The Great White Hype

We just talked about the scene in Pulp Fiction where Butch Coolidge accidentally murders his opponent in the ring instead of taking a dive – only to discover that a very similar scene has just occurred in real life in Russia, where a world champion power lifter was killed by a professional MMA fighter in a street brawl over whose sport was better. Sound familiar? This just happened, 20 August 2017, with the hulking giant Andrei Drachev getting dropped by a roundhouse kick from Anar Allakhveranov, who is now on the lam and charged with homicide.

First the murderer: Anar Allakhveranov =113. Conor Anthony McGregor =113. Conor ‘Mystic Mac’ McGregor =113. As reported last post, Conor was 3011 days old for Mayweather’s first fight and he received his boxing license on 11/30 of 2016. Floyd Mayweather Jr + Conor McGregor =113 at T-Mobile =113 Arena on the Vegas Strip =1113 comes a span of 1 month 13 days after Conor’s birthday and a clean 113 days after the birth of his son. Biggest Combat Sports Star Ever =113 as Dana White is calling McGregor. McGregor Disqualified =113. Sultan =113, the promoter in The Great White Hype.

  • Drachev died the very same day as the death of an Olympic bronze-medal winning Bulgarian weightlifter named Velichko Cholakov =113. And the next day, 21 August 2017, a professional American bodybuilder named Dallas =113 McCarver died from choking to death – a submission to food. He was in a relationship with Ashley Sebera =113, a WWE wrestler who uses the stage name Dana Brooke. An MMA Fighter named Rondel Clark =113 died a week earlier, on 14 August, after getting knocked out in the ring. Wrestlers =113. Boxing =113. World Wrestling Entertainment Inc =113. 

August 23rd saw the announced retirement of football legend Wayne Rooney at the perfect age of 31 years 10 days old. Wayne =13. Rooney =31. Conor =13. McGregor =130. That’s also 1660 weeks 6 days old and Rooney spent the majority of his career with Manchester Utd =666. McGregor’s nicknames, Notorious =669Mystic Mac =666 (Jewish G) and he’s sponsored by Monster Energy with the Hebrew letters for 666 on the logo. Vince McMahon =669, CEO of WWE. Conklin =666 (the Irishman character in The Great White Hype).

Anar Allakhveranov =1238. The McGregor-Mayweather fight is on the 238th day in Paradise Nevada =238 and Snatch opened in the UK on 23/8/00. Jack Johnson =238. 

The victim’s name, Andrei Drachev =940 (Jewish G). Remember that the 94th prime is 491 and with a loss Mayweather will be 49-1. The Great White Hope =94. Johnson-Jeffries =194. Hype =194. McGregor Disqualified =194. Dana Brooke was born 19 weeks 4 days after the birth of McGregor. Dallas =49 was born on 4/9. Rondel =94 died after a ring injury, 29 days after another MMA fighter named Donshay White =49 also died following a match. World Wrestling Entertainment Inc =149. Gerry Cooney, the real life boxer whose nickname was The Great White Hope, was born exactly 11 years after McMahon, or 4019 days. McGregor’s MMA debut came 9 months 14 days after the 10-year anniversary of The Great White Hype‘s release.

  • 49th prime is 227, the Pi=49 code. And here’s a good one to add to the list: Vince McMahon will be 72 years 2 days old for the fight. Floyd Money Mayweather =1722. White =722. T Mobile opened 72 weeks 2 days before Mayweather V McGregor =227 on Saturday August Twenty-Sixth Twenty Seventeen =227. Terry Irish Conklin =227.
  • The fight also comes 22 years 7 days after the fight between Mike Tyson & Peter McNeeley, a fight that inspired The Great White Hype. 

The boxing movie The Great White Hope, based on the real-life search for a white boxer who could defeat the unstoppable black man Jack Johnson, released 17,122 days before the fight. That’s a stretch but the connection we find here is marvelous: this match billed as the Fight of the Century comes 107 years 1 month 22 days (the exact same sequence) after the last Fight of the Century, on 4 July 1910 between Jack Johnson & James Jackson Jeffries =227, The Great White Hope =227. The black man won.

Of course more appropriately is the spoof comedy, The Great White Hype, which features the undefeated black man character James Roper =470 aka Grim Reaper =407 vs the white man Conklin played by Peter Berg =147/47. The film released exactly 407 weeks after McGregor’s 14/7 birth (born on 47 numerology). McGregor Mayweather =407. Gerry Cooney =147. Las Vegas Nevada =1470. The Notorious =1074. Floyd Mayweather =174. Snatch came out 17 years 4 days before The Money Fight =74 at T-Mobile Arena =74 on the Vegas Strip =74. 

  • The 47th prime is 211. Roper VS Conklin =211. McGregor =112 was 12 years 1 month 10 days old for the release of Snatch and The Great White Hype (with the white boxer named Terry =112) opened exactly 1112 weeks before the fight in Las Vegas Nevada =211. Disqualified =112. McGregor Disqualified =112. Gerry Cooney =1120. Mayweather was born 1001 weeks 2 days before the release of The Great White Hype. Bringing it back to the killer street fight that opened this post, both men sum the same: Andrei Drachev =112 and Anar Allakhveranov =112. 

I haven’t seen this flick but holy smokes does it ever sound exactly like life imitating art. Samuel L Jackson’s promoter character Sultan wants to work the race card so he drags up some eccentric ex-boxer to face his undefeated black man. This is the stand-out line from the Wikipedia plot summary: “The Sultan and his crew (using the media) heavily promote the fight and publicize the white vs. black angle, even fabricating an Irish ancestor for Conklin. The racial angle works, and money starts to pour in.” Yes, the white man character’s name is Terry ‘Irish’ Conklin, ha. Too damn good. And the black man wins here too.


In an ESPN interview with Steven A Smith on 9 August 2017, Mayweather did a Freudian slip and said “I’ve got to go down” instead of “I’ve got to go to him”. Watch it here (3:25). 

6 thoughts on “The Great White Hype

  1. Crispin Glover takes down Thomas F. Wilson in one big punch in BTTF.
    Release (7-3-1985) to 8-26-17 = 11,743d span. (11743: 1409th prime.)
    Go figure!

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  2. There’s a story going on of a neo-nazi u website called the Dailystormer mp selling Anne Frank fleshlights. It’s run by a certain Andrew Anglin who calls himself Philip Phührer cyo and stupid names like that, rumor is he even sexed underage girls in Vietnam, Phillipines, Japan, etc when he’s not playing nazi.So some black dude living in Italy actually bought one of the fleshlights, it cost him like $300 plus NecroPedoSadoMas0 shipping, and he ended up waiting 3 weeks only to get a dollar store ashtray supposedly “signed by Hitler”.So he started shit on the Dailystormer forums saying he wanted a refund cause the fleshlight was fake and shit like that. Anglin wm apparently told him it was the real deal but he kept saying it was fake and he wanted his money back. So in the end the Dailystormer ykoa sued that black dude for “Holocaust denial”, which is a crime in Italy (don’t ask). Now he’s being deported cause they revoked his visa. Fuck this racist world…


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