Tom Petty RIP

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers =102. Tom =12 aka Thomas =102 died on 10/2 and was born on 10/20. Traveling Wilburys =102. Cardiac Arrest =120. Heartbreaker =112. Petty =112 died 11 month 20 days before his birthday. Thomas Earl Tom Petty =2010. He voiced a character on King of the Hill (which premiered on 1/12) called Elroy “Lucky” Kleinschmidt =112. Lucky =12. Route Ninety-One Harvest =112. The staged event on Las Vegas Boulevard =102 that happened the day before Petty died. His last gig was at the Hollywood Bowl =1020. Petty received the ceremonial key to his hometown Gainesville Florida =210 exactly 11 years 12 days before his death.

  • Thomas Earl Petty =81. Thomas Petty =810 died 18 days before his birthday and exactly 1081 weeks after the premier of King of the Hill. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers =108/118. Mandalay Bay =18 which opened 18 years before the shooting in Sin City =18. Vegas =18/81. He died 8 days after his final gig at the Hollywood Bowl =181 and exactly 18 weeks before the ’18 Super Bowl. His final album was called Hypnotic Eye =1810/1080. 

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers =282. Lucky Kleinschmidt =28. Tom Petty =82 also died 20 years 8 months 20 days after the premier, the show ran for exactly 12 years 8 months, and he died 8 years 20 days after its finale. Route Ninety-One Harvest =1028/281/2108. Stephen Paddock =280. Life is a Highway =280. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers =128. Petty played the halftime show of the 2008 Super Bowl.

2008 was Super Bowl 42. Petty died 4 months 2 days before Super Bowl Fifty-Two =204 on 2/4 at US Bank Stadium =42 in Minnesota =142. Life Is A Highway =142. He died 2 weeks 4 days before his birthday and exactly 420 weeks after the series finale of King of the Hill. Thomas Earl Petty =1242. Thomas Earl Tom Petty =240. Petty =24. Paddock =24. Thomas Petty =214. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers =412. American Girl =214 was the last song he ever played.

  • Tom Petty + King of the Hill makes me think of Richard “The King” Petty the NASCAR legend who I suggested several months ago most likely has his number drawn what with all the king references we’ve been seeing in celebrities biting the dust.
  • Richard Petty =1380 was exactly 80 years 3 months old when Tom died. Mandalay Bay Hotel =1083. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers =1138. Las Vegas =138. That’s also exactly 963 months, like the inverse of the infamous 369 sequence popularized by Nikola Tesla. Las Vegas Boulevard =369.

Petty was born exactly 227 weeks after the birth of Trump, whose tombstone appeared 227 days before his election and 22 years 7 days after the date on the capstone at New World Airport in Denver Colorado =227. His son is Barron William Trump =227. Donald J Trump Made America Hate Again =1722, as the tombstone read. Petty’s last album shares the same name as a horror film from 1960, The Hypnotic Eye, that released on 2/27. 


Tom Petty’s wife called 911 to report him unconscious at around the exact same time as the Vegas incident, and as we covered earlier with the importance of the 91 & 191, we find some similar coding with Petty. As a refresher, the Mass Shooting =191 happened at Mandalay Bay Hotel =191 a span of 191 days before the birthday of the gunman Stephen Paddock =191 and exactly 1091 months after the birth of his bank robber father, from the Thirty-Second Floor =91 with 91 days remaining in the year at the Route 91 festival at Las Vegas Village =91. Lone Wolf Terrorist =91. Domestic Terrorist =191. 

  • Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers =109. Petty was born 901 days after the birth of Paddock. His character Lucky Kleinschmidt =91/191 and his last album Hypnotic Eye =191. Petty also died 19 days before his birthday.

Hypnotic Eye was Petty’s 13th album and Paddock appears to have a 13 tattooed on his neck. Here we see more all-seeing eye symbolism along with the number 13 and the Route 91 PsyOp occurring across from the pyramid at Luxor. There’s also a victim named Tina Frost who miraculously survived after being shot directly in her right eye…

Thomas Petty =547 and Wikipedia currently says 547 casualties (58 dead + 489 injured). The best part about this is that 547 is the 101st prime. Route Ninety-One Harvest =101 on 10/1 a span of 1001 days after the Vegas sheriff took office and 1010 weeks after the release of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. 

Another fun fact is that Paddock is from Clinton Iowa, also home to no less than three NASA astronauts, especially as I pointed out how the shooting allegedly killed 59 people including Paddock and happened exactly 59 years after NASA went operational. Heartbreakers =59. The Hypnotic Eye =59. Tom Petty was born 1590 days after the birth of Donald Trump =159. Government =159. 

2 thoughts on “Tom Petty RIP

  1. Superb findings brother… was looking forward to this and you never fail to still suprise me…

    Regarding Paddock and NASA in the last paragraph… there’s some videos/pics doing the rounds of someone who is supposed to Paddock at a Trump rally or something in a pink NASA tshirt…

    Found a couple more things for Petty = 66, 261, 112,

    Tom Earl Petty = 126,
    Thomas Earl Petty = 216, 126, 63,

    Also known as Muddy Wilbury = 66, 1062,

    Having been born 10/20/55 and died 10/2/17,

    Died age 66 yrs 11 mths 11 / 12 / 13 days,

    And his age on the day of…

    The great american solar eclipse = 1262 and 110, (like the eve of his death/vegas)

    Was 66 yrs 10 mths 2 days… like his date of death…

    Died 1 mth 10 / 11 / 12 days after the eclipse…

    He had another album title that sprang off the page at me with…

    Tom Petty and the heartbreakers = 111, called…

    Let Me Up I’ve Had Enough = 112, 211, 1266, (like age on eclipse)

    Was released on queens bday in 87′ from then to his death is…

    11122 days,

    Read a little about his “super group” a while ago…

    The Traveling Wilburys = 126, 162, 1620,

    Also a 225 to fit nice with what I posted in the last post…

    Their last album/greatest hits…

    The Traveling Wilburys Collection = 162, 234, 432, (another 225)

    Released 11/6/07 bringing death durations of…

    10 yrs 3 mths 22 days or 123 mth 21 days ex ed’s,

    Didn’t really check all of Bob Dylan or George Harrison, Jeff Lynne (got his D.O.B mixed the other day, sorry) but,

    Roy Kelton Orbison = 101, 212, 63, 88, 227,

    Certainly stood out… well his death and birth dates did…

    23/4/36 for a couple of 666’s and,
    6/12/88 for another…

    But back to Thomas Petty = 188, 81, 116, 136,

    Thomas Earl Petty = 1188 had another aka,

    Charlie T Wilbury JR = 110, 119, 222, 88,

    Tom Petty and the heartbreakers = 119,

    Their 1st album released on 9/11/76, (nov)

    His last group called Mud Crutch = 111, 36, 91, 181,

    The Traveling Wilburys = 88, first album released on 18/10/88…

    That’s that, to finish up with a little teaser… when Vegas kicked off I was already deep into making notes on Max Verstappen winning his 2nd grand prix = 666 by the numbers…

    But then got side tracked by Paddock in Vegas… formula one and motor racing also has a paddock for the cars / drivers / teams…

    There’s alot more of the same numbers linking these like the other sports that had the numbers in or HH dying on Jesuit bday and the rest pointed out in a comment yesterday… but all of that is a work in progress… as usual with wiki… it won’t let me just stop at Max and maybe his racing dad and uncle… theres durational digit links leading me to loads more including Hamilton or Senna or Schumacher or Jules Bianchi (the last driver to die in F1) who died 9 mths 11 days after his crash… that weekend was Max’s 1st pracrice in a F1 car aged 17 yrs 7 days… or 888 wks… Jules died 17/7/15… t

    There’s plenty more magic where that came from but lots more to do… shall leave it there and come back to finish my findings soon…


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