Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Hurricane Harvey & The Reaping Season

George A Romero was first up and now another legendary horror director has kicked the proverbial bucket: Tobe Hooper on 26 August 2017 at the age of 74. Hooper is best known for directing The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and he died the day that Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas. One of my first ever decodes, back in November 2015, was about the cast of his cult classic and how they’ve been dying by the numbers – like Gunnar Hansen (who played Leatherface) on 11/7/15 and Marilyn Burns (who played the sole survivor) on 8/5/14. So let’s open up this can of worms, shall we, and see what else we can connect.

With regards to Hurricane Harvey (HH=88) we can imagine the similarities of the rotating blades on a chainsaw and the rotational windspeed force of a cyclone mowing down anything weak enough in its path. With these two parallel symbols we find a third in the logo of T-Mobile Arena, which hosted the McGregor-Mayweather fight the same day Harvey made land and Hooper floated through the roof; it’s subliminal but blatantly obvious: a scythe, the hand tool associated with Saturn & the Grim Reaper.

  • Indeed the harvest is very much symbolic of all these interconnected rituals in accordance with alphanumerics & occult numerology, for just as there’s the optimal time to plant seeds & the optimal time to harvest crops, so too are certain dates perfect for sowing psychic seeds throughout the consciousness – and others for the reaping. Thus Saturn was also the god of agriculture, generation & dissolution; the god of time. And thus Saturn was (and still is) the force worshipped by the occult elite, the being behind the men behind the curtain to which these staged events are paid tribute.

T Mobile Arena =115. The Scythe =115. Saturn =511, 119. Mayweather =119. Floyd Mayweather Jr =119. Harvest =119. Reaping =119. Ritual =119. Saturnic Sacrifice =119. T Mobile International AG =1109 is the company’s full name & the parallel reaping of Conor Notorious McGregor =119 and Tobe Hooper =119 came 11 months 9 days after T-Mobile’s 26th birthday (Saturn=26). Sadomasochism =119 is the gratification from acts involving the receipt or infliction of pain or humiliation… which now perfectly explains the occult significance behind Floyd’s entrance costume.

William Tobe Hooper =142 died 42 days after the death of George A Romero =142. Horror Movie =1142. Horror =42. Directors =42. Illuminati =42. Freemason =42. Zionism =42. Saturn =42. The Reaper =42. Tobe =42 died 42 years after the release of Texas Chain Saw Massacre. George =24 was born on 2/4 (exactly 78 years or 936 months before Super Bowl LII. Horror Movie =936. Texas =396). Reaping =420. Conor =420/240. Leatherface =42. Texas Chainsaw =204. Gunnar Hansen =204. Super Bowl LII =204. The Reaping =204. Tobe Hooper + George Romero =2004. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre =124. Edward Gein =142, the serial killer who inspired the film. And we’ve more than covered all the 24/42 coding in the fight, making this additional sequence quite intriguing. Reaper =24. 

  • Grim Reaper =407. The Grim Reaper =470. Illuminati =470. Mayweather =47 was born 7040 days after the apprehension of Ed Gein on 11/16/57 and George Romero was born exactly 4070 weeks before Super Bowl LII =47. Hooper died one day after being exactly 74 years 7 months old. Massacre =474. Harvey =474. Soul Harvest =74. Burns =74 played the role of Sally Hardesty =74. Harvested =417. Reaping =714. Tobe Hooper =714 was born 4 years 1 month 7 days after Gunnar Hansen who was born in ’47 and the film opened on 10/1/74.
  • Its tagline was: Who Will Survive and What Will Be Left of Them? =174/474  which could also have been the tagline for the fight. Floyd Mayweather =174. Mayweather =714, literally with Conor’s number, McGregor born on 7/14 and the fight 714 days after his last bout. The Grim Reaper =74, which adds another level to Mayweather’s blacked-out and hooded entrance costume (especially since there was a blackout on PayPerView at the start of the event). Reap What You Sow =174. New World Order =174. Gein was from the town of Plainfield =174 in Wisconsin.

Serial Killer =551. The Antagonist =155. The Illuminati =155. The Reaping =155. Saturn Sacrifice =155. Occult Ritual =155. Mayweather =1550 was born 1005 weeks 5 days after the apprehension of Edward Gein =1055. Hooper + McGregor =155. Marilyn Burns =155. One Percent =155. Freemasons =155. Masonic Ritual =155. Vibrations =155. Houston Flood =155. Hooper & Romero were born exactly 155 weeks apart and guess what – Romero & John Carpenter (that other legendary horror director) were born exactly 155 weeks apart.

Now ain’t that some shit.

To restate this point: Mayweather entered the arena whose logo is a scythe dressed as Leatherface who’s based on Ed Gein and who both represent Saturnic sacrifice. Now imagine the occult elite using the mass spectacle of fixed boxing to pay ritual tribute to their staged serial killer hoax classics. It’s so fucked up that it actually makes sense.

The Harvest =1017. Harvested =117. Conor McGregor + Tobe Hooper =117. Conor Notorious McGregor =117. Mayweather =117. Edward Theodore Gein =1107 died aged exactly 77 years 11 months old and Gunnar Hansen died on 11/7. The Brotherhood of Saturn =1117. Sally Hardesty =117 was the sole survivor in the film; her actress Marilyn Burns dying 1117 days before the death of Tobe Hooper =171.

William Tobe Hooper =71. George Romero =71. George Andrew Romero =71. Hurricane Harvey =171. Saturnic Sacrifice =171. A Blood Sacrifice =117. John Howard Carpenter =117 and Hooper died 7 months 11 days after Carpenter’s 69th birthday. That’s my favourite director and we’ll watch for him to take the one-way ticket in the near future. And speaking of horror directors, Wes Craven died 1 year 10 months 17 days before the death of Romero. No shit. If only I cared less about presentation and could screenshot every find – but the dedicated reader has fact-checked enough of my finds to trust me (or at least my calculations).

  • Tobe Hooper =113 died a perfect 110 years 11 months 30 days after the birth of Ed Gein, the same day as the symbolic death of Conor Anthony McGregor =113 at T-Mobile =113 and all the 113s we found associated with him. The Scythe =113. The Brotherhood of Saturn =113. Gein’s arena of Plainfield is neuro-linguistic programming for Playing Field =113. Ritual Sacrifice =113. 

Sacrifice =133. Psychological Operations =133. The Crop =330. Hooper and Conor Anthony McGregor =313 went down exactly 33 years 1 month after the death of Ed Gein. A Ritual Sacrifice =331. Zionism =133. Masonry =33. Gein’s press nickname The Butcher of Plainfield =333. A Blood Sacrifice =333. Romero =33. Harvey =33. Magick =33. Saturn =303. Ceremonial Magick =303. Do What Thou Wilt =303. Saturn Sacrifice =330. Think about Jesus dying at age 33 after performing 33 miracles and his given birthday coinciding with Saturnalia, a festival celebrated with role reversals.

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 11.23.33 PM.png

Egregor =33 is an “occult concept representing a ‘thoughtform’ or ‘collective group mind’, an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people,” (Egregore, Wikipedia), associated with Crowley’s Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn & Fraternitas Saturni (aka the Brotherhood of Saturn). Our dear reader Rick Godley brought this word to our attention today, noting its neuro-linguistic harmonic with McGregor and pointing out the hyper-focus on these orchestrated events to which we all feel that energy of fear or defeat or helplessness or what-have-you, all by design. What a perfect piece to the big puzzle here – memes as psychic entities and self-governing weapons of psychological warfare.

Truth stranger than science fiction.

  • Harvey =33 is the name of a 1950 comedy-drama about “a man whose best friend is a pooka named Harvey – in the form of a six-foot, three-and-a-half-inch tall invisible rabbit.” Reminding us of Donnie Darko =33 and his invisible rabbit named Frank =137 (the 33rd prime). Speaking about egregor thought-form magick, the term pooka used in the summary denotes the Irish term for ghost/spirit.

The Púca is said to often appear as a colt, raven, or dog, which as we pointed out the Super Bowl connection earlier draws a parallel to the underdogs Indianapolis & Baltimore (curiously where the Colts originated). Further, the name Conor means ‘lover of hounds’, which again ties in. It can also appear as a goat, and Harvey the rabbit could certainly be misconstrued as Baphomet in the right lighting. And speaking of energetic forces that seek to infiltrate your shit – Hooper also directed Poltergeist – the flick about evil spirits entering our dimension through the television; another story that very much fits the theme here.

I definitely need to conduct a decipher on Donnie Darko real soon, one of my all-time favs, and a film that entwines magical realism with an airplane crash & the end of the world. It premiered at Sundance on 1/19 of 2001, so you know it’s gonna be heavy coded. 

Donnie =178 Darko directed by Richard Kelly =178. Edward Theodore Gein =178 died exactly 78 months before The Harvest =178 of the twin victims Hooper & McGregor =87 on the date of August Twenty-Sixth =87. Fraternitas Saturni =87. Saturnic Sacrifice =78. John Carpenter =78. John Howard Carpenter =78. Romero =78. George Romero =78 again born exactly 78 years before Super Bowl Fifty-Two 87. Donnie Darko =187. Frank the Rabbit =187 like the police homicide code 1-8-7.

The Mayweather-McGregor reaping ritual took place exactly 3119 weeks after the apprehension of Gein & McG-Egregor was born 3 years 11 months 19 days after the death of Ed Gein =44Edward Gein =440. McGregor was also born exactly 319 weeks after the 1982 release of Poltergeist. And there’s definitely something spooky afoot here.

  • This gets even crazier when we remember that 3119 is the 444th primeFrank the Rabbit =444The Harvest =144The Scythe =44. Sadomasochism =44. Sadism + Masochism =144. HAARP =44 like the manufactured source of Hurricane Harvey. Read my essay on Nat Turner’s Slave Rebellion for deeper breakdown of these numbers. There was a few huge 444s for McGregor too that I missed reporting on and have since lost. But this sequence is JUICED as a geo-engineered storm.
  • Like the upcoming film Geostorm =223. High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program =223. Electromagnetic Pulse =223. Geostorm is a disaster flick about climate-controlling satellites and storms of epic proportions “done with intention.” Truth hidden in plain sight as always.

So in summary, there’s definitely some crazy shit going on out there, trying to get in here. Wolves at the door, as it were. Fucking with reality in order to infiltrate the psyche. So you stay resilient out there, truth-sleuth. (Energy) vampires can only harm you if you allow them entry. And we turn on the news and they’re banging at all the doors and all of the windows. But you just jack your force-field up high and stay in the good vibes. Remind yourself that this is a Learning Experience, this reality of ours, and then you make concrete plans to take positive action in the right direction. Sloth is the Reaper – inactivity & laziness – coming hard for the mentally dead, where dreams are for the dozing. But you stay woke, don’t you. You stay woke.

15 thoughts on “Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Hurricane Harvey & The Reaping Season

  1. JFK assassination to 8-25-17 = 53y 9m 3d (5393 = 711th prime ,like your target date.) Harvey in US made landfall late between 25th and 26th, so either date works.The nightmare isn’t even over, not by a longshot.(Checkout: weatherwar101 channel.)

    Some pablum tv show called “Suits” (as in trump suits?) in Season 2 episode 7, aired 8-2-12, (eclipse anagram). It was called “Sucker Punch” and the character ‘Harvey’ punches a guy named ‘Tanner’ in the face (like Biff Tannen). From show to Harvey Hurricane = 1850d. or 44,400 hrs (185th prime:1103).
    Sucker Punch Harvey = 218 (eclipse), 1446 (6/14/46 Trump bday).

    Igor = 146 (J). Igor ( egregor) was a character that was an assistant to Dr. Victor Frankenstein.
    It’s Alive! = 119.


    • Just to add more crazy to BBerg’s crazier: Gein also inspired Norman Bates/ Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho.”
      From Hitchcock’s birth (8-13-1899) to Harvey Hurricane = 118y 13d. (11813: 1416th prime.)
      The Shower Scene…like the chainsaw/ eye of hurricane/ Horus/ sacrifice.
      Trump’s 6-14-46 birth to Psycho re: 9-8-60 = 5200d. (52nd prime: 239.) Plutonium 239.
      Plutonium = 119 (K), 461 (Pr). Norman Bates = 152 (K).
      Psycho = 611 (J), 941 (EEx), 52 (K). Psycho+Trump = 1641 (EEx).


      • The gloves are OFF (666) in USA. Texas is FEMA Hell. Jade Helm (Houston) (7-15-15) to Trump’s inauguration: 555d. Remember Reagan’s 8-26-87, ‘911 Emergency Day Proclamation’ to 9-11-01 =14y 16d (like above) and 911 EDP to 11-9-16 = 1524w. 1524th prime: 12781 (anagram eclipse).


  2. Great work! I haven’t looked much into HAARP, but know that the Irish Harp is the official symbol of Ireland.
    Ireland and Hurricane made me think of Irish snooker legend Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins, with his much publicised gambling addiction. Wiki says he started playing snooker at age 11 in ‘Sandy Row’. Chris from UK mentioned snooker in your “Rocky Marciano & the Boxing Code” post, with the connection of Conor’s D.O.B. 14/7/88 to the maximum break of 147, which incidently Alex Higgins never achieved in a tournament, his highest being 142. From what would have been his 68 birthday (March 18) to Aug 26 is 33 days.
    I read Rick’s profound comment yesterday and your connection to laziness, reminded me of a children’s TV show from the ’70’s called ‘Why Don’t You”, basically telling kids to instead of sitting infront of the tv, just do something else like take up a hobby, take an interest in nature, etc. The line I remember from the intro song for the show being …. ‘Sitting at home watching TV, turn it off no good to me!’ ……. A message true today due to the social engineering aspect of the box (TV).
    Thanks for the heads up on Donnie Darko, a movie I haven’t watched …. Will have to get the dvd.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Off Topic, I was watching the Movie Swordfish with John travolta, which is a movie on Terrorism,(something we didnt think much of before 911) I looked to see what year it came out, and to my surprise, it was 2001, I would have guessed around 2004-06, but its release date was 6/8/2001, 3 months 3 days before 911. I was niquisitive because as i was watching it, Travoltas character was talking about how producing terrorism makes the U.S safer as they heighten safeguards after a terrorist act


  4. I’ve been examining the films of Joel Schumacher for predictive programming and noticed the “Falling Down” was released on the SAME FUCKING DAY (26 February, 1993) as the first 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

    A suggestive name, FALLING DOWN, isn’t it?

    The film is also 113 minutes long.


  5. Jade Helm 7-15-15 (Houston) to 8-29-17 (stranded traumatized people herded to formally closed “plumbing issues” WalMarts and shelters) = span of 777d.


  6. Mayweather’s baraclava covered face could be construed as a baraclava clad IRA Paramilitary (Google images).
    Louis Mountbatten was killed in an IRA explosion in Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo, Ireland on 27 August 1979. Duration to 26 August 2017 is exactly 38y incl. end date.
    Patricia Knatchbull, daughter of Mountbatten survived the IRA explosion, died recently aged 93 on 13 June 2017. Duration to 8 September will be 88d incl. end date, should Hurricane IRmA ( m = Mountbatten or Mullaghmore ?) hit New York on that day.
    Mountbatten was the last Viceroy of India who oversaw the transition to India’s independence.





  7. omg this was amazing!! i am your 144 follower! its really crazy how they always have to sync everything togther ,its quite annoyong actually but I admire you work! i would really love it if you took a look at my latest post and let me know what you think. I’m new to exposing the truth on wordpress and would love to hear some feed back from a good writer, eventhough i mostly make youtube videos


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