The Eagles Sacrifice of Daniel Te’O-Nesheim

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Daniel Te’O-Nesheim, a former defensive end drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles =300, has died on October 30th at the age of 30, the day after the Eagles beat the 49ers to go 7-1, thus giving them the best record in the NFL. The day before Halloween, the holy-day of the Druids who performed much human sacrifice – especially on this day said to be the day when the veils between dimensions are the thinnest. The Druids also marked this time as a fertility festival, thanking the spirits for the harvest. Consider then, the tragic death of Te’O-Nesheim in this framework, the Eagles performing a sacrifice of one their people as a cheers for leading the league.

  • I’m housesitting down in Cornwall now and watching a spooky Halloween special on Ireland’s Celtic Demons – and they just brought up sacred geometry, saying coincidence is often a repeating pattern. Coincidence is often a repeating pattern. There’s also a lot of talk of the Hellfire Club and human sacrifice. Truth hidden in plain sight. 

Daniel =89 died in the 98th season of the NFL 98 days before the Super Bowl at the age of 11,098 days old, the day before All Hallow’s Eve =98. Minneapolis Minnesota =98. Super Bowl Fifty-Two =89. Daniel Te’O-Nesheim =86 was selected 86th overall and died 8 weeks 6 days before the birthday of Eagles QB, Carson Wentz =1809. 

Wentz, born on the 30th, was exactly 298 months old when Te’O-Nesheim died. Philadelphia Eagles =298. And how’s this, Wentz was born 289 weeks after the birth of Te’O-Nesheim. Minneapolis Minnesota =289. [Carson Wentz =314 was also born a pi-curious span of 2027 days later… interesting. And speaking about Pi, I was at Stonehenge the other day and that design was all Pi Symbol to me; gateways or portals, alphanumeric spell-casting and ancient evil.]

And the thing is, Te’O-Nesheim is the third former Eagles player to die in October. The last one was Charles Weber =1199 (Jewish Gematria). And of course if we include the end date, Te’O-Nesheim died at the age of 11,099 days old. Te’O =11 Nesheim =99. Daniel = 99. Chuck Weber =99. Philadelphia =199. Benjamin Hawkins =99 the other Eagle to die, on October 9th.

This means that if we count from Halloween, the day after his death, it’s a very clean span of 11,100 days after his birth. Philadelphia Eagles =111. Super Bowl LII =111. Minneapolis Minnesota =111October =111. Ajayi =1011, the Miami RB traded to Eagles the day after Te’O-Nesheim died.  Dick Vermeil =111. 

  • And get this, Dick Vermeil – legendary Eagles coach – turned 81 years old on the very day that Te’O-Nesheim =108 died. Super Bowl Fifty-Two =81. The first time the Eagles were in the Super Bowl was in ’81. 

Eagle =630. Vermeil =630. Jay Ajayi was born 6 years 3 days after the birth of Daniel Te’O-Nesheim =63, who was waived 63 weeks after signing with the Eagles. Chuck Weber =63. Benjamin Hawkins =62. That’s all three Eagles to die this month coded up the same.

Daniel Te’O-Nesheim =252 also wore #52 with the Eagles and we’re leading up to Super Bowl 52 in Minnesota =52Benjamin Hawkins =252. Samhain =52 was the Druid holy-day at Halloween. Chuck Weber =125. Wentz =25. The first Eagles SB was on 1/25 and their last was in 2005. The 52nd prime is 239. Super Bowl 52 comes 1932 weeks after that first Eagles SB in ’81.

Te’O-Nesheim spent 444 days with the Eagles, reminding us of the 444 day Iran Hostage Crisis, which – as it turns out – ended five days before Super Bowl XV, the first Eagles appearance, a loss to the Raiders. The Eagles defeated their arch nemesis the Cowboys to reach that SB, and I’d say they have a better chance getting upset by the Cowboys this year, as it seems a bit obvious for the Eagles to make it. Then again, Sports Illustrated called the Astros as 2017 World Series Champions back in 2014…

5 thoughts on “The Eagles Sacrifice of Daniel Te’O-Nesheim

  1. Also, “Daniel” is a biblical name.
    “Biblical Name”-Septenary=30(Like his age at death)
    “Eagle”-English Ordinal=30
    “Eagle”-Septenary=”20″/Chaldean=”17″(Like 2017)


  2. That 111 sequence reminds me of the Astros, they stay on 111 wins tonight and Dodgers win the World Series. Yu gets revenge on the Chinito joke. Chinito =111 and todays date is 11-1………


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