Troy Gentry & Don Williams – A Country Music Themed Twins Trick

Two country musicians died in separate events on 8 September 2017, another instance of the so-called Twins Trick of dual sacrifice. Troy Gentry of the band Montgomery Gentry was killed at the age of 50 in a helicopter crash en route to a gig in New Jersey while Hall of Fame musician Don Williams passed away from emphysema at the age of 78 in Alabama. Right away we see the two men have very similar gematria: Troy Gentry =59//219. Don Williams =59/129. The same pattern in their surnames: Gentry =35/89. Williams =35/98.

Troy Gentry + Don Williams =72 were born 27 years 10 months 10 days apart and died 27 years 11 days after Stevie Ray Vaughan =72 died in a helicopter crash. Donald Ray Williams =270. Don =27 was born on the 27th and they both died on 27 numerology. Montgomery Gentry =72. Troy =72. Eddie =72. Eddie Montgomery =72/172 is the other half of the band, and signs are pointing to this being a Blood Sacrifice =127 on his behalf, as his son died 712 days before Troy. Vaughan died 12 years 10 months 7 days after Lynyrd Skynyrd’s plane crash. Tropical Cyclone =72. Harvey + Irma =720/172. 

  • On 27 September 2015, Eddie’s 19-year-old son Hunter =112 was killed in an accident (one of the first posts I ever did), a familiar span of 1 year 11 month 2 days before the death of Gentry. Country Musicians =211. Blood Sacrifice =121. Ritual Sacrifice =212. Helicopter Crash =212. Montgomery Gentry’s first single was called Hillbilly Shoes =211/1121. 
  • Hurricane Irma =115. Gentry & Williams also died 101 weeks 5 days after the death of Hunter Montgomery and 5110 days after the death of Johnny Cash. Saturn =511 the reaper come to harvest.

Montgomery Gentry =62. Eddie Montgomery =162. Troy Gentry =1262. Don Williams =260. Ritual Sacrifice =206. Tropical Cyclone =1026. Donald Ray Williams =1602/216 (6x6x6) was exactly 612 months old when Stevie Ray Vaughan died in a Helicopter =666. Troy was married to Angie McClure =666. Don Williams =996. Lynyrd Skynyrd =669. Tropical Cyclone =696. Hurricane Irma =696 the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic basin set to make landfall in America the day after they died. Strickland =666. And I’m reminded of the death of country singer Craig Strickland on 12/27/15 who went missing while duck hunting – during a winter storm – and whose body was found lying in the shape of a cross.

Blood Sacrifice =67. Irma =67. Donald Williams =67. Don Williams =67. Troy Gentry =167 was born in ’67 on 76 numerology and 6 months 7 days after Montgomery’s birthday. Don Williams & Troy Gentry =76 were born 10,176 days apart. New Jersey =176. Alabama =76. Country Musicians =76. Hunter =76. Blood Sacrifice =76. Hurricane Harvey =176. Country & Western =76/67. Hillbilly Shoes =76/167. Montgomery Gentry’s last album was titled Folks Like Us =67. Gentry pleaded guilty to killing a black bear he’d purchased named Cubby =607 from inside an electrified enclosure, exactly 67 years 6 months after the birth of Williams. Vaughan died 607 weeks after Lynyrd Skynyrd’s plane crash.

  • Steve Ray Vaughan died 10 months 25 days after his birthday and his first studio album Texas Flood =125 released exactly 12,500 days before Hurricane Harvey ended, the storming of course resulting in a major Texas Flood. Strickland =125. Donald Ray Williams =1152. Ritual Sacrifice =251 and they died on the 251st day of the year, 1 year 2 months 5 days (520 days) after the death of Merle Haggard.

251 is the 54th prime number and Gentry & Williams died on 54 numerology, 54 years after Williams’ brother was electrocuted to death, 5 months 4 days after Gentry’s 4/5 birthday, and less than a month before Montgomery’s 54th birthday. Ritual Sacrifice =154. Williams was also born with 54 numerology and Vaughan born in ’54Montgomery Gentry Folks Like Us =504. 

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