Burning Spear Burning Man


Continuing the ongoing Sacrifice by Fire theme, on September 3rd a “Burner” committed self-immolation at the Burning Man festival, running into the flames of the giant effigy known as the Man as if he was Daenerys Targaryen about to give birth to dragons. The very next day saw the death of Earl ‘Wire’ Lindo, who played keys with Bob Marley in the Wailers and collaborated heavily with the reggae artist known as Burning Spear. Now let’s look into this and see if we can find anything smoking hot.

The Burner’s name was Aaron Joel Mitchell =1038. Sacrifice By Fire =138. Black Rock City =1308. The Man =38. Nevada =38. Fire =38. Harvey =38, the surname of the founder of Burning Man Festival =1380 and the name of the hurricane still fucking Houston =138 at the time.

  • Burning Man =44. Aaron Mitchell =44. Mitchell =44. Seven Mile Playa =44. Sacrifice By Fire =1440. 
  • Black Rock City =124. Aaron Mitchell =124. Sacrifice By Fire =240. The Man =24. Lindo =24. Earl Lindo =142. Aaron Joel Mitchell =1042. Self-Immolation =142. 

Earl Lindo =178. Aaron Joel Mitchell =178. Mitchell =78. Seven Mile Playa =78. The 78th prime is 397 and Mitchell self-immolated 11,397 days after Burning Man was inaugurated. Fire Sacrifice =87. Sacrifice By Fire =87. Earl Wire Lindo =87. Daenerys Targaryen =187. 

Lindo =324. Self-Immolation =324. And Mitchell charbroiled himself exactly 324 weeks after the Season 1 finale of Game of Thrones where Daenerys struts directly into a fire. And speaking about the mother of dragons: Reptilian =324. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother =324. The Elites =342. Ordo Ab Chao =342. Control =342. Society of Jesus =243. Central Intelligence Agency =243. 

  • Bob Marley died at the age of 36 years 3 months 6 days old and Lindo died 36 years after Marley’s death. Fire Sacrifice =306/163. Self-Immolation =163. Mitchell =163. The Wailers Band =631. Burning Spear =63. Seven Mile Playa =63.

Burning Man Festival =411. Manifest =411. Freemason =411. Black Rock City =1141/41. Mitchell =114. Aaron Mitchell =41 was 41 years old and Lindo aka Wya =14 was born exactly 410 weeks after the birth of Burning Spear. Houston =41. Inferno = 41. Sacrifice By Fire =140. 

And in recent Brother Berg news, a crazy thing happened the day after my post exposing the Templar-Musketeer connection. This Gazelle helicopter from the Armée de Terre (the French Army) flies in high from the north and drops down to do a real low & noisy loop around our farmhouse, spooking the horses. So I go out to check as it makes a SECOND loop and just as I peek out from the stables it drops into an attack swoop, no shit 30 feet over the driveway, then charging off in the direction it came and back over the horizon. I did a little research and the Gazelle is a scout chopper, used for reconnaissance missions… needless to stay it sparked a bit of paranoia and definitely got the adrenaline pumping. So if I suddenly stop posting, it’s safe to assume we’ve been snatched & bagged in the night 😉

8 thoughts on “Burning Spear Burning Man

  1. Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not watching you. They probably don’t like that you’re exposing their number magick. Luciferian thinkers.

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  2. Golden Donna was named Joel, he was playing the GhostShip
    Book of Joel page found in Tennessee after that fire,
    Now this guy.
    Billy Joel also was writing a song named Jolene when he changed it to we didn’t start the fire.

    Go to about 1:14

    Dolly singing Jolene on TV during the fire witb Miley Cyrus.

    Be safe brother. Try and take a couple down with ya.

    And just know, they don’t want us on the other side of death. We go Super Sayan then.

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  3. Joel 1:4 That which the palmerworm hath left hath the locust eaten; and that which the locust hath left hath the cankerworm eaten; and that which the cankerworm hath left hath the caterpillar eaten….These insects are all devourers and ravagers. Helicopters look like locusts, don’t they? Irma’s track-line looks like a caterpillar, doesn’t it? I think of GWB,on 9-11-01- in FL, reading ‘The Pet Goat’ which is about a goat that eats everything in its path. Behind GWB, on blackboard, “Reading Makes A Country Great”. Now we have “Make America Great Again” and another children’s book comes to mind : ‘The Hungry Caterpiller.’ Irma will impact FL 71y 2m 27d after Trump’s birth. From Reagan’s 9-1-1 Emergency Day Proclamation to 9-9-17 = 30y 14d. All the deception has brought me to reading the bible for myself and, in turn, to Jesus Christ/ our Loving Father, which I find amazing. May God protect and bless us all.

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    • Just watched Trump’s 9-11 Memorial Speech on WH.GOV. A dragonfly whizzes by at 0:20 inbetween words “very…solemn” and leaves. It returns at ‘0:41’ and this time, flies right over Trump’s eyes (all three of them) after he utters “Devastation.”

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