Canadian Twins Trick: Gord Downie & John Dunsworth RIP

Two Canadian legends have passed away within 24 hours of each other, Gord Downie from the Tragically Hip (10/17/17) and John Dunsworth (10/16/17), better known as Officer Lahey on Trailer Park Boys. The two men were born exactly 930 weeks apart. Occult Ritual =930. Martin Luther King Jr =93 delivered his last ever speech on the 93rd day of the year in front of a Masonic Temple at 930 Mason Street. But I digress. Tragically Hip =193. Gord Downie =39. The Hip =39. Downie =139. Officer Lahey =139. Gord Downie + John Dunsworth =93. 

  • Saturn =93. As so often we see these artists leaving the scene in perfect synchronicity with a sacrifice to Saturn =511. Downie died 511 days after his brain cancer announcement. Musician =115. Lahey =15. The Tragically Hip =105. Gord Downie Introduce Yerself =151. That’s Downie’s latest solo album – due to release 10 days after he died.

193 is the 44th prime number. The news of Dunsworth’s death broke on the day Downie died, a date with numerology of (10+17+17) =44. Gord Downie =44. Gord =44 died in his hometown of Kingston =44. Musician =44. The Tragically Hip =1044. Trailer Park Boys =44. Mr Lahey =44. John Dunsworth =1440. Canada =144. Faith No More also released an album called Introduce Yourself in 1987, Downie’s album drops 11,144 days later.

Canadian =113. Officer Lahey =113 died 3 years 1 month 11 days after the revival of Trailer Park Boys and Downie died 113 days before his birthday. Gord Downie + John Dunsworth =311. His penultimate album was Gord Downie Secret Path =311/113 which released 11 months 30 days before his death. Fake Death =113. Freedom =311. 

  • So the Canadian Twins Trick comes on 10/17. Musician =117. Exactly 17 weeks earlier (6/19/17), Downie was appointed to the Order of Canada and Trailer Park Boys was renewed for Season 12. Jim Lahey =107. Officer Lahey =107. Mr Lahey =107. Canadian =17. Downie & Dunsworth =170 were born 17 years apart. Kingston =107. Introduce Yerself comes out 1 year 7 days after the last album by Leonard Cohen =170. Leonard Cohen You Want It Darker =117. Cohen died on 11//7. 

Downie’s album ‘Introduce Yerself’ released 10 days after his death reminds us of David Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’ released 2 days before he died and Leonard Cohen’s ‘You Want It Darker’ released 19 days before his death. And we can certainly expect Downie’s album to be a big seller too.

4 thoughts on “Canadian Twins Trick: Gord Downie & John Dunsworth RIP

  1. Sweet work brother. Back to back Canadians… The Canadian, Drake dropped “Back to Back” on July 29, 2015. From that release to the death of John Dunsworth was 2 years 2 months 17 days. From John Dunsworth’s birthday to the day after Drake’s birthday was 2 months 27 days.

    John Dunsworth =3141 (Squares).
    John Dunsworth + Drake =2270.
    Officer Lahey and Drake =227.
    John Francis Dunsworth + Canada + Aubrey Drake Graham =314.

    Game 1 of the 2017 World Series starts on Drake’s birthday.


    • Can you freaks please explain to me wtf is with all the numbers or where do you get all these 311s and 511s… how do you “add” it all up because I just see a bunch of numbered equations that make no sense.


      • It’s not very nice to call names Kalis. I’ll be a nice guy and help you out. You are seeing date calculations used with gematria ciphers. Date calculators are found on the web for free just like gematria ciphers. Links below.

        My comment with 227’s and 314’s is known as the Pi code. Are you familiar with Pi? 22/7 =3.14. If you count from when JFK won the presidential election (11/8/60) to the day of his assassination on (11/22/63) it is 3 years 14 days. Ronald Reagan’s assassination attempt happened a 2:27 pm. President Lincoln died at 7:22 am. 9/11 happened 7 month 22 days after Bush was sworn in to office.

        Gematria ciphers give you a numerical value for a letter, word or phrase. In the English Ordinal cipher when written out, “twenty two divided by seven =314”.

        Everything you know is a lie =314 (Kabbalah).
        United States of America =314 (Kabbalah).
        America is the land of the free and the home of the brave =227 (Reverse Reduction).
        the Police State =314 (Franc Baconis).
        The Military State =227 (Reverse Ordinal).
        Circumvent the gentile =227 (Jewish Ordinal).
        Devil =227 (Satanic).
        Universal Love =314 (Francis Bacon).
        Sacred Geometry =314 (Franc Baconis).
        Take The Blue Pill =314 (Franc Baconis).

        Chris Cornell born Christopher John Boyle =227. Chris Cornell died on May 18 this year. May 18 leaves 227 days remaining until the end of the year Kalis.

        Kalis =227 (Satanic).

        You could have simply looked at Brother Berg’s home page here and clicked on the tab at the top labeled “How Gematria Works”.

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