OJ Simpson’s Vegas Connections: Paddock Note ’95 & The Blacklist

Stephen Paddock allegedly left a note in his Mandalay Bay hotel room full of numbers, which sources say were calculations for his shot trajectories. No sign yet on what exactly was written, though I’m sure if it’s released it’ll be chock full of clues for us to decipher. What I did see when googling ‘Paddock Note’ is a retro Japanese video game called Paddock Note ’95, interestingly about horse racing – as we’ve been discussing the horse symbolism as related most recently to the Royals & Invictus. Though it’s the duration from the game’s release date that makes this esoteric reference worth noting.

  • As is the ‘95 since Paddock killed 59 people including himself; synched up with two key words we’re going to explore in this post: The Blacklist =59. Mesquite =509. We also see that OJ =95 Simpson, released from prison the same day as the shooting, was born exactly 5 years 9 months after the birth of Paddock. OJ arrested in Las Vegas for armed robbery & kidnapping and locked up in a Nevada prison on a 33-year bid.

Stephen Paddock =440. SCP =44. Mesquite =44. Blacklist =44/404. Ray Reddington =44. Stephen C Paddock =144. Donald Trump =144. Casino and Hotel =144. Orlando Florida =144. Paddock Note released on 14/4 of 1995 and the 144th prime number is 827. The Vegas PsyOp happened 8207 days after the release of the video game. Perfect synch to the Assassinated =144 sequence we see so predominant in Masonic Rituals =1044. Masonic Grand Lodge =441. MK-Ultra =441. Thomas Earl Tom Petty =1440 who played the character Elroy Lucky Kleinschmidt =1044 and his last ever live song, American Girl, contains the lyric “Out on 441 like waves crashin’ on the beach,” in reference to the highway that runs through Florida.

We also find a subtle Pi connection in this duration, as the Vegas Shooting occurred 1172 weeks 2 days after the release of Paddock Note (and the Blacklist episode we’re about to discuss has the main character of Raymond Red Reddington =227 and aired on 13/10/14. OJ Simpson released from prison when he was 70 years 2 months 22 days old. This NHL season was the first to include the new expansion team from Las Vegas, the Vegas Golden Knights =227/1722. The season started three days after the shooting and the Golden Knights play at T-Mobile Arena, just a mile away from the Route 91 Festival. We mention this to tie these two vectors to a third, as the first 144 decimal points of Pi sum to 666.

  • Paddock Note ’95 was created by a company called Fuji Television =666 (in Satanic Gematria). Stephen C Paddock =669. Sun City =666. Pulse Club =666. Charleston Church =699. Mandalay Bay was opened for 969 weeks for the incident. OJ was found liable 969 days after the murders. Red Reddington is played by James Spader =666/966If we only count the days between, this Blacklist episode aired 666 days after Sandy Hook, which if you’ll recall happened when Donald Trump was exactly 66 years 6 months old. Jerry Montgomery born 9660 days after Paddock’s birth (explained momentarily).
  • 6x6x6 =216. Nicole Simpson & Ron Goldman were found stabbed to death on 6/12. OJ was released exactly 1216 weeks later. Remember the previously worst mass shooting in US history occurred in Orlando on the palindrome date of 6/12/2016. Spader turned 21,060 days old five days after the shooting.

We also see that OJ Simpson =1019 was released 10 years 19 days after his armed robbery stunt in Vegas. The O stands for Orenthal =119. The Vegas Event happened 119 weeks after the Charleston Church Shooting. Stephen Paddock =191. Mandalay Bay Hotel =191. Mesquite =109. Micah Xavier Johnson =109, the shooter of the Dallas Police Ambush on 7/7/16.

Mandalay Bay Casino and Hotel =223 was open for exactly 223 months when it happened. Masonic =223. Order of the Illuminati =223. Domestic Terrorism =223. Casino =223. Juice =223. Ron Goldman =322. Theatre =322. We Make Dreams Come True =322. 


Our reader RainyGem pointed out an episode from The Blacklist (S2E4) about MK-Ultra mind control experiments turning normal people into killers. In it, the lead character Ray Reddington (a man previously on the FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted – just like Paddock’s father) tracks down a man who can discern redacted government BlackOps documents regarding why innocent non-offending civilians are suddenly committing violent crimes out of nowhere – just like Paddock with no record or warning signs. They discover that an underground social-psychological experiment carried out by the government is underway.

  • The opening scene is at the Sun City Bank, which the subconscious registers as Sin City, with a lady who keeps staring at a sign reading “We Make Dreams Come True”. She then walks bank into the bank with a gun and opens fire as a man in a car across the street with her case file in his lap says into a microphone, “Successful activation of AR-105 complete.” Implying that she’s been mind controlled to carry out a staged mass shooting.

Blacklist =84. The episode is titled Dr Linus Creel =184 and it aired 1084 days before the Vegas Shooting and 8 months 4 days before the Charleston Church Shooting. Paddock =84. Simpson =84. Orenthal James Simpson =84. Las Vegas Strip =84. Mandalay Bay Hotel =84. Paddock =84. Music Festival =84. Paradise Nevada =84. Las Vegas NV =84. Las Vegas Massacre =84. VegasStrong =84. Micah Xavier Johnson =184.

In the episode, this black ops program discovers that some people have a specific genetic abnormality, the ‘warrior gene,’ that the government exploits in experiments to turn them into killers. Truth disguised as fiction and hidden in plain sight? Now there’s a particular scene at 15 minutes in that RainyGem pointed us to that involves an argument with a Mossad operative called the Polyglot about a crazy night gambling in Vegas. The Polyglot says in a throw-away line: “I woke up in that hotel, I don’t even know how I got to MESQUITE.”

Now we mentioned previously that Paddock lived in Mesquite Nevada, but a scour through the Wikipedia reveals he also previously owned an apartment complex in Mesquite Texas, just outside of Dallas. Must be something in a name eh. As it turns out, Micah Xavier Johnson is from Mesquite TX. From Mesquite NV is the aforementioned Jerry Montgomery, who is currently a defensive coach for the Green Bay Packers – and grew up in Iowa as did Paddock.

As for other shows, Bojack Horseman aired an episode about a mass shooting at a mall titled ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ on 9/8/17. a span of 3 weeks 3 days before the Vegas Shooting.  There’s also an episode of American Horror Story airing on 10/10/17 titled ‘Mid-Western Assassin’ that features a mass shooting, apparently involving a politician at a campaign rally. It was filmed the previous month and there’s talks of it being heavily edited or even cancelled in the wake of the Vegas Shooting.

As the Telegraph writes, “If this new episode is pulled or at least hastily re-edited, American Horror Story will join a long history of US television series forced to delay provocative episodes due to their unexpected similarities to real-life shootings. The Ryan Phillippe action drama Shooter had its premiere date delayed twice due to real-life mass shootings, while Mr Robot had its first season finale postponed after a TV reporter and her cameraman were shot and killed on live television. An episode of Hannibal involving murderous children was also pulled in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre. A 1999 episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was additionally delayed for several months as its plot revolved around an outcast high school student attempting to mount a mass shooting. The episode was originally due to be broadcast a week after the Columbine High School massacre.”

This appears to be an important step in the alchemical process of traumatizing the collective psyche through made-for-tv massacres indistinguishable from those we see dramatized, as step-by-step the line between fiction and reality is increasingly blurred. The big one the Telegraph failed to mention is the episode of Route 66 titled ‘I’m Here To Kill A King’ about an assassination originally scheduled to air the day that John F Kennedy was assassinated. None of this being coincidence.

3 thoughts on “OJ Simpson’s Vegas Connections: Paddock Note ’95 & The Blacklist

  1. I watched that Route 66/ JFK-like episode. The antagonist/assassin says his father’s name was Virgil. The protagonist says that he grew up in Connecticut. I thought: Skull & Bones. Here is line 416 from Virgil’s The Aeneid:

    “Of Thoas, scattering wide the broken skull,
    Bones, brains, and gore.” = 322.

    ‘Blacklist’ line: “Successful activation of AR One Zero Five complete.” = 223.

    There was a music video by Robbie Williams, ‘Me and My Monkey,’ which released on 11-18-02…322nd day of year. It has the Mandalay Bay / Shriner Fez/ Monkey Ammo/ Guns/ Casino/ 33rd floor room….1 ROB license/ ROBbie WILL I AMs…ad nauseum. Angel White channel covered it.
    Also, Treasury Secretary, film producer “RatPack Entertainment”, Steven Mnuchin , released “Black Mass” (includes character named Stephen “The Rifleman”) in Venice 9-4-15, exactly 2y 27d before 10-1-17. Oh, and today marks 72y 2m since Nagasaki. Thanks BBerg, excellent posts on this evil circus.

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  2. wow thanks I can’t believe you followed up on it! I tried mentioning to a family member but they just brushed me off. I mean the coincidences of it all is just too much to ignore.. especially because of the line “i woke up in that hotel, i don’t even know how i got to Mesquite”. It just reads to me like Paddock woke up in the hotel and didn’t bring any guns, he was just activated, then eliminated. Which makes you think… what sort of evils are truly in this world to make someone want to make him do that???? chilly stuff.


    • That picture of Paddock above plays into this: His eyes are closed (trance-like) holding a Shot Glass, just like his Mandalay window.


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