London Bombing Hoax PART 2: The White Horse of Invictus

Parsons Green S.W.6. In reduction, S=1 W=5. So that’s code for 156. As in: False Flag =156. Underground =156. Thirty-Three =156. Time Bomb =156. Sloaney Pony =1156. Cobra =156. Manchester Arena =1560. Fifth Terror Attack =1560. Bucket Bomb =1056. Mother of Satan =56. Unconquered =56. Cassini Mission =560. It happened 506 days after Harry’s Invictus ad (which we’ll explore here) on the date of 15/9 in the synchronistic location of West London =1059. Parsons Green Tube Station =590. Government =159. I am the Master of my Fate I am the Captain of my Soul =159. According to the Hebrew Calendar, Donald Trump was born 15/9 – and on this very day the Cassini Probe bombed itself into Saturn, thus fulfilling its mission by the numbers.

  • Now what better way to celebrate Prince Harry’s 33rd birthday than by a False Flag =33. Cobra =33. Lidl =33. The Tube =133. Improvised Device =133. Theresa May =133. Freemasons =133. Government =133. The event happened in the suburb of Hammersmith and Fulham =333 and Cassini’s mission lasted exactly 13 years 1 month. Terror Incident at West London Station =131. Sloaney Pony =131. Time Bomb =131. Saturn the God of Time.

On 27 April 2016 a promotional video for Prince Harry’s Invictus Games was released, where he makes a hand gesture of dropping a bomb as he says “Boom”. In the ad he gets a text from Michele Obama at 18:15. If we reduce the 18 that’s 9/15, the date of the fake bombing on Harry’s birthday. Reduced further it’s 96. Like it happening at Parsons Green =906 exactly 96 weeks after the Paris Attacks. Harry =96 and all the other 96s covered last post. And just to confirm again, the battery is at 69%. Saturn =69. FLOTUS =69/696. White Horse of Kent =96. NO SURRENDER =906. Unconquered =960/169. It happened 1169 weeks after the Oklahoma City Bombing, the connection to which we’ll get to shortly, same as all the aforementioned references you didn’t yet understand.

We’ll also get to the timespan between that date and the fake bombing in a moment, but there’s a huge clue here that all but verifies this staged event as a tribute to Harry & the Royal Family. One Harry Cole, Westminster correspondent at The Sun, posted this tweet reading “NO SURRENDER Can reveal famous Parsons Green watering hole The White Horse will reopen at 7pm.” Also known as the Sloaney Pony, the White Horse is one of the most historic pubs in London – located 0.1 miles from the tube station – and just so happens to be perfectly synched with Invictus.

Indeed the Invictus from Harry’s Invictus Games is based on an 1888 poem by William Ernest Henley, which in turn is based on Invicta – Latin for “Unconquered” – which is another name for the White Horse of Kent. Last year I wrote this post about the White Horse as connected to Princess Diana and the Indianapolis Colts, and here it is blatantly, a tweet displayed on the BBC Live Updates page to spark this angle.

And as per the poem and the Games, it was read in another promotional video prior to the inaugural event by several entertainers, including Tom Hardy – who just so happens to be born on September 15th – just like Prince Harry and the date of the Parsons Green Hoax. The poem includes the line, “Bloody and Unbowed,” which was the exact headline in Daily Mirror the day after the 7 July 2005 London Bombings. Invictus was also chosen by Oklahoma City bomber/patsy Timothy McVeigh as his final statement before his execution. And in light of these easily identifiable cultural references to Invictus, Harry & Elizabeth’s BOOM video becomes more than just a little bit unsettling. (The picture below being the Madrid Bombing – which is what a real detonation would look like, not an uncracked bucket and no burn marks).

The poem ends with the line, I  am the Master of my Fate I am the Captain of my Soul =2270. United Grand Lodge of England =227. Harry was exactly 1722 weeks old on this his 33rd birthday which came 72 weeks 2 days after the Boom Video. The Pi Sequence (22/7=3.14) it happened 31 weeks 4 days after the anniversary of the Queen taking the throne and 3 months 14 days after the anniversary of her coronation. Nice timing. Princess Diana =1314.

  • On the theme of train bombings, it happened 705 weeks after the Madrid Train Bombing, and 507 days after the Boom video. Tube =507. Terror Attack =570. The White Horse =57. Diana =57. Mother of Satan =57. Parsons Green =157/571. Prince Harry =157. The Cassini Mission lasted EXACTLY 157 months. 
  • New World Order =175/75. White Horse of Kent =75. Prince Henry of Wales =75. Queen Elizabeth =75. The Underground =75. Hammersmith and Fulham =75. Time Bomb =75. The Captain of My Soul =75. The Oklahoma City Bombing happened when Harry was 10 years 7 months 5 days old. They’re saying the IED was called the The Mother of Satan =175. And I see now that the UK has jacked the terror level up to CRITICAL =75. 

Boom =42. That video happened 1 year 4 months 20 days before this event. Harry =420. Loser Terrorist =420. The Tube =420. Queen Elizabeth =142. Terror Attack =142. Terrorist =142. Sloaney Pony =142. Freemasons =142. Cobra Committee =142. Tube Bombing =42. West London =42. Freemason =42. Windsor =42. The Royals =42. Illuminati =42. Saturn =42. Unconquered =42. 

A bomb detonated on a packed train at the height of rush-hour causing a massive fireball that engulfed the carriage. This is the story we’re still being told despite all the evidence to the contrary. This case a perfect example of how cognitive dissonance is used as psychological warfare – your brain in total contrast with the authority telling you the “truth” instead of you taking the truth as authority. The truth being what you believe it to be, you’d be wise to come to your own fact-based conclusions.

And as a result of this total facade, 1000 military forces are now taking over police duties to protect public transit. Just like those troops I saw in Bordeaux, there’s no way this will now easily ever get reduced. It’s the Peter Principle in action – whereby employees only stop being promoted once they can no longer perform effectively, and managers rise to the level of their incompetence. Though on the Police State level, once it’s elevated to a certain norm that’s where it will stay, here in the endless war of terror. Where again, terrorism originally was defined as “government by intimidation,” which is just what’s happening now, continuously and ongoing. And which is why it’s so important to see the farce for the trees. To see that bucket bomb for the utter horse shit that it is (which of course means fertilizer for yet other things to grow).

And if anyone who knows more about chemistry than I would care to comment on how exactly the bucket bomb could cause a fireball throughout the entire carriage yet leave the bucket completely intact without so much as a heat mark on the seats and walls, I would very much love to hear that argument. I don’t watch YouTube so I don’t know what anyone else is saying about this but I’d imagine the same critiques are happening all over this reality of ever-awakening beings.

And I gotta point this out too, because a google image search for “Cassini Images of Saturn” turns up almost nothing but computer animations. As they showed on the news, OBVIOUS fucking CGI. I mean can people really not distinguish Pixar from reality?? This is the height of the mockery and of the mind control, when you can show people essentially a video game and they believe it to be rock-solid objective reality. Which come to think of it, might just be yet another clue that we are indeed inhabiting a holographic universe…

6 thoughts on “London Bombing Hoax PART 2: The White Horse of Invictus

  1. Amazing finds as always… welcome to the U.K BB… saw the news and informed my mate of this nonsence and funnily enough also touched on the Cassini CGI balls… done a little decoding and date durations here and there but didn’t get as far as the royals and seeing it was Harrys 33rd… The bucket and bag had me in hysterics half of the day… hahaaa and all of the straight out of a posh stage school crisis actors interviews, some seeing an explosion others hearing it, others not hearing or seeing anything from the next train carridge… I noticed from the helicopter zooming in with the shoes, a couple of freemasons coming out of the carridge and walking down the platform, the number on the one they stepped out of was 22535 followed by the next 3 carridges which were in order but didn’t start with 225… like they added that carridge specifically to have a 225 on the side… also liked the pyramid shaped building just opposite the station that they kept getting in when not zoomed so close… almost looked like it had an eye on the top of it from some angles…


  2. I’m sure you’re probably already deep into your decode… but also saw that,

    Harry Dean Stanton = 91

    died at the age of 91 yrs 2 mths 2 days or 33,302 days old,

    Shared the same year as the queen and date as Mcgregor for his bday… 14/7/26…


    • He was in hundreds of films from Alien, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Godfather 2, Green mile, among many others…

      But you’ll love that he was in “Christine” a span of 33 yrs 9 mths 6 days before his 15/9/17 death…

      A few others spring out from his massive list on IMDB… like a film called Twister in 89′ or Escape from New York…

      Or another called… “Paris, Texas”… which was released on 19/9/84…


  3. A clock ticking is heard as the video begins…tick tock tick tock…like a bomb before its detonation. A bronze-like horse (Horus) is prominent in the background and seen right between Queen and Harry. Here on the east coast of USA: Hurricane Eyes of Irma (I AM) Jose (Joseph) and now–Maria (Mary)…the mother of Satan…water is breaKING…


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