Hurricane Ophelia

Hurricane Ophelia, the strongest eastern Atlantic hurricane on record, makes landfall in the UK on 16 October 2017, exactly 30 years to the day after the Great Storm of 1987 smashed up England, killing 22 people. Writing this the night before and reports say it’ll hit Northern Ireland the hardest, which is interesting as The Troubles there also lasted 30 years, just like the Thirty Years War also waged between Protestants and Catholics as also orchestrated by the Jesuits. PS I’m living on a sheep farm in SW England at the moment and we’re already getting some heavy duty wind action.

The thing about thirty years is that’s exactly 360 months later, like the degrees in a circle. Ophelia =36/63. Hurricane Ophelia =136/163. Great Storm =136 which brought winds of 136 mph. Ophelia reminds me of the song by the Lumineers =36 which released on the 36th day of 2016, exactly 36 weeks before Ophelia =36 makes landfall in Ireland =36/63 on numerology of (16+10+2+0+1+7) =36 and (16+10+20+17) =63.

  • The UK =63. Weather Weapon =306. It’s the worst storm to hit Ireland since Hurricane Debbie =36 in ’61. Ophelia is from the album Cleopatra =63, mentions The Flood =36, and the band’s frontman is Wesley Schultz =63. Ophelia =63 also makes landfall 630 weeks after another Hurricane Ophelia hit the eastern United States in 2005. Daisy Jazz Isobel Ridley =360 is starring as the titular role in the upcoming film Ophelia.

The thing about Ophelia by The Lumineers is that the music video (pictured above) features their frontman dancing in the streets while it’s raining, getting progressively wetter as the storm approaches and the hook sings, “Ophelia you’ve been on my mind girl since the flood.” Ophelia is a character from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, who drowns after falling into a river while gathering flowers, singing a song as she went. Further, in Greek the name Ophelia means HELP.

Hamlet’s Ophelia is a woman driven insane by her inability to reconcile her conflicting personas (daddy’s girl vs Hamlet’s whore), reminding us of the cognitive dissonance that plagues the world today. William Shakespeare the pen name for Sir Francis =116 Bacon =116. And the hurricane making landfall on 10/16. Britain =116. Kingdom =116. Royals =116. Lumineers =116. The Cleopatra album cover features silent film star Theda Bara who died 61 years 1 day before the album released. The painting of Ophelia there is by John Everett Millais =116.  

  • We see that Sir Francis Bacon allegedly died on April 9th, the same day as the birth of both Hugh Hefner and the Vegas patsy Stephen Paddock. In fact Hefner =30 was born exactly 300 years after Bacon died, like Ophelia =30 coming exactly 30 years after the Great Storm =300. This number in association with Ireland reminds me of The Invincibles =300 aka The Irish National Invincibles =300, a group of assassins in the late 19th century. And remember that the 300th anniversary of the United Grand Lodge of England =1113 came this year, 113 days before the storm hit the UK =30. 

The 30th prime is 113. England =113. Geoengineered =113. A Geostorm =113. Help =113. Ophelia =311. Daisy Jazz Isobel Ridley =311. Curiously, Wesley Schultz was born 10,130 days after the death of Cleopatra cover model Theda Bara and news reports are predicting Hurricane Ophelia to reach wind speeds of 113 km/h. The movie Geostorm comes out four days later, 10/20, and stars Gerard Butler (from Scotland) born on 11/13. 

Since we brought up The Invincibles =227, their most famous hit was carried out on Frederick Charles Cavendish =314, the Chief Secretary for Ireland stabbed to death in the so-called Phoenix Park Killings =314 on the very day he took office, 17 years 22 days after the assassination of Lincoln (by John Wilkes Booth =1314) who was pronounced dead at 7:22 AM. 

  • Reminder that John Jack Fitzgerald Kennedy =314 died 3 years 14 days after his election and 31 weeks 4 days after the death anniversary of Lincoln. JFK also died 30,014 days after the assassination of President Garfield and 3 months 14 days after the death of his infant son Patrick, the Kennedys from Ireland.
  • Robert Todd Lincoln was Abe’s only child to survive into the next century as Caroline Kennedy was JFK’s only child to survive into the next century. Robert died exactly 31 years 4 months before Caroline was born. And since we mentioned Hugh Hefner again, we should point out that he died a clean 2270 days after a death hoax was circulated about him.

Karl Marx also died on 3/14 a span of 314 days after his birthday and Gandhi died 3 months 14 days before Israel became a state. Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior =3114 was assassinated 3 years 1 month 14 days after the assassination of Malcolm =314 X, whose funeral was on 2/27. MLK Junior =227. Martin Luther King Junior =1722. Dr Martin Luther King Jr =1722. Nonviolent Resistance =1722. The patsy James Earl Ray escaped from prison 3014 days after his confession. Pi Cycles spinning around & around like Circles =314. Like hurricanes.

That’s the first Daisy Ridley photo from Ophelia, a re-imagining of Hamlet as told from her perspective. Manmade hurricanes named for film promotion would make a nice detail of a sci-fi dystopia. Ridley is from Westminster London and it’s quite interesting how all this synchs up, innit. 

25 thoughts on “Hurricane Ophelia

  1. Mindblowing post as always BB… batten down those hatches as they say…

    I was a rare casulty “of sorts” of the 87′ storm… as a 9 year old boy I totally slept right through the night and storm without waking… next morning and yippee schools been called off and my mums talking about winds and rain and hurricanes… I went outside to see some tiles off of the roof were smashed in the garden and there were one or 2 dustbins and fences blown into the street… me and a couple of mates got together for a bike ride to check the local carnage… there was loads of massive trees totally ripped out of their roots and lying on the floor or through fences and gardens… at my old school… one of said trees roots looked so much like it could be a ramp nearly a halfpipe… hacked upto it thinking that I’d take off like something out of E.T… the tree must’ve of been an oak and was nearly as tall as me as it lay across the playground… my front wheel hit the roots/ramp and bam stopped dead… I didn’t… flew over the roots and trunk and landed face first on the pavement… closely followed by my 3rd trip in my youth to A and E to stitch my head up… 😂

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  2. A rock group named “The Band” release the album “Northern Lights – Southern Cross” in 1975. On that album was the song “Ophelia”. The gentleman that sung that song for “The Band” was Mark Lavon “Levon” Helm (d.2012).

    The Band’s song “Ophelia” is 3:32 in length. Levon Helm died 13,320 days after the song debuted on the “Northern Lights – Southern Cross” album.

    The writer of that song is still alive, Robbie Robertson.

    Robbie was born 17,071 weeks after William Shakespeare.
    Jaime Royal Robbie Robertson =1771. (Eng. Ext.)
    William Shakespeare the Bard of Avon =177.
    Northern Lights-Southern Cross =177.
    W Shakespeare =77.
    The Bard of Avon =77.
    Hamlet =77.

    “Northern Lights-Southern Cross” debuted 131,303 days after Shakespeare died.
    The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark =133.
    Ophelia =33. Ophelia + The Band =313/133
    Northern Lights-Southern Cross =331.
    Northern Lights-Southern Cross + The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark =303.

    Plus the Pi code.
    The Band + Ophelia + William Shakespeare =314. (Rev. EP)
    William Shakespeare + Levon Helm + Robbie Robertson =227.
    William Shakespeare + Levon Helm + Robbie Robertson + the Band =227
    William Shakespeare England’s national poet =2027.
    Mark Lavon Levon Helm =227/3141.

    The Lumineers first album debuted in the same month that Levon Helm died in. Small world I guess.

    The Lumineers + Levon Helm and April twenty twelve =227.

    The world must be a really small place because The Lumineers album that released on Feb. 5, 2016 was one year before Super Bowl LI.

    The Lumineers and Super Bowl LI =314 (Kabbalah).

    As for that second album it released two days before Super Bowl L. That Super Bowl was won by the Denver Broncos. One of the founding members of The Lumineers, Jeremiah Fraites is now based in Denver.

    Jeremiah Fraites + Denver Broncos Super Bowl L champions =227.

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  3. That pose on the Lumineers cover I believe signals goddess Inanna, the dancing bee. The Yellow/black stripe of the road (bee stripes) reinforces this. Dancing bee of creation/destruction. I saw a picture with this same pose (arms in a ‘W’) in a CA Fire recovery photo that seemed out of place for the scene, if one was not aware of this goddess worship signal. Interesting that the fierce Deb-bee is being compared with Ophelia. Enter Ophelia distracted (disaster?).

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    • Great comment. Dancing bee in the rain. Like the Blind Melon video for “No Rain”. The girl that was the “dancing bee” in the video, Heather DeLoach. She was born 33 days after Lumineer, Wesley Schultz.
      Wesley Schultz and Heather DeLoach =330. DeLoach =33.

      The bee was an emblem of Potnia, the Minoan-Mycenaean “Mistress”, also referred to as “The Pure Mother Bee”.

      Heather DeLoach is The Pure Mother Bee =314.
      Wesley Schultz + Shannon Hoon + Heather DeLoach =227.
      Wesley Schultz + Shannon Hoon + Heather DeLoach + Ophelia + Ireland =314.
      Shannon Hoon and No Rain =227.

      Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon died Oct 21, 1995. On Oct 17, 2017 he will have been dead for 21 years 11 months 27 days. What might the chances of there being “no rain” in Ireland tomorrow?


    • Nice ones fellas! I’m reminded that Adam Weishaupt originally called the Order of the Illuminati the Order of the Bees, or in the original Deutsche: Beenenorden =191. Freemason =191. Society of Jesus =191. The British Crown =191. Global Dictatorship =191. The Beehive =91. The Queen Bee =190.

      Inanna =161/109. Blind Melon No Rain =161. No Rain =91. Heather DeLoach =191.

      And check out this article on the Masonic symbolism of the bee:

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      • Thanks Berg! I’m filing this in my notes. A few miles from where I’m living is Freemason lodge #698. Address is 38 Masonic Drive. Masonic =38. Two houses down from the lodge a person has 6 bee hives next to their garden patch. Clearly visible from the road.

        Freemasonic Bees =191.

        Freemasonic Bee worship =314. Masonic Order of the Bees =1314. Masonic Bee Hives =227. Secret Order of the Illuminati =227.

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      • Thanks, BBerg. By the way, I’m not a fella, but a fell-ette ;D
        This article prompted me to re-watch Kubrick’s 2001 on YT: 2001 The Monolith appears…the dawn of man. At 0:38: abrubt sunrise and a faint humm-like sound starts, and crescendoes throughout scene. At 2:09: the first ape touches monolith. 2:10 camera zooms in and below upper right ape is a rock with a stick-like figure with arms posed in a ‘W’ like Inanna, clear as day.
        For a dark underbelly side of Inanna, check this out: Open Scroll blog/ Part 5 -Hidden Signs of the Goddess.It also features “No Rain” commentary.


  4. Have you deleted/lost most of this post or am I going a little more crazy??? 😂

    Maybe you’re updating with the triple trick of deaths we have today too??? 😉

    I’m going to attempt to do my own post on it on my blog… but getting annoyed that I keep getting side tracked from my F1 mission of which I shall also post over there… rather than squeezing it in over here in about 6 different lots of comments… 😂

    I do hope that you’ve not been hacked or something… as all the pics are also gone that were here when I first saw it…


      • Ohhh no worries… thought something must’ve happened…

        A couple of quick notes on today’s triple… 😉

        Kevin Cadle = 171, 1104, who started coaching in 1984, died 30 wks 3 days from last or 21 wks 6 days before his next bday…
        Worked for Sky Sports = 33, 117,162, 1440,
        Played or coached Kingston Kings = 44, 1014, 177,

        Roy Dotrice = 144 OBE who played lead in the film Amadeus = 44, 61… which had a duration of 161 mins…

        died 33 yrs 1 mth 10 or 11 days after it’s 6/9/1984 release… and 144 days after last and 223 days before next bday or 7 mths 11 days…

        General film release was 19/9/1984 was released 8 mths 8 days to his next or 115 116 or 117 days from his last bday that year…

        Mozart = 33, 303, 17, 414, 69, 1191,
        Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart = 223, 216, 2303, 71,

        He was also in Game of Thrones = 106, 601, 166, 160, 61,
        Would die on 16/10,

        Played Hallyne = 322, 77,
        Wisdom Hallyne the pyromancer = 126, 321, 132, 1231, 306,
        Also done the audio book
        A song of ice and fire = 223, 1019, 88, 177, 151, 69,

        and last up we Sean Hughes = 44, 111, 133,
        the Irish comedian who was born 10/11/65 of Never mind the buzzcocks = 77, 101, 110, 115, 303, 137… he died on 15/10/17 aged 51 yrs 11 mths 5 days old (or 4 days) and was born John Hughes = 115, 155, 141, 114, 171…..

        Also had a small part in the Commitments = 111, 177, 1206, 1062,

        And is another to add to the list of ex Coronation St actors…

        So within my scrambled mess above we have lots to do with Ireland and music to for nicely with all you done already…. 😉


      • Earlier on… they pronounced Sean Hughes dying on the news… but once I was on wiki… it had him on the 16th but his write up definately said he died on 15th… it now also says 16th… lot’s of other good notes on him and durations to check… something about Bill Alex Jones Hicks… and Cadle didn’t play… just a coach of Scotland and GB basketball teams won a few things to check out…


    • Chris, I couldn’t help but notice that Roy Dotrice holds the Guinness Record for most characters voiced by a single actor in an audiobook, at 223, for the “A Song of Ice and Fire”=223 saga’s first novel, A Game of Thrones, which is 33 hours long!

      PS-(I have listened to them all and I am greatly saddened that he will not be able to do books 6/7..)

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    • Chris I knew you’d spot Sean Hughes! He was even doing a freemason pose in his notice in the Times. Also did anyone notice Chuck Watson from ENKI weather reasearch?


  5. Pittsburgh Steelers’ owner Dan Rooney died this year. Per wiki he was US ambassador to Ireland. President Obama announced he had nominated Rooney on 3/17/09.
    Super Bowl LII =317.

    From this announcement to Oct 16 was 8 years 7 months. Rooney and Ophelia =87. From Rooney’s death to Oct 16 was 187 days.

    US Ambassador to Ireland Dan Rooney and Hurricane Ophelia =227.
    Rooney + Ophelia =314.
    Ambassador Rooney + Ophelia + Ireland =314.
    Ambassador Dan Rooney + Ophelia + Ireland =314.

    Rooney resigned as ambassador on 12/14/12 and that’s (4 years 10 months 3 days) before Oct 16. Rooney died (4/13).

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      • I think so Nick. I see Super Bowl LII as Eagles vs Steelers. I’ve blogged a few things on the Steelers this year and in my last piece I hit on the Eagles. Could be wrong but it’s Pi coded. (Same is true for other teams too.)

        Benjamin Todd Roethlisberger Sr vs Carson Wentz in Super Bowl LII =314.
        Philadelphia Eagles & Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl LII =314. 
        Eagles verses Steelers in the Super Bowl at Minneapolis Minnesota =227.

        Ben Franklin died in Philadelphia 227 years ago this year. Benjamin Franklin =227 (Kabbalah). Steelers qb nicknamed “Big Ben”. “Big Ben” clock tower went silent this year on the day of the Great American Eclipse. Mandalay Bay opened in 1999 on Roethlisberger’s birthday.

        I’ve got a ton more but you should cruise by my blog for it. I apologize Brother Berg for straying off topic here.


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