NYC Truck Attack & The Astros World Series

Let’s crack open this vehicle ramming attack on Halloween in New York City, the deadliest act of terrorism there since 9/11/01, and very suspiciously perfectly coded up with the Astros World Series. Just look at that perfect orange & white colour coding with the now legendary Sports Illustrated predictive programming, like jack-o-lanterns and ghost costumes. KKK and burning crosses. Other psychological associations we may make without our conscious awareness. So let’s get into it, you know the deal – all numbers you can fact check yourself.

New York =78. Truck Attack =78. The terrorist was Sayfullo Habibullaevich Saipov =178 and it happened on Houston St =1078 exactly 178 weeks after the publish date of Stephen King’s novel Mister Mercedes =178/87, yet another perfect synch with that book about a vehicle rammer (as I’ve been documenting). There was one prominent eye-witness wearing a brand new Astros cap, and the very next day the Houston =78 Astros =78/87 won the World Series. Of course they defeated the New York Yankees to get there, and first weathered Harvey =78, the hurricane that started on 17/8, the day of the Barcelona Attack.

  • Sayfullo =787/87. Manhattan =87. Lower Manhattan =87. One World Trade Center =87. Terror =187. Home Depot founded in ’78. In the aftermath of this, Trump has now called for Extreme Vetting =187, more increase of the US Police State =78.
  • Houston Texas =187. The Governor of Texas, Governor Abbott =78, who could have very much tipped us off to the Astros win (as we’ll see). As of course did that damn SI cover from 2014 (when Astros were worst in the league) that read “Your Twenty Seventeen World Series Champs” =187. As I covered back in May, it also had G Springer =780 on the cover, the dude who would go on to be MVP of that World Series. Just ridiculous eh.

And get this: as if it’s not weird enough that Houston won the day after the latest staged terror attack on frickin Houston Street with a key witness wearing a fresh Houston cap: “this was the second terrorist attack committed by a winner of the Diversity Immigrant Visa lottery, following the 2002 Los Angeles International Airport shooting committed by Hesham Mohamed Hadayet, an Egyptian.” (2017 Lower Manhattan Attack, Wiki). You see that!? Direct connection to LA, the team the Astros beat. Unreal.

Now check it out, from that LAX Attack on 4 July 2002 (not to be confused with the other staged spectacle at LAX on 11/1/13) to this NYC Attack is a span of exactly 5600 days. Saipov =56. ISIS =56. The Islamic State =56. The Home Depot =56. False Flag =156. It also happened exactly 156 weeks after One World Trade Center opened. Diversity Immigrant Visa =1056. Hurricane Harvey =1056. Donald J Trump =1056. George Springer =156. Springer =56. Astros won The Twenty Seventeen World Series =156 on the 56th anniversary of the formation of the Johnson Space Center and Astros are in their 56th season in Houston TX =156, the team formerly known as the Houston Colt Forty-Fives =1560. Former Astros GM Spec Richardson died on 4/12/16, a clean 560 days before the World Series began. Astrodome =560. 

That prophetic SI cover was dated 24 June 2014. That’s exactly 3 years 4 months before these World Series began. Houston =34. The Astros =34. Houston Texas =1034. Twenty Seventeen =1134. And as you may have heard, both teams scored 34 runs each in the series that ended 3-4.

  • Sayfullo Habibullaevich Saipov =304 swerved into the bike lane at 3:04 PM according to the official timeline. And that Halloween Vehicle Ramming in a truck from Home Depot =34/43 happened exactly two years after a parallel incident, a car smashing into a crowd of trick-or-treaters in NYC; two years also equal to 104 weeks 3 days. One World Trade Center =434. There were 434 non-fatal injuries in the Nice Attack (exactly 68 weeks earlier) and Astros won exactly 3430 weeks after Elizabeth =34/43 became Queen. The Department of Homeland Security =343. Allahu Akbar =34/43/134. The Home Depot =134. Saipov was born exactly 34 years 10 months after the Vegas patsy, Stephen Paddock =134. 

We’ve already covered so many crazy perfect connections here, but it keeps going. The truck ramming is called the deadliest act of terrorism in New York City since 9/11/01 – which happened exactly 842 weeks earlier. Revenge =842. The Astros =248. President Donald Trump =248. 

New York City =129. Truck Attack =129. Vehicle Ramming Attack =129. Sayfullo Habibullaevich Saipov =129. The exact Gematria as the LAX patsty: Hesham Mohamed Hadayet =129. De Blasio =129. Uzbek =129/29. Tribeca =29. Trump =29 Manhattan =29/92. Freedom Tower =292. Saipov =292 is 29 years old. The ’93 World Trade Center Bombing happened 9021 days before our new target date of 9 November 2017. That’s also exactly 1289 weeks, and 1289 is the 209th prime, so we’re doubly connected to this date via the 129 pattern. This date’s also 9 months 2 days after the 29th birthday of Saipov =292. Allahu Akbar =209/29. Manhattan Truck Attack =209/929. 

  • World Series =292. One Hundred Thirteenth World Series =129. Yankees =29. Houston Astros World Series =290. George Chelston Springer =1029. George Springer =1290. Springer =29 was MVP. Astros won on 29 numerology, 29 years after Dodgers’ last WS appearance, 1 month 29 days after Harvey dissipated and 1 month 29 days before the anniversary of Texas’s admission to the union, this being the first World Series win for the state of Texas.

Home Depot =200. Tribeca =200. It happened exactly 200 weeks into Mayor De Blasio’s term. Trump =20. Astros =20. Your Twenty Seventeen World Series Champs =200. 

It happened exactly 842 weeks after 9/11/01, but the big clue this gave us, is that 5903 is the 777th prime, and on 11/9/17, the mirror date, it will be 5903 days after 9/11. Sayfullo Habibullaevich Saipov =119. If we only count the days between, it’s a span of 9011 days between the Halloween Attack and the ’93 WTC Bombing. The Islamic State =911.  

  • And as for that big 19 on the truck. Texas’ Governor Abbott =119 was in office for 1009 days when the World Series began (exactly 144 weeks). Saipov =910. Vehicle Ramming Attack =190. George Springer =91. George Chelston Springer =119. The Astros =119. 

Abbott was also in office for 1017 days on 11/1/17. Twenty Seventeen Champions =117. The Houston Astros =1170. Vehicle Ramming Attack =1170. This number we keep repeating over and over and over again. The NYC Attack happened 1 year 11 months 17 days after the Paris Attacks. View any of the previous posts on recent terror attacks to see the prevalence of this code.

And look at this image from the NY Times. Directly down the street from One World Trade Center, a cheeky BB//33 on the green flag. I really don’t know how they do this shit, how they could possibly pull off a hoax in the middle of Manhattan, with that many uncontrolled variables roaming around. And if it’s a false flag it’s crazy how perfectly it’s all orchestrated. Which is why this is so fuckin bogus, this whole false flag VS hoax business that has the truth community watching over their shoulders and lashing out at each other like abused dogs who bark and act big because they’re scared of getting hurt again. It’s so bad man. It’s so obviously a distraction, whether you’re aware of it or not.

That being said, it is fucked up how all these decodes keep suggesting total conspiracy, that apparently not a single one of these terror attacks is legitimate and/or authentic (aka actually homegrown). As if there’s not really so many amateurs out there who are desperate for fame and willing and able to do violence in the name of a cause. Some of the more twisted cats out there even broadcast their murderous fantasies on their blogs, promoting their version of truth while calling for the mass murder and genocide of the ignorant (i.e. those who believe otherwise). Like all the good and honest people out there who don’t have the luxury to research conspiracies deserve to die. And frankly I’m fucking disgusted that our Gematria community is associated with that evil extremist shit. It’s such a tainted detriment to the whole movement, a cancer to the truth community. What we need is more good people out there.

Although I’ve been traveling the world for the last couple years now, celebrating freedom, and everywhere I go I find real good people – whether they believe in the Illuminati or that sports or rigged or not. Who gives a fuck at the end of the day, because we all have our roles to play. The alphanumeric patterns show everything is connected – just like all human beings. Separateness is an illusion and divided we are conquered. Hatred for others is hatred of self. And it’s a beautiful fucking world out there, despite what CNN tells you. Despite what some hateful little blogger tells you. Remember that you’re free to find (and live) your own truth, whatever that means to you. So have a happy Guy Fawkes Day, and set yourself on fire.

6 thoughts on “NYC Truck Attack & The Astros World Series

  1. Poignant words as always. I noticed the “78” too when it was first reported that “7” died then it changed to “8”. (10/31/2017) 10+31+20+17=78

    “Fear Mongering”-Full Reduction=78


  2. Trump’s in Japan today: 72y 2m 22d after Japan’s surrender on 8-14-45. Now we have 8 high-ranking Saudi officials dead in a 11/5 helicopter crash and rumblings of war.

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  3. Thanks for sharing brother. Looking closer at that NY Times picture you got there.
    Fashion Food Art =227.

    Did you see the day of Game 7 in the World Series the “Clown Prince of Baseball” Myron Noodleman died? He was born: Richard Martin Hader =314.

    Rick Hader twenty seventeen World Series Game seven sacrifice =227/314. (Double coded).
    Rick Hader twenty seventeen World Series Game 7 =227.
    Richard Martin Hader + Clown Prince of Baseball =314.
    Richard Martin “Rick” Hader known as Myron Noodleman =227.

    Also, the first game in the WS that Houston won, October 25, an ex-Astros pitcher turned landscaper was found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning along with his father in the company van. The pitcher was Ross Powell, age 49. I’m thinking 49th Prime, 227.

    Ross Powell the Houston Astros World Series =227.
    Ross John Powell the Houston Astros World Series sacrifice =314.

    Ross Powell =91 died 91 days before his next birthday. 91 days is 131,040 minutes.


  4. Excellent work, may I just add that it makes perfect sense that the Houston Astro’s win, with the team being previously known as the Houston Colt 45’s, Trump being the 45th president, plus WWII ending in ’45 (when you incorporate all the War tributes we’ve seen recently).
    The Colt 45 M1911 handgun predominant throughout WWI, WWII and later wars, was designed by John Browning, who died Nov 26 ’26 in Liege, Belgium, whilst working on a pistol design at Fabrique Nationale de Herstal ……. Perhaps explaining why there is the Belgian Flag, where the lady is leaving the flowers ( your picture at the bottom of your blog)?

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    • “Astros won exactly 3430 weeks after Elizabeth =34/43 became Queen.”

      Ties back to the Superbowl which was played on 2/6 (UK time due to time delay), the anniversary of Elizabeth becoming Queen. The date numerology of the Superbowl … 2+6+20+17 = 45 (Colt 45’s).

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