Las Vegas Massacre Part II

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The Mandalay Bay Sniper is being associated with the Texas Tower Sniper, who climbed a clock tower at the University of Texas at Austin on 1 August 1966 and killed seventeen people. The events happened exactly 2670 weeks apart. Stephen Craig Paddock =267. Antifa =267. My notes on this number show that the CIA was formed exactly 267 weeks after the formation of its precursor, the Office of Strategic Services =267. Apollo 11 also landed on the moon 2067 days after the assassination of JFK. This October 28th, Donald Trump will be 26,070 days old.

We also need to discuss the importance of the 32nd floor in room 132. Paddock =132. Jason Aldean =132. Brian Sandoval =132. Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor =132/320. IHS =32. Route 91 Harvest =1032. Steve Paddock =1032. Benjamin Hoskins Paddock =1302. That’s Paddock’s father, a bank robber who made the FBI’s most-wanted list in 1969 after escaping from federal prison. The shooting happened exactly 132 weeks after Jason Aldean’s last wedding, which happened the day of the Brussels Bombing, and 132 days after the Manchester Attack.

  • The shooting happened exactly 90 years 11 months after the birth of father Ben Paddock; and what’s craziest about this 9-1-1 is it’s equivalent to exactly 1091 months. Lone Wolf =1091. Domestic Terrorist =191. Mandalay Bay Hotel =191. Mass Shooting =191. It happened 191 days before the birthday of Stephen Paddock =191 on the Thirty-Second Floor =91 with 91 days remaining in the year at the Route 91 festival at Las Vegas Village =91. Lone Wolf Terrorist =91. 
  • Lombardo =19. Burma =19/109. Mandalay Bay is named after the former capital of Burma, aka Myanmar (despite there being no actual bay in the city), which has been all over the news this past month for the Rohingya Refugee Crisis =119. Rohingya =91.

911 is the 156th prime number. False Flag =156. Steve Paddock =156. Benjamin Hoskins Paddock =1156. Paradise Nevada =156. Music Festival =156. Las Vegas Village =1506. Aldean had just began playing his song When She Says Baby =1056 when the shooting broke out. It happened 1056 days after the premier of American Sniper and exactly 56 years after the formation of the DIA =56 (Defense Intelligence Agency), America’s first centralized military espionage organization. Theresa May =56 was born in ’56 and celebrated her birthday at the same time as the shooting.

What’s with the only picture of this dude with his eyes closed?! Some eyes wide shut shit right there. And this pic of the dude covering his girl’s one eye is a new variation on the obligatory all-seeing eye symbol – as we showed the loose shoes in the last post. 

They’ve settled on 59 deaths excluding the shooter. Las Vegas =59. Las Vegas Strip =59. Mandalay Bay Hotel =159. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department =159. Music Festival =159. Mass Shooting =159. United States Defense Intelligence Agency =159. October First Twenty Seventeen =159. Lombardo =159. When She Says Baby =59. Kill =59. Live Nation =59. Aldean born on the 59th day of the year and the shooting happened exactly 59 years after NASA went operational.

  • Route Ninety-One Harvest =1028. Like the 10/28 date we identified with Trump. It happened exactly 1028 weeks after the death of Ben Paddock =28. Stephen Paddock =280. Jason Aldean =28 born as Jason Aldine Williams =280. When She Says Baby =28. Joseph Michael Lombardo =208. Mike Cronk =28, is the new Robbie Parker, with this ridiculous interview where he couldn’t stop smiling about his buddy shot three times in the chest who’s just fine.
  • Sheriff Lombardo was 20,051 days old for the incident in Las Vegas Village =251. Stephen Craig Paddock =251. Music Festival =1152. It happened exactly 25 weeks after Paddock’s birthday and 250 weeks after Sandy Hook.

Back to the Myanmar connection, the nation’s latest constitution was enacted on 3/30/11, which will be 6 years 6 months 6 days later on 10/5. The day before the shooting, Sheriff Lombardo was in office for 999 days. Antifa =666. October =666. Concert =666. 

The interview with Paddock’s brother is pretty crazy; the new Dr Wayne Carver, telling us about Stephen’s love for burritos. Then there’s the hispanic couple frantically warning people that they’re all gonna die, 45 minutes before the shooting, before being escorted out by security. And there’s the muzzle flashes from a window nearer the ground, fourth or six floor, visible from multiple amateur footages and directly conflicting the lone wolf on the 32nd floor. And a stand-out final line from the Wikipedia page: “Stock prices of firearms manufacturers rose the day after the mass shooting.” As they always do after these events, firearm manufacturing one of the only remaining industries in America.

I’m looking forward to someone discovering the predictive programming in a movie where someone was shooting out of a window into a crowd. It’s gotta be out there, and it’ll almost assuredly synch up duration-wise with more than one of the numbers we’ve covered in this two-part decipher. And awesome job on all the truth-sleuths contributing their finds! It’s an honour to facilitate a positive environment here, where everyone is helpful and supportive. Especially when other sources out there fuel such negativity and hatred. And for those who know what I’m talking about, I’d just like to say that along my world travels some of the most switched-on & aware truth sleuths I’ve ever met are from France. So, much love to the French, and the whole damn world – which is a mirror. And guess what: we get what we give.

4 thoughts on “Las Vegas Massacre Part II

  1. Top stuff brother…

    Also the voice recording of the police breaking into the room was also pittyfully poor… and as for that girl who saw the asian woman say everyone was going to die tonight… she was stood outside a harley davidson shop as pointed out over on zachs blog… like the HD tshirt man on 911 explaining how the towers fell due to jet fuel melting the steel beams mins after the event… anyway a couple of hours later they say they’ve found the woman in question who was splashed all over the tv as being an accomplace and maybe armed dangerous and driving about in a SUV… but she was out of the country and not involved??? So there was 2 asian women??? One which he stole or used her I.D or C.C’s and another who fancied warning some teenager actress she got in an arguement with of the impending doom they all faced mins before it happened…

    Like you said… lots of flaws and holes… and far too many numbers… plus a “active shooter drill” being held in L.V on the friday before… same old, same old…


  2. As for the Pred Prog for this event…

    I can’t take credit for the connection but seen it said and it premiered over here on Sky Movies a couple of days before… the movie…

    The Accountant = 71, 171
    Accountant = 32, 223, 112,

    Fits pretty well… Affleck = 71 plays an accountant a millionaire good at shooting…

    Ben Affleck = 119, 91,

    The film released 10/10/2016 in China and 14/10/2016 U.S…

    For those durations its take your pick (inc end dates and excluding and so on)

    11 mths 22 days (China)

    (which is Jeff Lynn’s bday for the Tom Petty stuff)

    But you can also hit…

    11 mths 17 days… 16 or 18 or 19 days…

    So the film dates alone look nice for the 10/10/16 film and the 1/10/17 or 10/1/17 in U.S “attack”…

    S C Paddock (Stephen Craig) = 110 and 101 or another 36…

    We’re told was also a millionaire accountant…


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