Sutherland Springs PsyOp Part II

We need to follow-up on this Sutherland Springs Shooting because there are some extremely juicy synchronizations connected to it. In the previous post we saw how the church massacre predictive programming in Kingsman: The Secret Service was perfectly timed up with both the Charleston & Sutherland psy-ops (the term I prefer over false flag or hoax because who really knows what exactly went down aside from the fact that they’re state-sponsored psychological operations). In this post I’d like to dig a bit deeper into the long count duration synchs with other American mass shootings – particularly with regards to this event occurring eight years to the day after the 2009 Fort Hood Shooting.

The thing about eight years is that Sutherland Springs =96 occurred exactly 96 months after the shooting at Fort Hood =96 by the perp Nadal Malik Hasan =96. Kelley =96. Devin Patrick Kelley =196 perfectly synched up with Dylann Storm Roof =196 and the Houston Astros =196. Houston =96. Charleston =96. Church Shooting =906. Anniversary =906. Texas Rangers =906. Kelley was allegedly dressed as the Grim Reaper =960. This surpassed the UT Tower Shooting in death toll, the 1966 killing spree that lasted 96 minutes. 

  • The Texas Rangers =169. The 2009 Fort Hood Shooting happened 1609 days before the 2014 Fort Hood Shooting. Devin Kelley was born on 2 February 1991, a span of 169 days before the Waddell Arizona Buddhist Temple Shooting =169 (as it’s officially known, the previously the deadliest attack on an American place of worship), which itself happened 69 days (or 9 weeks 6 days) before the Luby’s Massacre =169 in Killeen =69 Texas =69/906, the ominously named town right next door to Fort Hood. False Flag =69. Anniversary Effect =69. 
  • That’s all in 1991, which is the birth year of the Kingsman protagonist, Eggsy Unwin =196 played by actor Taron David Egerton =96. Glendronach =96/196 is a Scottish whiskey brand that released a special “Kingsman Edition 1991” of their scotch for promotion. British Royal Family =96. The British Empire =96. Freemason =96. Satanism =96. Vatican =96. Secret =96. Guy Fawkes =1619. 

I’ve posted on Killeen TX in the past, the town that sounds like ‘Killing’ =690 the site of three major mass shootings. And as word on the street says, Fort Hood is home to a squad of Delta Mind-Controlled soldiers and a reported saucer base. Mind Control =960. MK-Ultra =96. Sutherland Springs happened 916 days after the (5/3/15) terror attack at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland Texas and 69 weeks after the (7/7/16) shooting of Dallas police officers. And then there’s the legendary MLB pitcher, Roy ‘Doc’ Halladay, who died in the plane crash on 11/7/17. Doc Halladay =96 born Harry Leroy Halladay III =69. 

Again, the Sutherland Springs Shooting happened 26 years 20 days after the Luby’s Shooting =1626. Sutherland Springs Church =1626. Waddell Arizona Buddhist Temple Shooting =2626 [Jewish G]. It also happened 2 years 6 months 2 days after the attack at the Curtis Culwell Center =1620 and 10 years 6 months 20 days after the Virginia Tech Massacre. The 2009 Fort Hood Shooting happened 20,610 days after the Queen’s coronation, (Queen =26 born in ’26 took the throne 2/6 and coronated 6/2). Speaking of witch, Princess Charlotte was 2 years 6 months 2 days old the day before the Sutherland Springs Shooting.

  • Texas Ranger =262. The Texas Rangers =262 were founded on 17 October 1835, a date with numerology of 26/62, and it’s said there are currently 162 members of the Texas Ranger Division =1620, the wild west law enforcement very much a part of the tributes here – especially with the other reference to gunslinger Doc Holliday (deputized by Wyatt Earp for the Gunfight at the OK Corral on 10/26 of 1881). Remember the Kingsman sequel with the cowboy gear.
  • To restate: 26 people killed by a 26-year-old dressed as the Grim Reaper =162 shouting “Everybody Dies Motherfucker” =126 in a Church Shooting =1260 on (11+5+2+0+1+7) =26 in Sutherland Springs =206. Sacrifice =206. Ritual Sacrifice =206. Harry Leroy Halladay III =206 dies two days later, the day 26 teenage girls are found dead at sea, African migrants trekking for Europe.
  • And I started watching Stranger Things II for a follow-up post on the mind control theme from the first series, and the date the show opens on (10/28/84) just so happens to be 12,060 days before the Sutherland Springs Shooting. Crazy eh.

And that brings us to the aforementioned ‘Anniversary Effect’ reference, which they cite in the first episode: “We see this with soldiers,” the doctor explains, “The anniversary of the event brings back traumatic memories, sort of opens up the neurological floodgates, so to speak.” Very interesting quote when this Texas church mass shooting happened on the anniversary of the Texas military base mass shooting, which definitely would been traumatic for many people – especially with the whole Remember Remember the 5th of November business. Speaking of which, V for Vendetta opened 11 years 10 months 26 days before this Church Shooting, or exactly 621 weeks(The film set in the year 2027).

It also makes me think of the AMC series Preacher based on the graphic novel (just like V for Vendetta), which while I can’t find any images, definitely features a few gunfights in a little Texas church. Its Season 2 finale was just on 9/11, another synchronous span of 1 month 26 days before this shooting. (And I notice on that finale synopsis it involves a staged attack.)

False Flag =115. Psychological Operations =115. Killing =115. Remember how the 1980 Church Shooting in Daingerfield Texas (also at a First Baptist Church) killed 5 injured 11 and now this shooting on 11/5 is the deadliest in Texas since Fort Hood =115 which also occurred on 11/5. Religious =115. Freemasons =115. The King =115. Saturn =511. The Luby’s perp, George Hennard, was born on 10/15. Kelley escaped from a mental hospital 1105 days before the Charleston Church Shooting and the Sutherland Springs Shooting happened 511 days after the Orlando Nightclub Shooting =115. 

Last post we discussed the power of the 112, like the shooting starting at 11:20 AM. Fawkes =1012 and the Sutherland Springs Massacre happened 1012 days after the release of Kingsman The Secret Service =1112. Kingsman =112. The Secret Service =112. The Knights of the Round Table =112. The Order of the Skull and Bones =112. The Invisible Society =112. Zionist =112. Templars =112. Mason =211. Shadow Government =2110. World Government =2111. First Baptist Church =211. The Fifth of November =211.

  • Like the patsy Devin Kelley, there’s an English soccer player named Devon Kelly-Evans who was exactly 1102 weeks old for the attack. Weird eh. The alternate dimension in Stranger Things is the Upside Down =1102. The San Bernardino Shooting happened 1 year 11 months 2 days before Sutherland Springs. Killeen TX =112. Hood =112. The Luby’s Massacre involving Georges Pierre Hennard =211 happened 1 year 10 months 12 days before the Ecole Polytech Massacre.

Houston =112 won the World Series in their 112th game then came the sacrifice of Roy Halladay =112. Doc Halladay =211. Preacher was picked up on AMC 112 weeks before the church shooting and V for Vendetta premiered on 11/12.

Kelley escaped from the mental hospital on 7 June 2012, which means he was exactly 1111 weeks old or 7777 days. His victims ranged from 17 months to 77 years old. Order Out of Chaos =777, the motto of the 33rd degree of Freemasonry. William Henry Harrison, the first president to die in office, died exactly 777 months after American Independence.

4 thoughts on “Sutherland Springs PsyOp Part II

  1. Interesting that you note the Texas Rangers, and the number 77, as the movie Hell or High Water (incidentally one of the better American films of the last several years), which takes place in Texas and deals heavily with Texas Rangers and vigilante justice (including a high speed pursuit of criminals in pickup trucks) – which of course featured prominently in the Sutherland psyop – premiered 77 weeks to the day before the shooting.

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  2. appreciate the article, yes its quite possible that there is more to these shootings, but I think we need to focus on more pressing leads in this case then the numerology aspect.


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