke Island =828, 182, the first European colony in America that mysteriously vanished, leaving only one word carved in a tree: CROATOAN =28/82. 

Virginia =117. The first European born in America was Virginia Dare =117 (on 8/18/1587). The Charlottesville Attack happened 1 year 11 months 17 days after the Roanoke Shooting and the Barcelona Attack, starting in the 1017th minute of the day (however, the start time has recently been changed from 16:57 to 16:50 which makes it the 1010th minute) happened 11,017 days after the Hipercor Bombing, the previous major act of terrorism in Barcelona.

  • Remember that these perfect duration synchs were revealed after we’d already determined the importance of this number – and this is another example of why the date counts take priority over the gematria, especially when we use so many methods of calculation. As I pointed out while the Barcelona events were still unfolding, it happened 117 hours after the Charlottesville Vehicle-Ramming and 1171 days after Stephen King’s Mr Mercedes was published. Sorcery =117. Tyranny =117. The Government =1170. 

Slave =117. Rebel Slave =117. Nate Parker =117 is the dude who directed, produced, wrote & starred as Nat Turner in The Birth of a Nation. Speaking of which, Nate was born 1776 months after the death of Nat, like America’s 1776 inception. And sure enough, the Amistad slave rebellion (also made into a major motion picture) happened 7 years 10 months 11 days after the Nat Turner Rebellion. Spartacus lived from 111-71 BCE. Slave Uprising =1171. 

Amistad =64 released on 10/12/97, exactly 6400 weeks after the assassination of President Lincoln =64. Slave Uprising =64. Israel =64. Zion =64. The American Empire =64.