Vegas Hoax: Predictive Programming

Stephen Paddock, the patsy from the Las Vegas Strip hoax, was an accountant with more of an affinity for numbers than people. In the film The Accountant, Ben Affleck plays a mathematics savant with more of an affinity for numbers than people: using a small-town CPA office as a cover, Christian Wolff (aka The Accountant) makes his living as a freelance accountant for dangerous criminal organizations. And they’re both apparently crack shots, like the victim who according to his buddy Mike Cronk got hit three times in the chest with an automatic rifle and cried out, “I’m hit!” but is totally fine.

The Accountant released 11 months 17 days before this event in Las Vegas Nevada =117 on the date of 10/1/17 which is 1 year 10 months 17 days after the Paris Attacks, which also involved a dance floor torn up by firecrackers. Sin City =117. 

  • Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor =117. Central Intelligence Agency =117. The Government =1170. Government Sponsored Hoax =117. Fake Terror =117. Psychological Operations =117. Queen Mary =117 died on 11/17 (in 1558) and 1 month 17 days after the fifth anniversary of her coronation, as we’ll explain momentarily. #VegasStrong =1170. 

Ben Affleck =117. Ben Paddock =117. Stephen Craig Paddock =171. Christian Wolff =171. The Accountant =71. Affleck =71. Steve Paddock =71. Mandalay =71. The Vegas event happened 1 month 17 days after Affleck’s birthday. Bag of Bones =170. 

A buddy pointed out a connection with Mandalay to the term Manderley, which is the fictional estate and central part of Daphne du Maurier’s 1938 novel Rebecca – voted just this year as the UK’s favourite book of the past 225 years. (Spoiler Alert: the Manderley burns down in the end). Rebecca was remade by Stephen King as Bag of Bones, in which he references Manderley. Excluding start & end points, Stephen Paddock =199 was born on the 99th day on numerology of (9+4+53)=66 and was 16,600 days old when Bag of Bones published, 19 years 9 days before the Las Vegas Massacre =990. Mass Shooting =990. Mandalay Bay =99. Sin City =99. Rebecca =99. The hotel was built by Circus Circus Enterprises =1099 aka Mandalay Resort Group =99/66 now owned by MGM Resorts =66. Route 91 Harvest =166. Grim Reaper =660. Joe Lombardo =660. Mass Shooting =66. Music Festival =66. Jason Aldean =66. Stephen Paddock =66. Mandalay Bay Hotel opened 969 weeks before the shooting. #VegasStrong =199/66. It happened 990 days after the release of American Sniper. 

  • And if we include the end date the Vegas Shooting happened 19 years 10 days after the Bag of Bones, for yet another 191. Mandalay Bay Hotel =191. Remember it happenened 191 days before the birthday of Stephen Paddock =191 and exactly 1091 months after the birth of his bank robber father.
  • Bag of Bones =184. The paperback released exactly 18 years 4 months before  The Worst Mass Shooting in US History =184. Las Vegas Strip =84. Mandalay Bay Hotel =84. Paddock =84. Music Festival =84. Paradise Nevada =84. Las Vegas NV =84. Las Vegas Massacre =84. Mandalay Resort Group =84. Jesuit =84. Queen Elizabeth II =84. Elizabeth II =184. #VegasStrong =84. 

Bag of Bones was done as a TV mini-series that aired 12/11/11, a span of exactly 303 weeks before the incident at Mandalay Bay with the pyramid of Luxor watching all. Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor =303. Saturn =303. Jesuit =33. Jason Aldean =33. Las Vegas =33. Las Vegas Strip =333. Las Vegas Nevada =133. October First Twenty Seventeen =3300. 

There’s also an avant-garde Danish film called Manderlay that explores racial inequality through eight chapters: the seventh called HARVEST. Like Route 91 Harvest, with the Saturn sacrifice symbolism we’ve covered previously. The film premiered at Cannes exactly 646 weeks before this event, The Worst Mass Shooting in US History =646/464. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas =1464. It also happened exactly 464 years after the coronation of Queen Mary I of England, speaking about coronations. Bloody Mary was succeeded by Elizabeth the First, for another connection there.

  • Manderlay =150. #VegasStrong =150. Las Vegas Strip =150. Route 91 Harvest =150. October First =150. Queen Elizabeth =150. They Don’t Know =150. It happened in Sin City EXACTLY 150 months after the 2005 release of Sin City. 
  • 150 months is exactly 12 years 6 months. Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Las Vegas =126. Las Vegas Village =1126. Joseph Michael Lombardo =1126. Paddock’s father was born on 11/1/26 and died age 26,011 days old. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas =260. The sequel to Sin City released 162 weeks before the staged massacre that also came 16 years 20 days after 9/11/01. The TV series Las Vegas was filmed at Mandalay Bay and premiered exactly five years after Bag of Bones published, or exactly 261 weeks. 

It happened on 10/1 a span of 1010 weeks after the release of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Paradise Nevada =1001. Antifa =101. Elizabeth II =101. Jesuit =110. MGM Resorts International =110. Joe Lombardo =110, the sheriff, took office 1001 days before the shooting hoax that the local police helped stage, though the orchestration would have come from way higher up.

Rebecca =222. Stephen King’s Bag of Bones =222. Jason Aldine Williams =202. October First =202. The Worst Mass Shooting in US History =202. Queen Elizabeth =202. Las Vegas Boulevard =220. Benjamin Hoskins Paddock =220 was exactly 2200 weeks old when he escaped from prison and there were 2200 people in the crowd.

19 thoughts on “Vegas Hoax: Predictive Programming

  1. How can the Vegas shooting be the worst in US history when they massacred 250 Native Americans at Wounded Knee? Its just White history that they teach over here. Just like Columbus discovered America. Murica is a joke, nothing but lies


  2. Brilliant work BB… can’t believe that I didn’t even think of the film Fear and Loathing… found a few more things to add…

    Starting off with the link to Manchester…

    Las Vegas mass shooting = 225,

    S C Paddock = 225

    He died 5 mths 22 days after his bday,

    Or 25 wks 2 days…

    Fear and loathing in Las Vegas = 1225,

    Was released on the hilarious date of…

    22/5/98, or 5/22, in U.S…

    Fear and Loathing = 522 as the book is known/shortened to…

    Book written by Hunter S Thompson = 225,

    He died on 20/2/2005…

    Was born 18/7/37, Las Vegas mass shooting = 187…

    The book 1st published (in a magazine) on the just as hilarious date of…

    11/11/71… from then to shooting is a nice looking 16761 days span…

    Hunter S Thompson = 117,

    Las Vegas mass shooting = 71, 1770,

    The film directed by Terry Gilliam = 171, 107,

    Shooting was 10 mths 10 days or…

    314 days after his last 22/11 bday…

    John Christopher Depp = 227 / 110…

    From 22/5/98 film to shooting was 1010 wks 1 or 2 days…

    Johnny = 171, 32,
    Johnny Depp = 71, 169,
    John Christopher = 711, 771, 96, 63,

    His D.O.B is 9/6/63…

    Was 3 mths 22 days from last bday

    John Christopher Depp II = 322, 169, 196,

    From Manchester to the

    Las Vegas mass shooting = 133, 137,

    Was 133 days…

    Johnny Depp = 133,

    John Christopher Depp II = 133, 137, 91,

    John Christopher Depp = 119,

    John Christopher = 1191,

    His 1st film was A Nightmare on Elm Street = 199, 109, 107,

    Released 9/11/84 with a 91 min duration…

    Las Vegas mass shooting = 119,

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas = 1119,

    Had a duration of 118 mins…

    Bring me to finish up on Paddocks dad who died on 1/18/98… (U.S date)

    Was born 1/11/26…

    Las Vegas mass shooting = 111,

    Died 26 yrs 26 days after the 11/11/71 Fear and Loathing book,

    and 4 mths 4 days before the film,

    Ben Hoskins Paddock = 118, 71, 91,
    Ben Paddock = 101, 71, 1170,
    Benjamin Hoskins Paddock JR = 101, 119, 137, 303,

    There will be loads more no doubt with old Johnny Depp and other deaths already connected with him…

    Wiki had a note saying the 1st time the author of the book used the term fear and loathing was in a letter to a friend in the wake of JFK getting shot… which is why I looked at A Nightmare Elm Street after seeing it was his 1st film… and I know there’s a whole load more 133’s and 137 already covered so left them out…


  3. Mind blowing as always bb. The other Vegas movie, Leaving Las Vegas premiered 22 years 2 weeks 2 days before the event. That was on 15/9/95, like the 59 dead.


  4. Great work! Some other huge synchs are that the Route “91” festival shooting occurred on 10/1, leaving 91 days left in the year after Hugh Heffner just died at age 91 the week before and Jerry Lewis died at age 91, right in Las Vegas, 42 days prior, which is 1 month and 11 days.. The next day the Kansas City Chiefs became 9-1 all time against Washington Redskins, on Monday Night Football. Kansas City Chiefs=91. Also, there were 59 reported deaths from the shooting that started while Jason(=59) Aldean, was playing the song “When She Says Baby”=59. He was also born on the 59th day of the year, 2/28. Earlier that day, OJ Simpson was released from prison, for a crime he committed in Las Vegas. He wore #32 and the shooter was on the 32nd floor. Back to the date 10/1, like how Mandalay Bay Casino=101 and Assassin=101. The shots were reported to last “9-11” minutes and ended at 10:19, mocking us with 9-11 AGAIN… Stephen=33, Stephen Paddock=64, age 64..Jason Aldean=33 and keep in mind he changed the spelling of his name from “Aldine”, probably for that Gematria. Also, his music video for the song “When She Says Baby” shows him driving through Las Vegas and some of the lyrics are “lay low”. Paddock= “an enclosure or fenced field to keep race horses in” reminding us of how the “victims” were enclosed on the field by the concert gates/fences. Additionally, in Sunday Night Football right before this incident, the Seattle Seahawks had 477 total yards and the Las Vegas shooting occurred exactly 477 days after the Orlando Pulse night club shooting, the previous “worst” shooting massacre in the USA, while the Jesuit Order just turned 477 years old last week on 9/27, the same day Heff died at 91.. In the SNF football game, #32 broke his leg, Chris Carson, like Carson City, Nevada??? Please tell me what you think about all this!

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    • Where exactly do you see lies? We show the alphanumeric patterns between gematria and date durations, over a thousand posts revealing the same mathematical pattern that anyone can fact check themselves. As to what exactly it means, well that’s theoretical, which is what we’re all here to explore together.

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    • Great catch …. Ties back to my comment on BB’s initial Las Vegas shooting post. The article came out the day before the shooting, Johnson spoke about Maderlay same time before according to the news article.
      Boris Johnson is always portrayed as the Baffoon in the mainstream.


  5. Finally got around to watching this last night after posting my Tom Petty finds… saw a couple more things…

    Will start with his by the second to the inch autistic routine/after work come down… where he takes some pills, beats his shins with a bat whilst strobe lighting and extra loud music and noises is played in the background… like a self imposed torture as if he were in gitmo done as a way to shut his mind off and calm down…

    Every night it started at 9:41pm and finished with an alarm clock going off at 10:01pm…

    During the woman cops investigation she points out how he donated $1,000,100 to charity… while she was listening to the audio from inside his mafia massacre and hears him mumbling at 32 seconds of recording from inside the…

    Ravenite social club = 101, 191, 1770,

    Chris Wolff = 119, 77,
    Christian Wolff = 161, 1322

    Has other alias’s named after top mathematicians from history so couldn’t help but, as usual, fall down another side warren of the rabbit hole.. Especially apt as 1st up we have…

    Lou Carroll = 119,
    Lou Lewis Carroll (as she says in film) = 111, 221, 210, 120, 133, 1170,

    His real name, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson = 101, 119, 113,

    His parents died on dates of, 21/6 dad and 26/1 mum,

    He obviously wrote Alice in Wonderland = 191, 901,

    Or Alice’s Adventures = 101,

    From Carrolls death to Vegas was 119 yrs 8 mths 18 days

    Last up we have the so called Prince of Mathematicians,

    Carl Gauss = 101, 61, 96,
    Carl Friedrich Gauss = 91, 109, 116, 696,
    Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss = 162, 117,

    He was born in the year 1777 and died on (U.S date) 2/23/1855,

    Note on wiki regarding triangular numbers and his 1st anecdote without explaining all the ins and outs or copy n pasting wiki, his workings was explained like…

    1 + 100 = 101, 2 + 99 = 101, 3 + 98 = 101, and so on but then it finishes as 50 x 101 = 5050…

    He had 3 german stamps released and was on a 10 note…

    One stamp on 100 yr anniversary of his death in 1955,

    Other 2 on 200 yr anniversary of his death in 1977,

    One of which I think is #1811 has him aged 26 with a compass, a square (or straight edge actually a triangle) and a heptadecagon next to him,

    Back to the program…

    As the treasury agent later explains the gov pulled him out prison something to do with Al Qaeda and money laundering / accounts, kind of like ISIS links with old Paddock…

    For another King connect agents name is,

    Raymond King = 261, 32, 133, 131, 1031,
    Ray King = 111, 330,

    It’s probably a little late to put this here, but, Spoiler Alert… 😉

    They finally find Afflecks business fronts on same lot all set up by the company…

    ZZZ Accounting (which looks like 222) but = 1110, 161, 211, 171, 996, 369,

    There was also…

    Kim’s Nails = 101, 133
    Paul’s Laundromat = 91, 177, 156,
    Shoe Repair = 111, 91, 109, 102, 227,

    Finishing list on the perfect for the Mandalay madness to come…

    Great Mandarin Garden = 234,
    (Above plus) Chinese = 222,
    (plus) Resturant = 477 (to add to the others) and 212, 221, 311, 117,

    One of the “cut back to as a kid” scenes was him and his brother getting beaten by a martial arts master and his dad is reading a paper telling us that they’re in Jakarta, Indonesia… a note of 2000 census of 1.26% Malay in the population… which is also obviously listed among the languages spoken there…

    Theres an almost perfect triangle on the map if you connect Jakarta from film with Phillipines for where pad’s ISIS misses was meant to be and wired $100,000 and Sepang Malaysia for the F1 GP where old Max won earlier in the day??? 🤔

    Whether or not that means anything there must be some other part to that riddle I’m missing… like another event maybe earthquake or floods or other disasters in that area… or maybe I’m just unintentionally being racist and lumping the 3 together because they’re all asian??? 🤔😂😉

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  6. Saw it advertised during the last one but it slipped my mind until tonight 7/10/17 in Vegas just the other side of the Luxor pyramid from Mandalay Bay is the T-Mobile arena = 110, holding a certain…

    UFC two sixteen Ferguson V Lee = 216, 126, 333,

    Just watching the prelims and its wall to wall #Vegas Strong… lots of mentions about it… 1st fight I’m 90% sure they said one of the fighters mums boyfriends died last sunday… 🤔 but definately sure one of the ring girls was said to of lost her dad… 😂 pure hilariousness…

    Oh wait… Dana White = 32, (floor) 101, (date) and 111, 109, 77,

    The girl saved in The Accountant was called Dana Cummings (the same colour😉) = 119, 113,

    Played by Anna Kendrick = 36, 33, 69, 696,

    Who’s aged 32 atm… plus they say Kendrick and I lose the r… 😂

    woman with mans name and parts and man with womans name… good old hollyweird, they love it…

    Her bday is 9/8/85 and the Ferguson riots started 9/8/14… 🤔


  7. Bank Robber = 322
    Skull & Bones / Bag of Bones / Steven Mnuchin: Yale Bonesman ’85.
    Mnuchin not only has ‘The Accountant’ and “American Sniper’ in his filmography, but was nominated by Trump for 77th Treasury Secretary, 10m 1d before 10-1.

    He A$$umed office on Lupercalia (2-13-17), the 44th day of year, exactly 44y after the US$ was devalued 10 per cent in 1973, and 40y after the ’77 closing of ‘The Robber Bridegroom’ on Broadway. From his last bday (12-21-16) to the Great Crash of ’29 anniversary on 10-29 is 44w 4d.

    His nomination to 1929 Crash anniversary = 333d. Mnuchin = 330 (J), 44.
    Steven Temer Mnuchin + Economic Collapse = 1929 (J) ha!
    ’29 Crash to his birth = 12,106d.

    His last bday to 10-1-17 = 9m 11d span.
    Fed Formation 9-11-1789 to his bday 12-21-17 = 11,911w span.
    Trump & Mnuchin born 16y 6m 7d apart…1d shy of 666.


  8. Manderley is very interesting…’Rebecca’ coastal scenes were filmed near Carmel-by-the-Sea (incorporated 10-31-1916) on California’s central coast. The character ‘Maxim’ was the master of Manderley. California is still ablaze with its deadliest fire ever, which started on 10-8.
    Rebecca’s author, Daphne du Maurier, died at 81, on the first day of Beltane, ritual to Baal (fire god), 4-19-1989. Arch of Baal NYC (9-19-16) to CA Fire = 1y 19d.

    “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again.” = 181 (first line of novel). Fire= 108.
    Maxim: inventor’s name of the single-barreled water-cooled machine gun.

    Grenfell Fire (8-4) to CA Fire = 18.08 per cent of 2017.
    Trump bday to Burning Man (9-3) = 81d.
    Mercury News, CA, had a video today showing a single firetruck, # 81, front and center.
    Rebecca’s stage opening 3-5-1940, ran 181 perfomances in London’s Queen’s Theatre.

    Rebecca film release to Trump’s birth (4-12-40 to 6-14-46) = 322 weeks.
    Rebecca fim to CA Fire = 28,303d (2833: 411th prime). California Wildfire = 114 = Evacuated (K).
    Massive Wildfires = 223 (K).
    Novenber 20th will mark 25 yrs since the fire at the Queen’s Windsor Castle. November 20, 2016 was the date the Pope closed the Doors of Mercy, 10m 18d or 322d before the CA Fire 10-8.

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    • Rebecca’s Manderley synchs still smoking — this time with the Thomas CA Fire, which started 12-4-17.
      From Queen’s 91st bday (4-21-17) to Thomas Fire = 227d. (Pi).
      From the film “Rebecca” release (4-12-40) to Thomas Fire = 77y 7m 22d. (Pi).
      Thomas Fire = 116 (K).
      From Queen’s Windsor Castle Fire (11-20-92) to Thomas Fire = 25y 2w (252nd prime: 1601).
      9-11-17 (Irma /Florida) to 12-4-17 Fire = 2m 23d.
      Governor Brown says this is: “The New Normal” = 1223 (Tri).

      Thomas Fire was slowing down last Saturday. It then “re-emerged /reinvigorated” and the LA Times called it: “The Inferno That Won’t Die.” = 1660 (J), 314 (RO), 109 (Queen’s 91).

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  9. I’ll add more fuel to the fire:

    Governor Edmund Gerald Brown, Jr. = 322 (FB)…..411 (K)…..108 (Chaldean).
    From CA Fire 10-8-17 to his bday 4-7-18 = 181 days.
    Both Brown and the novel ‘Rebecca’ were brought into the world in 1938.


  10. Wow…just re-read BBerg’s great post : Fort McMurray Wildfire 5-10-16. The last paragraph mentions October 8th as the start date of both the Great Chicago Fire, and also same exact date/ year (1871) as the Peshtigo, Wisconsin Fire, the deadliest fire in recorded history. Both fires on a SUNDAY / 10-8. Most devastating CA Fire also started on 10-8 / SUNDAY.

    Fort McMurray Fire (5-1-16) to 10-8-17 CA Fire = 12,600 hours (6x6x6).
    McMurray Fire to Thomas/HWY 33, CA Fire start (12-4-17) = 1y 7m 4d span (174th prime: 1033). Multiple fires still burning says LA Times 12-9-17 (11:30am).
    8w 1d between 10/8 & 12/4 CA Fires.

    Hope all is well with you BBerg. Your multiple fire posts are fascinating: they should have their own catagory!

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