World Series & the Death of Daniel Webb (Plus Stephen King’s Rage)

The four finalists for the World Series =147 – New York / Los Angeles / Chicago / Houston – also just so happen to be the four most populous cities in America, in that order (also the only four teams I’ve been covering this season at Extra-Capsa). Those four cities in the Championship Series =74 aka the LCS =74 have a combined population of 17.4 million. The two matchups are Chicago + Los Angeles =74 and Houston + New York =74. Seventeen World Series =1704. Twenty Seventeen World Series =147. Seventeen World Series Champions =174. Comparing the potential World Series matchup with this number bears only two possibilities: Chicago Cubs + New York Yankees =174 and Los Angeles Dodgers + New York Yankees =174.

  • On 14 October 2017, the day Astros beat the Yankees, former White Sox pitcher Daniel Webb died in an ATV accident at the age of 28. Born Robert Webb =47, he died 1 year 7 months 4 days after being let go from the Chicago White Sox =74. 

Webb =14 went to Heath High =1014 and died in an ATV Accident =114 on 10/14 during the 114th year of Major League Baseball =1140 a span of 4 years 1 month 11 days after his MLB debut with the Chicago White Sox =1014. Of the teams with this coding: Astros =411. That’s the only one with the 114 in the team name. And what’s really weird is Webb also died 40 years 1 month 1 day after Stephen King’s novel Rage.

There we have the Astros numbers, and he played his career in Chicago for the Cubs reference and when he was born the LA Dodgers were world champions. No direct Yankees connections to the death of Daniel Webb. A fun fact though is that Webb attended Heath High School in Paducah Kentucky, the location of an early school shooting on 1 December 1997 when a 14-year-old kid opened fire on a student prayer group, killing three and injuring five.

Going deeper down the rabbit hole we find the stand-out detail from this Heath High Shooting is that the shooter Michael Carneal had a copy of Stephen King’s novel Rage, which includes a scene of a school shooting… (ANOTHER instance of Stephen King predictive programming!) It’s actually about a kid named Charlie Decker who murders two teachers then holds his classroom hostage with the police and media outside. This Heath incident was the fifth school shooting associated with Rage (and the third in Kentucky), and the event that caused King to pull the plug and ban his own book. This would go on to be but the first of several tragedies that were first depicted in a King novel before occurring in real life.

  • Rage was written under King’s pseudonym, Richard Bachman, which reminds me of his other novel The Running Man – quite different from the Schwarzenegger version. The book ends (spoiler alert) with the protagonist game show contestant (on the run from hitmen across the entire country) hijacking an airplane and crashing it into the skyscraper headquarters of the propaganda corporation. And of course the kids from Columbine planned to hijack an airplane and crash it into the World Trade Center after shooting up the school. Predictive Programming at its finest.

The Heath High School shooting happened 72 weeks 2 days before Columbine and 20 years 2 months 17 days after Rage was published. This sequence reminds us of the recent 8/6/17 death of MLB player Darren Arthur Daulton =227 who played his last game 20 years 27 days before the start of the Twenty Seventeen World Series =722 and died 7,222 days after winning the ’97 World Series. Daulton also died a perfecct Pi span of 20,207 days after the Colt 45s’ first game in Houston (before they changed their name to the Astros. All this I covered in the post here, where I also mentioned for the second time (the first time back in May) that George Springer =227 and the Astros were on the 30 June 2014 cover of Sports Illustrated boldly predicting Astros as “Your 2017 World Series Champs.” It came out 3 years and 3 months 14 days before Webb died.

And free-association here connects Daniel Webb to David Webb, which is the birth name of Jason Bourne from the movie series; the last flick Bourne featuring the climax set in Las Vegas with a false flag assassination attempt and a destructive high-speed chase right down Vegas Boulevard. I haven’t seen it since cinema but I’d wager that it shows the sight of the Vegas Shooting. And isn’t this interesting – I look up ‘Bourne + MLB’ and find one Michael Bourn, a current free agent who just so happens to be born in Houston and played three seasons with the Astros. Hmm…

It seems a bit too blatant that Astros win after Sports Illustrated predicted they would back in 2014, but who knows. Shit is getting more blatant every day, in what really seems to me a deliberate move. Personally I’m interested in the Stephen King angle the most, but if you’re diggin the sports stuff I should say that Gematria Club called 3/4 of these World Series finalists back during the season, and they’re currently 24-3 for weekly NFL picks. Not too shabby! 

14 thoughts on “World Series & the Death of Daniel Webb (Plus Stephen King’s Rage)

  1. Nice work brother! I’m not sure either if Houston is making it either even though I’ve got some coding. I got a list of celebrities from Houston that I feel may not make it.

    We had Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas. “Vegas Vaction” and “Star Whacker” star Randy Quaid was born in Houston, Texas.

    The band ZZ Top formed in Houston and covered the song “Viva Las Vegas”. Dusty Hill of the band is the cousin to “Hank Hill” of “King of the Hill” and Tom Petty was the voice of the son-in-law of “Hank Hill”. Petty dying the day after the Vegas shooting.

    “The Gambler” Kenny Rogers born in Houston, Texas. Super Bowl LI was just played in Houston, Texas. 2016 World Series MVP Ben Zobrist was drafted by the Houston Astros. 

    Houston Astros two thousand seventeen World Series champion =227. 
    Hurricane Harvey + Houston Astros + the World Series =227.
    Hurricane Harvey and Randy Randall Rudy Quaid =227. 
    Hurricane Harvey + ZZ Top + Randy Quaid + Kenny Rogers + Houston Astros =314.


  2. I like this blog post BB! You could have really went off on the 114’s. Not only is it the 114th MLB season… Major League Baseball =1140. Hundred Fourteenth Season =108. Major League =108.

    But I digress – back to the core #… Baseball =141. World Series =41. Home Run =41. Webb =14, & did you know “Daniel” has the same exact Gematria across the board as “Cubs”!

    Speaking of Cubs – They play today (Game 3). Cubs =270 & its Trumps 270th Day as President. Kyle Hendricks =72/207 is Pitching for Chicago =27/72. October Seventeenth =271. I’ll probably Tweet that one myself – follow me @TheMaestro2x on Twitter.

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    • Nice connections! Also, I noticed that
      “Game Three”=46,
      “Cubs win Game Three=199 (FB), the 46th prime #..


      • Cubs Yankees played the WS in 1932. This September 25th was a pi friendly 31,040 days later. That’s the day that the 3 actors from Coronation Street died; and Yankees beat Royals 11-3 as Cubs beat Cardinals 10-2. On the other side, the Dodgers first ever game was against the Yankees, exactly 3104 weeks before 10/13/17.


  3. Chicago and Houston met in the World Series, the 101st, back in 2005. Of course, that was the White Sox, not the Cubs, but a Chicago-Houston history/connection is there also since the Cubs and Astros used to be in the same division, too. Additionally, the whole “Houston flood theme” and Matt Harvey pitching in Houston as the first visiting pitcher after Hurricane Harvey is very interesting. He is #33. Furthermore, in one hard to find interview a Houston-suburb resident, right after the hurricane, said that it “felt like we won the World Series or something” since their suburb was not too badly hit..


    • Oh shit, nice one! Some real juicy durations since that 05 series ended too: 11 years 11 months 19 days before Webb died. Chicago Cubs + Houston Astros =119. NY Yankees =119. That’s also 11 years 11 months 18 days. Houston =118. Astros =118. Baseball’s Great Experiment =118 as the SI issue says.

      It’s also exactly 626 weeks to the start of this WS and 12 years 6 days to 11/1/17. World Series =126. Robert McDaniel Webb =1026. NY Yankees =26. Chicago Cubs =206.


      • BB: Yes, also are you already aware of the Dodgers/88/Wall Street/Magic Johnson connections, too? The last time the Dodgers won the World Series was in ’88 and Magic Johnson guaranteed that the Dodgers would win it this year, exactly 88 days before the start of the World Series on 10/24, which is the 88th anniversary of the stock market crashing on 10-24-29 that led to the Great Depression. Trump=88, Dodgers in World Series=88, etc..


      • Wall Street/ 23,000 DOW/ Psalm 23-Donald-Wall ( I Pet Goat 2), under 12:00 Clocktower (Big Ben).
        October 29 was also a notorious date for the Great Crash. A 25ft Anubis sailed into NYC harbor, past the Statue of Liberty, on 3-23-10: a span of 7y 7m 7d before 88th 10/29 Great Crash anniversary.
        Also, a cow (heifer) got loose and was captured in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, Oct. 17th, and the FED Building roof caught fire around 8:37pm, Oct.7th, on 33 Liberty St, NYC…..smell the smoke?


  4. Top post as usual BB…

    Just this minute watching Jason Bourne…

    The fake passport that he uses on his flight from London to Las Vegas is popped up on the screen in the 77th min with 44 mins of the sky movies downloaded recording I’m watching, (maybe different times on a blue ray of DVD)

    But he is using the name Christopher Michaels = 101, 110, 119, 133, 151, to point out a few numbers you’ve covered alot already…

    and the best part is he has a D.O.B / birthday of 27/9/78…. lol that has also popped up with Hugh Heff and the Jesuit bday as well as a few other things you’ve covered… 😂

    A 3/6/14 date of issue and 2/6/24 expiration date… there is probably some nice durations or things hidden to or from dates covered or release dates of the film or whatever but thought I’d leave it at that for this msg… 😉


  5. The next shots after the airport are a couple of usual Vegas landscapes… Can just make out Manderlay Bay and Luxor in the background of first sweeping shot… not in the next 2 but the Aria hotel (which when I went to type into google to check the distance from one another google filled my predicted searches with Ariana Grande links) is where they have the head of CIA Tommy Lee Jones going to stay and hold a talk/conference… the Aria is a 34 min walk away up the road (33 mins if you walk a tiny bit faster 😉 I bet Bourne could walk it in 32 mins 😂)…

    looking from above on the map it goes Manderlay Bay, Luxor, Excalibur, T-Mobile arena, with the New York New York Hotel, next to that and then The Monte Carlo hotel, then The Mandarin Oriental hotel, with the Aria resort and Casino up next which is also classed as the “city centre”

    The day stuff is going down is on 20/10/16 and “they” find out just before the talk starts that Bourne flew in 92 hrs ago… meaning it was 16/10/16 when he did so…

    Spans of those to paddock bringing up 11 mths 10 / 11 / 12 days (ex ed or inc them)

    Or 11 mths 14 / 15 / 16 days for when he got there…

    And would you adam and eve it… whilst being chased and chasing after Tommy at the same time jumps into an elevator and short curcuits it to breakdown… on the the 32nd floor… 😂

    Tommy is on 58th floor like the amount dead not including paddock… in suite 11… Tommy tells him he’s had 32 kills… 😂

    The chase up the road actually goes away from Manderlay Bay… they finish up crashing into the Riviera Casino… which according to google is 3.3 miles from the Bay and will take you 1 hr 15 mins to walk or 11 mins to drive what is 4 miles by road… the drive time to the bay from the Aria was 8 mins and 1.4 miles incase you wondered… the time of the film as he makes 1st contact to run his swat van off the road is 101 mins… by the time they’re crashing through the doors into casino its a 102 on the time with about a 5 sec total crash time…


  6. During the Yankees game on 10/14 there was a kid he almost caught an Astros home run.
    His name is Carson Riley. His family was at the game the take their minds off Carson’s brothers death. His brother Cade died a couple of months ago in an ATV accident.
    Carson and Cade, CC. Home run was hit by Carlos Correa.
    CC is 33
    10/14 is 33 days after 9/11.
    We are now 16 years after the Twin towers.
    Sixteen = 33.

    Daniel Webb = 41. Yankees about to be in their 41st World Series.
    Died age 28. Yankees about to win their 28th World Series.
    Died 57 days after his birthday.
    World Series = 57.
    Twenty eight = 57.
    His birthday is in the 33rd week of the year, died during the 41st week.
    First yankees dodgers World Series was in ’41, the last was in ’81.
    Robert mcdaniel webb = 81.
    This will be the 12th WS between the two.
    Carson riley is 12 years old.

    Twenty eighth = 65.
    New York Yankees = 65.
    On Webb’s birthday Yankees had 65 wins.
    On 9/11 they had 65 losses.

    Girardi born 10/14.
    Yankees 41st World Series ends with a win on Halloween.
    Halloween = 41.
    Will be 141 days after the Warriors won the NBA finals 4-1.
    Big sports events follow each other.
    10/14, 41, 141, 4-1, it’s all the same.

    Finals finished on 6/12, yankees played the other Los Angeles team that day.
    They won 5-3.
    53 is the 16th prime (sixteen = 33)
    Was there 61st game of the season. Sixty one = 41. Halloween leaves 61 days in the year.
    Was 91 days before 9/11. (9/11/2001 adds to 41)

    Halloween is 50 days after 9/11.
    Brady got his 5th ring, lebron got his 5th loss, mayweather got win number 50, there’s plenty more.

    9/11/2017 adds to 57. World series = 57.
    On 9/11 yankees got win number 78. 10/31/2017 = 78.
    They even won 5-1.
    Nine eleven = 51.

    Yankees end the season with 103 wins.
    One hundred three = 83.
    Brady born on 8/3, Warriors had 83 wins.

    (All gematria in this post is done using 1 method)


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    • Nice work! I didn’t see the Yankees winning it all this year, but you have definitely laid down the narrative for it here, so its very possible…


  7. Brother Berg have you looked at any predictive programming for the movies “Escape from New York” and “Escape from L.A.”? I was thinking about them today in case of a N.Y v L.A. World Series. Well check this shit out.

    Wiki says the 2017 World Series will be the 113th edition of Major League Baseball’s championship series.

    The one hundred thirteenth edition of Major League Baseball’s championship series + Dodgers + Yankees =13140 (squares).

    L.A. already the home team. Game 1 & 2 in L.A. “Escape from L.A.” debuted August 9, 1996. From the debut to October 26, 2017 (the travel day aka escaping from L.A) the movie will be 21 years 2 months 17 days.

    John Carpenter’s Escape from L.A. + the twenty seventeen World Series =314/227. Double Pi coded!

    The counterpart, “Escape from New York” debuted 36 years, 3 months 14 days before Game 1 of 2017 World Series. (Pi again).

    Escape from New York + World Series + Dodgers + Yankees =227. 

    Tonight’s (10/21) Game 7 in the N.Y. v Hou series is 2 months 27 days before John Carpenter’s 2018 birthday.

    Game 5 of 2017 World Series is on October 29. Kirk Gibson will be 22,070 days old. Makes a great case for the Dodgers to win it in 5.

    MLB =162. The MLB play 162 regular season games. Game 1 of 2017 World Series will be 10,602 days since Game 1 of the ’88 World Series. The ’88 World series is best known for the pinch-hit walk-off home run hit by Dodgers outfielder and ’88 NL MVP Kirk Gibson, “who could barely walk due to injuries suffered during the NLCS”, against Hall-of-Fame Athletics closer Dennis Eckersley.

    Chris Cornell + Kirk Gibson =227. Cornell died in Detroit where Kirk has a ton of ties.

    Kirk Gibson + John Howard Carpenter + World Series =314/227 (Another Double Pi code)!

    Tonight’s (10/21) Game 7 in the N.Y. v Hou series, Dennis Eckersley is 3290 weeks old. 329th Prime number, 2207.

    Dennis Lee Eckersley + Kirk Gibson + John Carpenter =227.
    Dennis + Eckersley + Kirk Gibson + John Carpenter =227.


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