Harry Dean Stanton RIP

Harry Dean Stanton, legendary character actor of many epic cult films, has died on Prince Harry’s 33rd birthday, at the ridiculous age of 33,300 days old and 303 days before his 92nd birthday (well, if we start counting from his first full day of life). Harry Stanton =133 was in some of my favourite movies: Repo Man, Escape from New York, Twin Peaks, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, and Alien – his costar in the latter flick, John Hurt =133, died 33 weeks 3 days before him.

  • And Harry dying on Harry’s birthday, the same day as the Parsons Green Bombing Hoax – the one with the Invictus connection to the White Horse of Kent. And as it turns out, a suspect was arrested today in Kent, the day another apartment fire broke out, also in Kent.
  • Harry Dean Stanton =195 was born on the 195th day and died on 9/15. Born with 170 days remaining and died with 107 days remaining, he started his career as Dean Stanton =170. Cassini =17. Invictus =117. Royal Family =117/1017.

Stanton was also exactly 91 years 2 months old when he died. Windsor =612. Monarchy =612. The Mother of Satan =216 was the name of the bomb at Parsons. Prince Henry of Wales =216 aka Prince Harry of Wales =216 was 12 years 11 months 16 days old when his mother was killed, 20 years 16 days before his 33rd birthday. Prince William was born on 21/6 a span of 216 years after the birth of King William IV.

Harry Stanton =162. Dean Stanton =62. Captain of My Soul =62. The White Horse =162. Parsons Green =162. Tube Bombing =162. Boom =162. Prince Henry of Wales =1620. Prince Harry =162. Parsons Green Tube Station =126. Stanton was born in ’26 same as the Queen =26 who took the throne on 2/6 and was coronated on 6/2. 

8 thoughts on “Harry Dean Stanton RIP

  1. Found a ton on him last night myself, linking him to Cassini. Lets see what I can remeber

    Harry Dean Stanton=71
    Cassini Death Dive=71

    Harry Dean Stanton=91(13th Triangular), dies 13 days before Lucky’s wide spread premiere on 9/29

    Lucky=18, 633
    Cassini discovered 18 new moons before it crashed and had 633 Watts of power when it crashed.

    Cassini made 22 orbits during its descent. Harry D died 202 days after his Big Love co-star Bill Paxton. The 22 orbits took 21 weeks. Saturn=21

    HDS died 27 weeks after the limited screening of Lucky. Cassini=27

    Lucky=27, 72 and HDS died 270,720 minutes after the 3/11 limited release.

    Return to Saturn=91(like his name)

    Not sure if you know about Saturns Return, basically every 29.5 years Saturn returns to spot in the sky it was in when you were born. The effects hit you arpund 27-31. It is the true basis for the 27 Club. Harry Dies of his third return.
    Three Saturn Returns=222
    Cassinis Twenty Two Orbits of Saturn=222

    The oldest living human also died today at 117. This was her Fourth return. The 27 Club and Saturns Return is also the backdrop of IT as IT returns to Derry, Maine every 27 years.

    There is more involving Bill Paxton, but I’ve already blown yo shite up here!!

    Be good, my man!

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  2. ‘Callini Circus’ was on a poster in Trump’s favorite episode of Twilight Zone. It was on a fence as the protagonist was shot and killed and met his escort to hell.
    Callini Circus = 92, 133, 127.


  3. Looking at the 2 release dates of Alien until his death…

    U.S – 25/5/79
    = 1999 weeks / 38 yrs 3 mth 22 days

    U.K – 6/9/79
    = 1984 weeks / 13,888 days
    (excluding end dates)

    Alien = 216 in satanic had a duration of 117 mins…

    My mate asked me the question/out it out there… that following Harry and Jonny Hurt… maybe we should be looking at Tom Skerritt as the next to die??? As in the order of them dying in the film… had a quick look… his D.O.B was 25/8/33 and is now 84… his last film… Lucky… the same film that LOA pointed out HDS was in above…


  4. Was just checking a couple of sums in the gematrinator and stumbled upon…

    Twenty two divide by seven equals three point one four equals pi = 223 and 322…

    If you add a D onto the end of divide to the above we get a 227 in chaldean…


    Six times six times six = 322 or 314…


    Sum one through to thirty six equals six hundred sixty six = 314
    (add a) “and” for six hundred and sixty six = 227…


  5. No doubt that you’re probably already on it… but just incase… just seen on twitter that theres been an earthquake in Mexico City… 1st tweet points out that its hit on the anniversary of the 1985 quake… scrolling through a few of the tweets and as well as some amazing vids it also points out that not only did it hit 32 years later… but also 2 hours after a “earthquake drill” … 🤔


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