Assassination of William McKinley


The 25th President, William McKinley, was shot by an anarchist in the Temple of Music at the 1901 World’s Fair, dying eight days later as the third American President to fall to an assassin’s bullet. Solving these murder mysteries really feels like the board game Clue. You know, Colonel Mustard =156 in the Conservatory =156 with the Lead Pipe =65 (on 6/5, the 156th day of the year). Indeed we find the same pattern here: William McKinley =1506 was shot by Leon Czolgosz =156 at the World’s Fair =156. President of the United States =156. False Flag =156. But it’s the 144 assassination code that makes this post necessary, a continuation from the previous.

  • Refresher: Assassinated =144. President Assassination =144. The Harvest =144. Killer =144. Forty-Four =144. Kill =44. Murders =44. Execution =44. Hit =44. Blood Rituals =44. Ritual Sacrifice =44. Choreographed Rituals =444. Indeed, the most common perpetrator of Assassinations =44, appropriately enough, is the Anarchist =44. 

William McKinley =1404. McKinley =144 shot by Leon Frank Czolgosz =1440 in Buffalo New York =1044 a span of 144 days before McKinley’s birthday; the President died 4 months 14 days before his next birthday. Czolgosz was executed by electric chair at the perfect age of 10,404 days old, 44 days after McKinley died. He was an Anarchist =44 inspired by the assassination of the King of Italy, King Umberto =44, shot by an anarchist another pitch perfect duration of 404 days before McKinley’s shooting.

Leon Czolgosz =1014. The Temple of Music =1140. The Pan-American Exposition =1114. McKinley died 4 years 10 months 10 days after his election and 411 days after the assassination of Umberto, who was born 411 days after the birth of McKinley. Assassin =411. Freemason =411. 

  • We find some solid Pi coding here too: Leon Frank Czolgosz =1314 in the Temple of Music =227 at the Pan-American Exposition =227 a span 31 weeks 4 days after his birthday & 227 days after the death of Queen Victoria, dying 7 months 22 days after her death. Umberto I was born on 3/14 and his assassin died in prison 3 months 14 days before the shooting of McKinley and 7 months 22 days before Czolgosz.
  • Also interesting that 10/10/17 was 70 years 22 days after the formation of the CIA. On that day, Donald Trump’s staffer Nick Corvino was shot dead while sleeping with 13 bullets.

United States of America =314. Presidential Assassination =314. John Jack Fitzgerald Kennedy =314 died a clean 3 years 14 days after his election. Historic Repetition =314. History Repeats by the Numbers =3140. Osama bin Laden was first introduced to the world public with the US Embassy Bombings in Kenya & Tanzania, another pi-perfect 3 years 1 month 4 days before 9/11. Bin Laden died 314 days before his birthday and the 2/27 Reichstag Fire happened 314 days after Hitler’s birthday. And here’s a new one for us, the CIA was founded on 18 September 1947, the very next day after the clock hit 30,104 days since the death of Abraham Lincoln.

Speaking of the CIA, Operation Northwoods (the documented false flag plan to stage terrorist attacks on America) was declassified on 18 November 1997. On the upcoming date of 22 November 2017, the 54th anniversary of the JFK assassination, it will be exactly 1044 weeks later. False Flag =1044. With an insanely perfect synch like that, let’s keep our eyes peeled for that date too.

5 thoughts on “Assassination of William McKinley

  1. this operation northwoods,makes me think of snagglepuss saying, heavens to murgatroyd.murgatroyd ie.meaning forest of majic .what say ye by the numbers. snagglepuss is a code name for satan.


  2. I love your work BB. Your last few posts have been amazing and have taken your work to a new level. Thanks for all that you do.

    With all these Pi connections you’ve detailed, reminds me of Joel Dommett’s Pi tattoo, which he talked about with Carol Vorderman on I’m a celebrity, get me out of here! last year …… Truth via the mainstream.

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  3. Thinking about dates. 9 November 2017 (11/9 or 9/11), the 313th day of the year, 5903 days after 11 September 2001. 5903, the 777th prime. Exactly 28 years, 10,227 days after fall of Berlin Wall. Another day to keep an eye on?

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