Las Vegas Strip Shooting PsyOp

The deadliest shooting in US history happened on the Las Vegas Strip on 1 October 2017 when a gunman located on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel opened fire into the crowd of a Jason Aldean concert across the street, killing at least 59 people and injuring over 500. We talk about these events being ritual sacrifices to Saturn, the god of agriculture, and here’s a slaughter at a country music festival named Harvest. The shooter’s surname is Paddock, the word for a livestock enclosure, which is what the crowd was symbolically reduced to as the dance floor became an abattoir. Paddock was a retired accountant who became a multi-millionaire through real estate investments, reminding us of a certain game show host president.

It happened at the fourth-annual Route 91 Harvest country music festival, so we’d expect the number 91 to play a role. Indeed it happened with 91 days remaining in the year. Lone Wolf =1091. The shooter was Stephen Paddock =191 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel =191. Mass Shooting =191. It happened 191 days after the last shooting on the Vegas Strip killed one injured one and 191 days before Paddock’s birthday. Jason Aldean =190. October First =190. Music =91. Deception =91. PsyOp =91. Masonic Ritual Murders =91. Lone Wolf Terrorist =91. CIA =91. Playboy =191. Hugh Marston Hefner =191. Hugh =19 Hefner was 91 when he died and shares a birthday with Stephen Paddock =191. 

Hugh Hefner & Stephen Paddock were born on April 9th, exactly 27 years apart. What I find notable here is Hefner born in ’26 and Paddock in ’53, as Queen Elizabeth was born in ’26 and was coronated in ’53. Paddock =27. Mandalay Bay =27. The Jesuits =1207/ 270 were founded on the 27th day of September, their logo IHS =27. Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Las Vegas =207. Luxor =27/270. It happened 27 weeks before Paddock’s birthday.

  • Stephen Craig Paddock =109 is from the town of Mesquite =109. Psychological Warfare =109. Saturn =119. Harvest =119. Agriculture =119. It happened on numerology of (1+1+17)=19 in Paradise Nevada =119 exactly 19 weeks after the Manchester Attack and 1 year 10 months 19 days after the Paris Attacks (also with a staged shooting on the dancefloor); the cops recovered 19 firearms in Paddock’s home. Aldean has 19 number 1 hits (sure to be his 20th written about the incident). Freemason =191. House of Windsor =191. The British Crown =191. Elizabeth II =191 and she’s 91. Queen =19/91. Society of Jesus =191. Aka the Jesuit Order.

191 is the 43rd prime number and Mandalay Bay has 43 stories, perfectly designed to its gematria. Las Vegas Nevada =43. Las Vegas Strip =43. The Luxor =403. Elizabeth =403/43. Massacre =43. Aldean earns $43 million per year. The Grim Reaper =143. October First =143. October First Two Thousand Seventeen =143. The Worst Mass Shooting in US History =143. It happened 33,400 days after the birth of Queen Elizabeth and 3044 days after the Crash of Flight 447. Stephen Craig Paddock =334. The sheriff Joe Lombardo =43 assumed office exactly 143 weeks before the shooting.

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 10.28.17 AM.png

The Jesuits celebrated their 477th birthday on 9/28. Ritual Sacrifice =477. This new deadliest US shooting happened 4470 days after the 7/7 London Bombing and 477 days after the last deadliest US shooting, at the Pulse Club in Orlando – Paddock’s home town. On October 4th, Jason Aldean will be 40 years 7 months 7 days old. It happened across from the Luxor, the pyramid-shaped hotel with 4,047 rooms during Queen Elizabeth’s 4771st week of being alive. The 447 reminds me of Air France Flight 447 that crashed in the Atlantic between Rio & Paris.

  • Las Vegas Nevada =47/1470. Mandalay Bay Hotel =147. Route Ninety-One =74. Las Vegas Strip =74. Stephen Craig Paddock =74. Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Las Vegas =714. Paradise Nevada =741/47. Saturn =741. Grim Reaper =407. Joe Lombardo =47. October First Twenty Seventeen =470/147. October =74. October First =174. The shooting happened 7 months 4 days after Aldean’s birthday and his latest album is titled They Don’t Know =174. Paddock was born 7 weeks 4 days before the coronation of Elizabeth II =74. Queen Elizabeth =174. Queen Elizabeth II =174. The shooting happened 174 days after the birthday of Stephen Craig Paddock =1074. 

The 47th prime is 211. Las Vegas Nevada =211. Las Vegas Strip Shooting =211. Mass Shooting =211. Music Festival =211. Jason Aldine Williams =211. Route Ninety-One Harvest =112. Abattoir =112. Queen Elizabeth the Second Queen By the Grace of God Queen of This Realm and Territories Head of the Commonwealth Defender of the Faith =1120 and she was married on 11/20. The 1120th prime number is 9011.

This staged event at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Las Vegas =162 happened 16 years 20 days after 9/11/01. Jason Aldean They Don’t Know =1620. Grim Reaper =162. Joe Lombardo =162. Paddock =162. Stephen Paddock =62. Route Ninety-One =62. October First =62. The Jesuits =62. Queen =62 who was coronated on 6/2. 

  • It was the deadliest shooting since the Pulse Massacre in Orlando on 6/12/16, which was exactly 68 weeks earlier. Route Ninety-One =1068. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department =1680. The Jesuits =168. Las Vegas Strip =168. They Don’t Know =168. Paddock =68. It happened 6 months 8 days after the last Vegas Strip shooting and 6 months 8 days before Paddock’s birthday.

We’ve been showing how important 117 is, especially with the Barcelona Attack that happened in the 1,107th minute a span of 117 hours after the Charlottesville Attack, 11,107 days after the last Barcelona terror attack, and exactly 701 weeks after the Madrid Bombing. And now this one in Las Vegas Nevada =117 on 1/10/17, which is 1 year 10 months 17 days after the Paris Attacks, if we exclude end date. Paddock =107. IHS =107. Mandalay Bay’s second tower has 1117 suites. Coronation =117. Royal Family =1017. Monarch =117. England =117. Invictus =117. Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor =117 which was an occult secret society that predated OTO and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

There’s obviously lots more here so we’ll be doing some follow-up reports. I haven’t even watched any video yet as I’d been on a road trip across the UK. Some people who say most of these staged shootings are hoaxes are saying this one actually happened as a false flag with multiple snipers, and a friend of a friend was there and running away beside a lady who got dropped. But when I look at the images I see a lot of the trademarks of a staged event, like the conflicting body language of someone in the focal acting terrified while people in the background are totally nonchalant. What do you reckon?

21 thoughts on “Las Vegas Strip Shooting PsyOp

  1. 93 weeks from the last Vegas(Paris) car ramming hoax.
    I also heard some pretty credible information coming from the concert.
    I’ll just say what it looks like to me at this moment, which could change with more information of course. It seems to be a staged event with crisis actors and visible rifles high up in the building to distract from real snipers that were lower, skillfully murdering people.

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  2. ‘Stephen Craig Paddock’ has a reverse full reduction of 100/1. 100:

    Number individualizing the part of a whole, which is itself only the part of a greater totality.

    Symbolism of the martyrdom, according to saint Augustin.

    It is the part of the part, the microcosm of the macrocosm, according to R. Allendy. It is also the individuality of the microcosm.

    This number corresponds to the Hebraic letter “qoph”, and to the nineteenth mystery of the Tarot: the Sun, symbol of individuality.

    In the Christian literature, the number 100 appears as symbol of the celestial beatitude.


  3. B,Berg,
    They have been running stories for well over the last month regarding the Myanmar (Burma) internal conflict. The capital city of Burma used to be Mandalay.
    Now we get this shooting from the Mandalay bay hotel. The hotel was named after Mandalay in Myanmar (Burma).
    Mandalay has royal connections and the song / movie ‘the road to Mandalay’ springs to mind, as well as the Rudyard Kipling poem ‘Mandalay’.

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  4. First thing I see the picture you have posted of the boots. That’s too funny, here we go again…Now I will go and read your blog. Just wanted to share my initial laugh. Thanks.


  5. Now that I read it I will put my 2 cents in, it has ALL the markings of a hoax, same shit different day. You did a great breakdown, thanks. Interesting that the singer (who I have never heard of, lol) has an October 4th birthday and I heard on CBC Trump is planning to go to Vegas on the 4th… 10-4 over and out..Sukkot begins sundown on the 4th too.


  6. Excellent stuff as always BB…

    I watched everything I could find on twitter while it was happening and for 59 dead 500+ injured… I saw one possible dead body with someone crying over them with blood on her legs and one picture of a pool of blood with people stood around it… I’m not saying nobody died and have seen you and zach have heard from people that were there… but I tend to think more along the lines of some well spread out crisis actors sat ready to splat themselves with blood or already made up in make up and to me what sounded like machine gun fire played over some speakers… the first lot/clip goes off and although you still hear the music playing, everyone in the crowd decends into silence… not a single cry of pain or scream of… ohhh shit that persons head just got splatted all over me and anyone else standing nearby… it was silent… then the 2nd clip… singers run off stage as they switch the stage lights and music off… it’s then that the heard mentality like we saw at the Manchester concert kicks in… some people start to run lots of others hit the floor and duck for cover lots of screaming because they hear the gun going off…

    The next day and we see 2 windows are smashed/shot out and looking back at every video I’ve seen I’ve not seen a single flash coming from where they would’ve been… it’s night time… surely we would see something???

    Then there was the crisis actors interviewed by the news… same old duping delight in all of them… giving off strange details like one guy was the 1st I saw… was saying how un-american this all was and how these things don’t happen in america… and the best bit… when asked if he saw many casualties or injured… says… “look basically I’m naked” (he was shirtless at best) “and thats because everyone I walked past I stopped and covered up their face or wounds with a piece of my clothing about 6 or 7 people”…

    LOL how many tops did this guy have on??? 😂 ohhhhh and not a sign of blood on him or his hands but he just helped loads of wounded and covered the dead…

    There was plenty of other shady type stories and performances to gleam through though… and all that’s before we start taking things like dates or gematria or the massive fire truck 33 they kept having to show parked out front in about 3 different still pics they kept popping up on CNN and all the great stuff you’ve just connected to it…

    Obviously thought I would just babble on in this post and not over fill it with lots more numbers…

    And congrats to LD for ‘beating me to comment’ hahahaa 😉

    BB I’m sure you’re already deep into your Tom Petty findings… which funnily enough I predicted to a my mate back in June that he or Stevie Nicks or Jeff Lynne were maybe primed to go this year… I only looked into them as his mum was going to watch Tom and Stevie in a concert in hyde park London on the 9th July and he asked me to check out the numbers on it as it was after grenfell and manchester and westminster attacks… I came up with alsorts back then linking to 79’s and 97’s as well as the usual 33’s 36’s 66’s 69’s……. and so on…
    Without listing all I saw… after seeing that Tom was 33 in 84′ and 66 now and Stevie and Jeff were 36 in 84′ and 69 now… I said them 2 would probably be due to cancer for the 69’s… then I dipped a leg down their rabbit holes and histories with loads of 322’s 119’s and on and on the usual to be found everywhere… as to be expected though I suppose… I didn’t actually expect one to drop dead 2 mths 23 days after said concert though…

    BB what’s your thoughts on maybe due to my mate asking and then me decoding… have we killed Tom Petty??? Like something out of a Phillip K Dick style plot where I’ve sub-consciously co-created his death??? 🤔😉😂


    • Ohhh… and to add to the vegas shooting… all the while those rounds were going off one lot after the other… not only were there zero flashes from the windows… where was any footage of anything getting shot up??? Like the ground or trailers or tents / stage / buildings… all you hear is lots of bullets… I’d expect like in the movies to at some point in all the footage to see a trail of bullets one after the other hitting some shit maybe a spark or two… or one or two of these high powered bullets exploding in the dirt and kicking up dust or pavement… like the sparks we saw at the texas cop shooting last year… I also think that if you sat and counted how many shots went off that you’d stuggle to count 560 rounds… I’m not american therefore know little to nothing about guns other than playing C.O.D back in the day… how many rounds does a clip for one of these guns hold??? And how many lots of clips do we hear???

      Again… I could be wrong as I wasn’t there… if people are dead then I’ll lean towards some shit like a small black ops team probably killed old Paddock in his room then used him as their patsy / fall guy… I wouldn’t put it past the gov to take out anyone or any amount of people in any fashion… there’s already loads about on twitter about so called ISIS putting stuff out on the web saying that he took up Islam a few months ago and done it for allah which the mainstream media were quick to try to play down and not repeat so much… which again leads me to lean back towards it being all out b.s…


  7. You’ve cut to the chase again, BBerg. Interesting bit about Paddock/ livestock enclosure. Hefner/ Heifer/ bloody cowboys. One of the original twin Obelisks of Luxor was shipped to Paris (1832-33). It arrived in France, May 10,1933. (92y 11m 11d before Queen’s birth.)
    It was erected 10/25 (11m 6d to 10/1), in the center of Place de la Concorde, which is in perfect alignment with the Arc de Triomphe.

    Earlier in 1789, this square was renamed Place de la Revolution, and a guillotine was erected and more than 1,300 were beheaded in public executions. “It’s said that the scent of blood was so strong here that a herd of cattle once refused to cross the grounds.” (

    On 1-21-1793, Louis XVI was executed by guillotine on this spot.
    1/21 to 10/1 = a span of 8m 11d. (Trump was 8m 11d into his term on 10/1.)
    Ninety One Harvest = 88.

    Remember BTTF’s “Pleasure Paradise Casino” (Biff/Trump character)?
    Las Vegas Obelisk = 1100 (J). Pleasure Paradise Casino = 1001 (satanic).

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  8. Anyone saying people actually died in this are liars and should not be trusted ever again. It’s alarming how many so-called truthseekers are spreading disinfo.


  9. Regarding 71’s and royals and the like…

    His dad who you mentioned in part 2… just noticed they both have a wiki page now… as you’ve obviously seen…

    Dad’s D.O.B is 1st/11 nov 26′ like the queen born that year on 111th day…

    And he was one of the longest to be on the FBI list…
    from 6/10/1969 to 5/5/1977…

    He died 18/1/1998… aged 71 yrs 2 mths 17 days…

    Or 26,011 days old… almost like his 1/11/26 bday…


  10. also no civilian could shoot a gun like the sound effect of the gun they used on the news. That was an automatic rifle suppressed/with silencer and with a military level of precision…or just a ratatatatat of a sound effect with some people shot by the CIA afterwards…. I think some people MAY have died in this one.


  11. I found a ton of 33’s/11’s through Stephen Craig Paddocks name (just from adding up the numbers correlating to each letter).
    STEPHEN = 87 = 15 = 6 OR [333].
    CRAIG = 38 = [11].
    PADDOCK = 54 = 9 or [333].
    STEPHEN CRAIG PADDOCK = [33 11 333].

    COORDINATES OF THE SHOOTING: 36°5′42″N; 115°10′18″W
    36°5′42″N = (36+5+42) = 83 or [11]
    115°10′18″W = (115+10+18) = [143]

    10/1/2017 = 10+1+2+1+7 = 20 or [11]
    43 floors in Mandalay, 32nd floor Shooter: 43-32 = [11]
    HARVEST = 8+1+18+22+5+19+20 = 93 = 12 or 3 [111]

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  12. ok so i’m freaking out because i’m halfway through watching the Blacklist (S2E4) “Linus Creel”, and at 15:00, they get to the front door of a guy called “The Polyglot” who can help them discern redacted government BlackOps documents regarding why innocent non-offending civilians are suddenly committing violent crimes out of nowhere.

    When they get to his door, the Polyglot is mad at Raymond Reddington for causing him to lose thousands while gambling together in VEGAS. The Polyglot then says, “I still don’t know how I ended up in MESQUITE”.

    But The Polyglot is the only person who can help FBI figure out why regular people are committing violent crimes.

    Please watch this episode (its on Netflix) and tell me what you think..


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