Twin Peaks Occult Symbolism

We’ve been watching the legendary cult classic series Twin Peaks by David Lynch and deciphering its heavy-duty high level occult symbolism and twilight language. Just in the pilot episode there’s over a dozen blatant references to the All-Seeing Eye (eyeball closeups and staging that blocks one eye), and there’s a lady with an eyepatch, an elite club called One Eyed Jacks, and a constant reminder that the Owls Are Not What They Seem. There’s also a secret society called the Bookhouse Boys, modelled off of Freemasonry, involving police officers and sworn to protect Twin Peaks from the ancient forces of evil that inhabit the woods.

If you haven’t seen it, the whole premise of Twin Peaks is: Who Killed Laura Palmer? And check out the almost perfect anagrams here:

  • TWIN PEAKS = 46/118/170/234/708/53. 
  • LAURA PALMER = 46/118/170/234/708/503.

Laura’s last day alive was February 23rd – the 223 we’re all well familiar with. The esoteric protagonist: FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper =223. The FBI’s name became effective on 3/22 and Twin Peaks is written & created by Mark Frost & David Lynch =223. Masonic =223. Fire Walk With Me =322. Double R =322, the name of the town diner.

There’s a secret society in the weird little town formed long ago to fight the forces of evil hiding in the woods. It’s called The Bookhouse Boys =227. Welcome to Twin Peaks =227. Peaks =227. Laura Palmer was born on 7/22 the Pi code (and died at the age of 17 years 7 months 2 days old). Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department =314. Sheriff Harry S Truman =1314. The FBI Agent stays across from room 314 so we see the number whenever his door opens (which seems to happen a lot).

  • And here’s the thing about that secret society name: Bookhouse =666. Agent Dale Cooper =666 (in Satanic Gematria). Twin Peaks The Return premiered on 5/21/17, a 666 similar span of 9906 days after the original premier on 4/8/90.
  • Bookhouse =111. Laura Palmer =111. Harry S Truman =1110. Federal Bureau of Investigation =111. Twins =111. The Owls Are Not What They Seem =111. The Roadhouse =1110. 

David Lynch =33. Mark Frost =33. Laura =33. Black Lodge =33. Chaos Magick =33. Windom =33/1033. Harry Truman =33/133 (named after the 33rd American president), the sheriff born on the 133rd day of 1950. Federal Bureau of Investigation =133. Government =133. The Roadhouse =133. Harry Stanton =133 who acted in the Twin Peaks reboot and died at the age of 33,300 days old.

Stanton wasn’t the only Twin Peaks actor to die in 2017, the year of Twin Peaks The Return. Miguel Ferrer, who plays FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield, passed away on 1/19, a span of 1 year 9 days after the death of David Bowie, who played an FBI Agent in the Twin Peaks movie. David Lynch & Mark Frost =119. Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department =119. Agent Cooper =119. Windom Earle =119. Saturn =119. All-Seeing Eye =119. Choronzon =119, “the dweller in the abyss” according to Thelema, a demon believed to be the last great obstacle between the adept and enlightenment. Aleister Crowley refers to Choronzon as 333, and the symbol of this major deity of chaos magick figures prominently in Twin Peaks.

Now I’m only midway through the second season at this point with the third season (that just released in 2017, twenty-five years later – as predicted in the original series) up next to reveal more mysteries. The show really does deserve some deep analysis as it’s a treasure trove of esoteric symbolism based on real-life occultism. The dark underbelly of the cheesy facade of the mainstream where elite secret societies are deeply entwined with the demonic. The show features blood sacrifices and possession, ritual magick and coded language. References to Project Bluebook, Saturn, Bohemian Grove, and Aleister Crowley’s Thelema. And of course the twin symbolism, the duality of opposing forces, which is said to be a precursor for magick. And I definitely hope to post a follow-up decipher on Twin Peaks as I journey deeper into its mythos.

7 thoughts on “Twin Peaks Occult Symbolism

  1. Nice work as usual BB… how’s G.B treating you??? Well I hope…

    Guessing that the house sitting has kept you pretty busy… been waiting for your “twins trick” from 19/9 plus earthquake and hurricane post… shall share some of what I found…

    Jake Lamotta = 33, 131,

    Died 3 mths 3 days after the “fight of the century” and the same day as the, (will come back to him soon)

    Earthquake = 137, 113, and 32 (on the 32nd anniversary of the the 85′ quake)

    Mexico = 33, 137,
    Mexico City Earthquake = 233, 323,

    Obviously lots of hurricanes too which you’ve covered in part Haarp = 137,

    Bernie Casey = 33, 137, also died (ex NFL actor/later movie actor) 3 mths 11 days after his last bday,

    Had the quickest of looks down his filmography and due to Roger Moore and other Bond related decodes we’ve done this year the film,

    James Bond Never say never again = 133, 314
    Never say never again = 133,

    From U.S release 7/10/83 to his 19/9/2017 death is,

    33 yrs 11 mth 11 days ex end dates,

    September = 113,
    September the nineteenth two thousand and seventeen = 223, 227,

    From U.K Bond release 15/12/83 to death hits 12,333 days,

    Jake = 137, known as The Raging Bull = 137, was obviously a great fighter back in the day,

    Had some nice looking dates for his many fights and some great stories from the little I saw,

    1st fight, 3/3/1941, was 76 yrs 6 mth 16 days from 19/9/2017,

    A fight with a certain Billy Fox = 33, certainly jumped off the page at me,

    Firstly because Fox is my favorite coded word… I’ve seen lots of times people say…

    reduced F =6 O =1+5 X =2+4 for a 666,

    But didn’t realise it also equals…

    18 which is 6+6+6, and
    36 which is 3 6’s (666) or 3×6=36 or sum 1 thru 36 equals 666, and
    666 itself in Eng Ext, but also
    216 which 6×6×6…

    Making the fact that Billy Fox also equals 666,

    Plus a note about this particular fight says that he threw it in order to gain favour with the Mafia and also to later set up his shot at becoming the

    Middle weight boxing championship = 311,

    The date of Lamotta v Fox = 113, 137, was on

    14/11/47 bringing a span to death of 69 yrs 10 mth 6 days,
    Or 3644 wks 4 days which looks like 36,444,

    Giacobbe Lamotta = 126, 621, had 106 fights,

    Giacobbe Jake Lamotta = 2160, 360, 63,

    Was born July Tenth = 33, 36, 63,
    July tenth nineteen twenty two = 444,
    (like duration from the Fox fight to death hidden in his DOB)

    Also died 36 yrs 9 mths from the U.S release of

    Raging Bull = 113, 313,

    And 36 yrs 10 mths 4 days from its NYC premiere,

    Was based on his memoirs called,

    Raging Bull My Story = 63,

    He was also known as The Bronx Bull = 63,

    Another fight which jumped out as it was bottom of the list of pro boxing but then he has another list for after he became champ and was fighting under the NBA (national boxing association)

    Was the middle weight champion title = 223, he won against a

    Marcel Cerdan = 36, 137, 227, 322,

    Cerdan = 36, 133, just happened to die during a plane crash on the flight back to the U.S for the rematch…

    A span of 133 days or 4 mths 13 days after the

    16/6/1949 fight and 68 yrs 3 mths 3 days before Lamotta = 44 would die on its flipped 19/9,

    The flight was the Air France Lockheed Constelation on 28/10/49,

    It crashed somewhere called,

    Pico da Vara = 63, 440, on
    Sao Miguel Island = 33, 612,

    Not forgetting the weather and such,

    Hurricanes = 33, 126,
    Hurricane Irma + Maria = 126, 144,
    Earthquake = 44,
    Mexico = 216,
    Mexico City = 36, 126, 144,
    Haarp = 44,

    Brings me nicely onto Jake(s) = 36, 126, last fight

    14/4/54… a span of 63 yrs 5 mths 5 days from his death,

    Or better still…

    33,363,360 mins / 3309 wks 6 days, 3310 wks,

    Fight was against a Billy Kilgore = 33, 137, 1122, 187 and 106 (like Lamottas amount of fights)

    And last but not least how could I not touch on,

    Robert Anthony Deniro = 1440, 1144,

    Lamotta died 33 days after his last bday and 333 days before his next or 10 mths 30 days…

    And Martin Scorsese = 113, 413,

    10 mths 3 days from last bday, 1 mth 30 days or 1440 hrs until next…

    Raging Bull = 44 was named 24th greatest American film in 98′ the same year that both of Lamotta sons “died” the 2nd of which…

    Joseph was on Swiss Air flight 111 that suposedly crashed on the hilarious co-ordinates of 44°N 63°W,

    On the 2/9/1998, a span of 994 wks or 19 yrs 18 days…

    The plane almost certainly touched down at a secret base and the passengers shipped off with new identities / jobs / missions…

    Destination of flight was Geneva and as this is massive already… will give a brief summary of the planes other “notable passengers”

    A Saudi Prince,

    A cardio geneticist research prof worked for W.H.O,

    Someone called Klaus Kinder-Geiger worked on some heavy ion collider, (like CERN type stuff)

    A U.N director on a “special mission” from Kofi Annan to D.R of Congo,

    Johnathan Mann former head of W.H.O aids program plus his aids researcher wife,

    A Italian Uni Prof of pharmacology,

    A physicist working at Brookhaven National Lab,

    A NY Times exec plus wife,

    And definately last but not least…

    Larry J Hopcraft plus his wife… and get this…

    He was the president of the climate and industrial controls group…

    His company, Parker Hannifin Corp…

    The company slogan…

    Parker, Engineering Your Success…

    One of the largest companies in the world in Motion Control Tech, Inc Aerospace, Climate Control, Electromechanical, Filtration, Fluid and Gas Handling, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Process Control and Sealing and Shielding…

    Their words not mine… company was founded 100 yrs ago in 1917…

    Named 230 of fortune 500 in 2016 and wiki has a total equity in 2012 of 6.66 billion… obviously… 😉


  2. Im surprised you didnt include the alarm clock scene ….it was not only orange but the time on it is 2:23

    Its the episode towards the end when the two casino owners are plotting coopers demise over cereal

    Im of course referring to the new one

    Yes Lauras last day of life is 2/23 but the last episode put them a day before everything ….they ended up back in 2/23 imho whenhe went to the hotel with diane it was feb 24…..when he awoke to find she wasnt there….it was 2/23

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