Sutherland Springs Church Shooting

November 5th is Bonfire Night in the UK, and this was my first experience in the kingdom, down in Cornwall with fireworks going off all over town for hours like a war zone in a bombing campaign. This is Guy Fawkes Day, the celebration of the state stopping that evil religious terrorist who planned to blow up Parliament and assassinate King James I in the Gunpowder Plot (also known as the Jesuit Treason) of 1605. As we now better understand how the real game works, this was most likely an early false flag. As such, I was wondering if we’d get a terror story on this day, and sure enough there was a mass shooting at Sutherland Springs Church near San Antonio Texas, a 26-year-old white boy named Devin Kelley killing 26 people in what is the deadliest mass shooting in Texas history and the deadliest shooting ever at an American place of worship.

26 people killed by a 26-year-old on the date (11+5+2+0+1+7)=26 in a clearly staged Church Shooting =1260 in the town of Sutherland Springs =206 near the city of San Antonio =126 on Guy Fawkes Day =126 based on the Jesuit Treason =206. It also happened exactly six weeks after another church shooting in Antioch =26 (Tennessee) by a man named Emanuel Samson =206. That event saw one killed eight wounded. Emanuel =26 reminds us of the Charleston Church Shooting =126 at Emanuel Methodist with Dylann Roof =26. And as we’ll also discuss, this was the first church shooting in Texas since 1980 in Daingerfield Texas =1126. Also, ten days later (11/15/17) will be 20,060 days after the last time the Bethel Baptist Church was bombed in Birmingham Alabama.

  • Church Massacre =602. Remember Remember the Fifth of November =621. Sutherland Springs Church =1626. Charleston South Carolina =1626. It also happened 26 years 20 days after the Luby’s Shooting =1626. Charleston Church =62. Baptist =62. November Fifth =62. Kelley & Roof were born 162 weeks apart & Roof was 1106 weeks 2 days old the day before he shot up the church. Sutherland Springs happened 6 months 26 days after Roof was sentenced to life without parole. Kiefer Sutherland =206. Donald Sutherland =260. (Curiously, Donald Sutherland was 30,063 days old for the shooting at Sutherland Springs Church =363). 
  • According to Jewish chronology, God =26 gave the Torah =26 in the 26th generation since Creation. God =26 created Man =26 in his Image =26 and with the Breath =26 of Life =26 named him Adam =26 who is At One =26 with Eve: Adam + Eve =26. Virgin Mary =26/126. Jesus + Mary + Joseph =1206.  The Cosmos =126. Universe =126.  The Book of Genesis has 26 verses, beginning with Adam =26 and ending with God =26. The word Baptism =26 is used 26 times in the Bible. Many more synchronicities firmly entrench 26 as the God number. Saturn =26. 

The Charleston Church Shooting happened 26 weeks after the 12/13/14 premier of Kingsman: The Secret Service, which features a shockingly gruesome massacre scene in a Baptist Church in Kentucky =126 set to the soundtrack of Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Bird =260. Colin Andrew Firth =162/62. Colin =26 plays Harry Hart =126 code name Galahad =26. The Sutherland Springs Massacre came 1 month 26 days after Firth’s birthday. The Kingsman sequel, The Golden Circle =206, just released at the end of September. And this predictive programmed church massacre happened just four days after that actor Brad Bufanda =126 died at the age of 12,600 days old, 26 weeks after his birthday & 26 weeks before his next birthday.


Kingsman The Secret Service =1112. Kingsman =112. The Secret Service =112. Charleston Church =112. Fawkes =1012 aka Guido Fawkes =1012. The Sutherland Springs Massacre at First Baptist Church =211 on The Fifth of November =211 happened 1012 days after Kingsman released, and the shooting is time-stamped as starting at 11:20 AM (to emphasize this coding). I haven’t seen this flick but found the scene after a search of films with church massacres {watch the clip here}. Samuel L Jackson’s character is behind the scenes gradually cranking up the frequency which appears to be connected to people’s cell phones and making everyone lose their shit – a very blatant allusion to mind control. Then as if Galahad is being remote controlled, he proceeds to slaughter everyone in the church.

The Kingsman =115. Secret Service =1015. Colin Andrew Firth =1115. Dylann Roof =115. Charleston =115. Baptist =115. Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Bird =115. Roof + Kelley =115. The Antioch Chapel Shooting is timestamped as 11:15. The Daingerfield Shooting (also at a First Baptist Church) killed 5 injured 11. And now this shooting near San Antonio =115 on the date 11/5 that is the deadliest since the 2009 mass shooting at Fort Hood =115 which incidentally also occurred on 11/5 (exactly eight years earlier).

  • The Sutherland Shooting happened 10 months 15 days after David Sutherland’s birthday & 1 month 15 days before his next. Religious =115. Psychological Operations =115. Freemasons =115. Masonic =115. Leader =115. The King =115. Saturn =511. 

Below we see Galahad murdering an innocent woman in a church and on the right is a screencap from the sequel, the one-eye shades and dressed suspiciously like a Texan. 

MK Ultra =24. Antifa =24. Colin Firth was a remarkable 20,004 days old for the Charleston Church Massacre. Birmingham Alabama =2004. 2 years 4 months 20 days later was the Sutherland Springs Massacre =1224 where Devin Patrick Kelley =240 shot up the Baptist =24 Church =24 in Sutherland Springs =224 near San Antonio =242 on Guy Fawkes Day =2024, the anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot =204 and in the wake of the championship for Houston Astros =204/1224. 

  • That’s also 124 weeks after Charleston. Devin Kelley =124Guy Fawkes =124. Texas Ranger =124. It’s also 42 days after Antioch =420. Kelley =420. Astros =420. Sutherland Springs Texas =1420. Sutherland =142. Baptist Church =142. Kingsman The Secret Service =142. Saturn =42.

Charleston Church Massacre =1095 happened at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church =195 with the perp Dylann Storm Roof =195 and started at 9:05 PM. The Secret Service =95. The latest church massacre in Sutherland Springs Texas =95 happened on November Fifth =195, exactly 1950 weeks after the Daingerfield Shooting.

Kingsman The Secret Service =137. Mind Control =137. Government =137. Charleston SC =137. Roof & Kelley were born 1137 days apart. And of course 137 is the 33rd prime. Charleston Church Massacre =333. Charleston South Carolina =333. MK Ultra =33. Mind Control =33. Sutherland Springs Massacre =303. Saturn =303. Hate Crimes =33. KKK =33. Racism =33. Dylann Roof was convicted of 33 federal hate crime charges. Astros =33. 

8 thoughts on “Sutherland Springs Church Shooting

  1. That’s some hella 26/62 coding you got going there brother. This shooter Devin Kelley’s birthday was 20 weeks 6 days before Donald Sutherland’s birthday.
    Donald Sutherland and Devin Kelley =126/162.
    Donald Sutherland as X =126.

    Exclude the start and end date, Devin Kelley died 314 days before his next birthday.
    Patsy Devin Kelley =227/227.
    Donald McNichol Sutherland + Devin Patrick Kelley =314.
    Donald Sutherland + Devin Kelley + Texas Mass Shooting =227.

    Donald Sutherland was in the 1997 movie “Shadow Conspiracy”. On 2/27 this year that movie was 20 years 27 days old.
    Shadow Conspiracy and Sutherland Springs church shooting =314.

    Devin Kelley was born in 1991, same years Oliver Stone’s JFK debuted, Donald Sutherland played “X” in JFK. Just thought I would put it out there in light of the JFK papers being released by Trump. Stone’s JFK debuted 156 days after Sutherland’s birthday and 303 days after Devin Kelley’s.

    Donald Sutherland + JFK =227.
    Patsies + Lee Harvey Oswald + Devin Patrick Kelley =227.

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  2. You always cut to the chase, BBerg, excellent and concise. The address of the church: “216” 4th Street.
    In 2016 on 11/20, the Pope’s ritual: ” Doors of Mercy Closing” = 223 (K).
    Texas Harvest = 3022 (sq), 162 (FB), 1710 (EE), 45 (church review rated 4.5 stars)

    From Pope’s ritual 11/20/16 to 11/5/17 = 11m16d or 11m 17d span.
    From NYC Arch of Baal unveiling 9/19/2016 to 11/5/17 = 1y 1m 17d or 413d (reverse Pi) span.

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    • Actress Devin Kelley starred in “Resurrection”: final episode aired 1015d before 11/5.
      Disney’s DVD format released 1244d before 11/5 ( 6/10/14).


  3. Absolutely brilliant reading / decoding brother…

    I liked how on his photo it appears that they’ve photo shopped off his ears or that he has none???

    Much like the 1st Paddock pic with his eyes shut… See no evil… Hear no evil…

    I wonder how they’re going to pose a speak no evil / have no mouth??? in the soon to come next psy-op…

    probably on the 15th of Nov as you’ve covered or maybe on the 9th??? Which is 5903 days from Sept 11th… 5903 being the 777th prime…

    including end dates it’s also a day before hitting 16 yrs 2 mths…

    I’ve always seen the name alone… Fawkes as a play on words of Faux or Fakes…

    On a side note BB,

    did you get to see any “firework shows”???

    I remember as a kid THE thing to do was… build a guy fawkes dummy to “sacrifice on the fire” we would make them out of old clothes and stuff them and make faces or use a mask and hat… then go round the neighbourhood wheeling it in a wheel barrow and knocking on peoples doors asking and almost chanting to anyone we would see… penny for the guy… penny for the guy… then try to get someone to buy us some fireworks before the night came and he got thrown onto the fire… not sure if this sort of thing happens nowdays??? I’ve never had anyone knock on my door asking for a penny for the guy… 😂

    In Colchester where I’m from for donkeys years the town has held a firework show called… King Coles Kittens… or something like that… held in the grounds of the castle park… 1000’s of people all ritually congregating yards away from where some civil war conspriators against the crown were executed outside the castle the spot of which has a statue / obelisk marking where they were killed… since had local schools named after them but that was back in 1648 (44yrs later including counting both start and end yrs)… theres a few famous nursery rhymes coming out of colchester too… The Old King Cole… being one and twinkle twinkle little star being another…

    Think it’s interesting how the old king cole firework show has everyone staring up at the sky/fireworks and twinkle twinkle little star is also about staring up into the sky…

    Have you ever watched The Just Is… collection of videos on youtube??? explains alot about Aaaaahhhhhhh…. and looking up while praying and finishing with aaahhhhmen and how all gods (GaaaahhhDs) or messiaaahhhhhs like yaaahhhhweh or alaaahhhhhh or buddaaahhhh and looking up and saying aaahhhhh to the Doctaaahhhhh or at fireworks and how aaahhhhhh and laught aaaahhhhhh really is the best medicine in life…

    Really interesting stuff… that and… Apple door… done by the same bloke… would love to find some more of his work as they’re a few years old now but still brilliant information and thoughts…

    Sorry about all of that (above) I’ve sidetracked and gone off on a couple of different tangents here haven’t I… 😉

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  4. A 26 year old man shot and killed 26 people. It happened on 11-5, Saturn =511, this was another ritualistic killing. I predicted that the Chiefs would go 11-5 this year.
    Yesterday had date numerology of 26. In the report they identify the pastors daughter who was shot and killed. Annabelle Renee Pomeroy =206. Chiefs =260 Kansas City Chiefs =260 Alex Smiths birthday was 26 weeks ago. Chiefs came into the game yesterday with a 6-2 record. Alex Smith had 62 career losses coming into the game. Alex Smith will have 26 losses with Chiefs after they go 11-5. In the report they said that the pastor gave a sermon last week telling the congregation to “Lean on the Lord”=62
    One thing that stood out to me watching the Chiefs game yesterday was they kept flashing the number 281 the whole game, Alex Smith bday was 182 days ago. Kansas City Chiefs 2017 NFL Champs =182 The pastor of the church was Frank Pomeroy =812.
    The shooting took place at Sutherland Springs =213 and Andy Reid’s bday was 231 days ago. Kansas City Chiefs =1032 2017 NFL Champions =123 Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs =123 Dallas Texans =123. Getting back to the sermon last week the report stated that the pastor also stated “Trust in the lord with all your heart and do not rely or lean on your own understanding” =123
    Since the SB is taking place in Minnesota, I decided to take a look at the Minnesota Twolves game last night and looky looky what I found.
    The Twolves played the Charlotte Hornets and the last time these two teams played was on 11-15 and the Hornets scored 115 pts in a win. The last time KC played Dallas was 216 weeks ago. The Hornets owner Michael Jordan’s bday was 261 days ago. Jerry Jones just got his 261st win of his career. Andy Reid took his 129th loss. (invert 9 for 6) Clark Hunt was born on 2-19 (invert 9) and Minneapolis area code is 612!
    To show you that this is all entertainment, The Twolves scored 112 pts last night. Astros had 112 wins. The attack was said to happen at 11:20 am. The name of the church was First Baptist Church =211. Twolves score 112 pts in a win. The final score of the game was 112 -94 that is a total score of 206!!!

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