Magnum Pi and John Hillerman

John Hillerman, the actor best known for his role on Magnum PI, passed away on 9 November 2017 in Houston Texas. He was also born in Denison Texas, home to President Eisenhower and (if you can believe it) the town where gunslinger Doc Holliday had his dental practice! All this in the wake of the Houston Astros World Series and the sacrifice of Roy Doc Halladay. And if we count to his last full day of life, Hillerman lived a truly phenomenal Magnum Pi (π) span of 31,004 days.

  • John Hillerman =911 (JG) dies on 11/9 a span of 10 months 19 days after his birthday and 9 months 11 days after his Magnum PI costar Tom Selleck’s birthday. PI stands for Private Investigator =119. Denison TX =119.

John Hillerman =191 (FB) played Higgins =190/91. We just went into detail on this number so read the previous post for more context as to why this matters now. Another point that stands out is Magnum’s favourite sidearm: a Colt 45.

Magnum =69. Pi =69. Higgins =696. Jonathan Higgins =96. Hillerman =906. 

And we find another interesting connection to Nostra Aetate as Hillerman was born exactly 12,000 days before that Papal Decree. I can’t imagine what exactly that synch would mean but I interpret it as we’re on the right track using it as a start point.

One thought on “Magnum Pi and John Hillerman

  1. John Hillerman’s full name is John Benedict Hillerman.
    John Benedict Hillerman = 102

    John Hillerman is most famous for his role in “Magnum P.I.” as the character Jonathan Quayle Higgins III.
    Jonathan Quayle Higgins = 102

    One hundred two = 67
    John Hillerman = 67
    Hillerman was known for his 1970s roles as an arrogant radio show detective on the show “Ellery Queen”
    The detective’s name was Simon Brimmer.
    Simon Brimmer = 67

    And of course, Blood sacrifice = 67


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