HAARP Storms & Raging Bulls

September has been a doozy for weather warfare, hasn’t it. Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Jose. Hurricane Maria. The Central Mexico Earthquake. The Leeward Islands (those of the north-eastern Caribbean) got Fucked, with three major hurricanes in two weeks running absolute rampage – and Puerto Rico experiencing the most intense hurricane to hit the territory in recorded history, with all of Puerto Rico without power, maybe for months, in what is described as an apocalyptic scene. (Apocalypse, again, meaning the Unveiling). And sorry about the delay in posts! I been hiking all over Wales.

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program =227. Weaponizing Weather =1314. Tropical Cyclone =1314. The Central Mexico Earthquake struck at 13:14 CDT. The quake occurred on the 32nd anniversary of the 1985 Mexico City Earthquake, which killed about 10,000 people, commemorated with a national earthquake drill at 11 a.m. local time, two hours before this earthquake struck.

  • Exactly 32 years later. Earthquake =32. Big One =32. DARPA =32. Leeward =32. Geoengineered =302. Weather Warfare =302. Hurricane Harvey + Hurricane Irma + Hurricane Jose + Hurricane Maria =302. Harvey + Irma + Jose + Maria =302. The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program =2030. The death toll the day after the quake was 230 souls. LaMotta =302. Giacobbe Jake LaMotta =302. 

Jake =42 LaMotta =24, the boxer known as Raging Bull =204, passed away on 19 September 2017, the same day as the Central Mexico Earthquake. Excluding end date, LaMotta ironically died 24 days after Extra-Capsa deciphered him as another example of how commonly 24/42 is coded into professional boxing (read it here). That’s also 24 days after the McGregor-Mayweather fight, which was heavy in 24/42. Maria =24/42. Harvey =24/1204. The story of Giacobbe LaMotta =204 was made into a movie starring Deniro =24. The film also portrays Sugar Ray Robinson =240/224. Robinson =24 died on 12/4. Weather Warfare =204. DARPA =240. HAARP =24. Ionosphere =124. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 8.15.35 PM.png

LaMotta was the fifth professional boxer to die this September. On the 13th was the death of David Bey =124/24/42 who died in a construction accident, hit by a Steel Sheet =42. On the 8th was the death of A Joseph DeNucci =142. On the 6th was the death of Raul Castaneda =42 shot dead in an ambush and on the 3rd was the death of Sugar Ramos =42. And again, the major coding in boxing is 24/42. And if you exclude start & end points, Bey was born 60 years 6 months 6 days before the death of LaMotta.

And i’ll try and keep up with more posts here Truth-Sleuths, what should I investigate??

16 thoughts on “HAARP Storms & Raging Bulls

    • Just a heads up. I think Weatherwar101 is actually a shill. WW101 is leaving out critical information about the specific timings of chemtrail aerosol spraying and other critical things. He is either disinfo or misdirection at best. Take WW101 with a grain of salt. WW101 is very skilled and shows all the signs of an agent.

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  1. As you’re in Wales… are you anywhere near…


    And would you adam and eve it???

    That absolutely ridiculous town name equals 322… 😂


  2. As you are putting requests out there… have you ever done a decode on James Joseph Gandolfini = 223, James Gandolfini = 227, 51, and his death 19/6/2013, aged 51, The Sopranos = 51, he died exactly 6 months after playing C.I.A director in Zero Dark Thirty = 2277… and that’s all I’ve looked at… you always find better connections than moi… 😉


    • Just seen his last film The Drop (drop = 51) was released posthumously…

      1 yr 2 mths 23 days, ex end dates…

      Last before his death…

      Enough Said = 113 was released on his bday after his death 13 wks 1 day later…


  3. Good day to ye
    Mountain Brother.
    It’s the Scotsman here.
    You mentioning being in Wales (a Celtic nation) prompted this request that you look into the epic rivalry between Celtic FC and Glasgow Rangers. There’s the openly flaunted link between Rangers and the Masonic Brotherhood. Of course, ultimately it’s the same powerful elite running both teams from behind the scenes. Even as a fan I know Scottish football is rigged by the numbers just like all the other televised sports. Thanks in advance for any insights you publish or send to ajayanderson@hotmail.com.
    Happy trails my man!


  4. I hope you are enjoying Wales! About the names of these hurricanes, I read somewhere recently that there’s a movie (released 2003 or 2004) called The Day After Tomorrow, apparently there are 3 hurricanes in it and guess what their names are…? Irma, Harvey and the other one. I don’t watch TV or disaster movies, hate them, but can anyone verify if this true? I did miss your posts Brother Berg, thanks for all that you do.


  5. 32 years ago: Mike Tyson’s (born 6-30-1966) first professional win 3/6/85. Puerto Rican Mercedes knocked out first round. (etymology Mercedes: Maria de las Mercedes/ Mary of the Mercies.)

    “The War” fight on 4-15-85. Marvin Hagler (anagrams: Irma, Maria, Harvie..!) retains position. Third round knockout.

    Old German etymology “Irma”: War Goddess.
    “Harvey” etymology: Battle Worthy.

    Maria landfall 9-19: Dominica. Irma landfall 9-6: Barbuda. Mexican earthquake: 9-19.
    Tyson fight to 9-11-17 = 1696w 6d span.
    FEMA Chief Brock Long was exactly 15,488d on 9-10-17. (15488th prime: 169909.)

    The Simpson’s episode “Hurricane” aired on 12-29-1996, when Florida Governor Scott was exactly 16,099 days old.

    Arch of Bel unveiling NYC: 9-19-16.


  6. Brother Berg, Waaaaaayyyy off topic I know, apologies, but is there any chance that you might look into the case of the missing British child Madeleine Beth McCann? It’s a case that has fascinated me for years and I’ve researched it a lot. It is my opinion that she is sadly deceased and her parents know what happened to her. I hope you don’t mind me posting this here. Best wishes.


  7. BBerg, have you heard of ACChain? It was born 5-23-2017 and is creating waves of unease among many (Lynette Zang, at IMT Trading, was the alarm sounder). “Join ACChain. org become super node,” on utube, is ACC’s sinister visual intro how “the tool of asset digitalization is opening the door of new world.” I noticed at 1:13 “AI” is illumined as a metallic-E.T.-like hand touches ‘ACCHAIN. org’ within a circle. At 0:35-37 we’re shown this: “Blockchain. The devil uses it to destroy the world…..the god uses it to benefit of mankind.” It is based in Asia: some errors in translation.


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