Astro’s Big Moment – World Series Predictive Programming in The Jetsons

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Digging through the Extra Capsa archives I’m reminded of my Astro Jetson article from 21 November 2016 that was full of gems to suggest the Houston World Series a year later. Astro was the dog on The Jetsons, the cartoon that first aired in 1962, during the Houston Astros first season in the MLB as the Colt 45s. George Jetson’s boss was Cosmo Spacely, which reminds me of Kevin Spacey, all over the news of late for sexually assaulting men. Emphasis on Space, coinciding with news of the Chinese building a space navy with the Americans 40 years behind in the space race and the recent focus on the cosmos with the solar eclipse and the satellite crash landing on Saturn.

Spacey who primed the world for the nightmare presidency of Donald Trump with his role of President Underwood on House of Cards, surviving an assassination attempt (in S04E04 exactly 44 weeks before Trump took office) and now the actor being taken out by character assassination. It should be noted that long before Mr Trump & The Apprentice, Mr Spacely had the catch phrase “Jetson, you’re fired!”

  • Kevin Spacey Fowler =191 again, the 43rd prime. And get this, on the day The Astros =34 won the One Hundred Thirteenth World Series =434, exactly 3 years 4 months after the prophetic Sports Illustrated issue and exactly 3430 weeks after Elizabeth =34/43 became Queen, Spacey was 3040 weeks 3 days old, the day he stated he’d be going in for treatment. Astros World Series =1434. Jetsons created by Hanna-Barbera =1434. 
  • Astros =43. Mister Spacely =43 aka Cosmo G Spacely =43 was voiced by Melvin Jerome Blanc =343 who died 10,340 days before the Astros won the WS. Houston Texas =1034. 

Houston =34. The Astros =34. Both teams scored 34 runs each in the World Series. #34 Roy Halladay then died exactly 3 years 4 months after the maiden voyage of the plane he crashed in, the exact same 3 years 4 months duration after the Sports Illustrated that predicted Astros (then the worst team in the league) would be World Champions in Twenty Seventeen =1134.

My old post reminds us of the lady in Houston =112 punching a police horse named Astro on the same night as 112 protesters were arrested at an Anti-Trump rally in Portland. The Astros won the Hundred Thirteenth World Series =112 with their 112th win of the season then the sacrifice of Roy Halladay =112 who was on the cover of MLB 2K11 then the Texas Church Massacre started at 11:20, coming 1012 days after Kingsman The Secret Service =1112 and 2 months 11 days after the death of Texas Chainsaw Massacre director Tobe Hooper.

  • Mr Spacely =112 voiced by Melvin Jerome Blanc =211 and Astro the dog was voiced by Don Messick =112. After being cancelled in ’63, The Jetsons came back for 112 weeks with their final episode airing on 11/12 (1987), a span of 11 months 20 days after its 26th anniversary. The voice of George Jetson died on 2/11 and the voice of Jane Jetson died on 11/12 (2003). And get this: the voice actors of George Jetson & Mr Spacely both died during production of the Jetsons Movie in 1989, while the LA Dodgers were World Champions for the last time, a span of 21 weeks 1 day between their deaths. Astros President of Operations, Reid Ryan, was born on 21/11 and they won 11 months 12 days after his birthday.

As I wrote back then: “Remember that the Houston Astros were previously called the Houston Colt 45s, and now here we are with the 45th president and his connections to JFK and the space program, of which mission control in Houston bestows the name Astros. The Colt 45s joined the AL in 1962 (the same year that Jetsons first aired with the family dog’s backstory that he was previously owned by a mega-wealthy industrialist, just as the Astros were an expansion team from the NY Mets), and the year after the Apollo Program began. Colt Forty-Fives =69. Houston Astrodome =69. Apollo Program =69. Fake Moon Landing =69 which happened in ’69.” World Series =69. Spacey =69. 

The big discovery here is the Jetsons episode ‘Astro’s Big Moment‘, which aired on 1 November 1985, exactly 32 years to the day before the Houston Astros’ big moment winning their first ever World Series on 1 November 2017. Pretty funny, especially when the episode involves a rigged dog show. Especially when we see it was Season 2 Episode 27 for the 227 pi coding of history repeating – and yet another example of long distance predictive programming.

  • Spacely =108. Houston Astros World Series =108. This year on 10/8 the Astros beat the Red Sox to make it 3-1 in the ALDS, win that came 20,270 days after Houston Colt 45’s first ever game, which was 20,207 days before the final game of MLB player Darren Arthur Daulton =227 (also the author of a book on occultism & numerology) who was recently sacrificed on 6 August 2017, a span of 2 months 27 days before Game 7 with his final game also 20 years 27 days before the start of the Twenty Seventeen World Series =722, its MVP the dude on that 2014 SI cover, George Springer = 227. Astros World Series =227. 

“Astros Big Moment” was the 51st episode and featured a mobster named Mangler Mars =51 who was forcing George, the judge of the Space Dog Show, to pick his dog as the winner. Houston Astros =51 spent 51 seasons in the NL before switching to the AL and play at The Astrodome =51 in Houston TX =51, the city that hosted Super Bowl 51. Hanna-Barbera =510. 

The 51st prime is 233. The Houston Astros =233 play at Minute Maid Park =233 in Houston Texas =233 and they won the World Series exactly 233 weeks after Reid Ryan was announced as Astros President. Two Thousand Seventeen World Series Champions =233. The first game at Minute Maid was on 3/30/2000 (332) and as a perfect fit, the approximate population of Houston is 2.303 million. Astro means relating to the stars or celestial objects; Houston the home of NASA’s Space Center and the solar eclipse came on the 233rd day. 

We mentioned the sacrifice of Daulton =332. Darren Arthur Daulton =233 was harmonic age of 20,303 days old on his full last day of life. Kevin Spacey Fowler =233. And notice the Spacely Sprockets logo looks more like the Star of David in a circle than a gear.

5 thoughts on “Astro’s Big Moment – World Series Predictive Programming in The Jetsons

  1. Love that Brother Berg!
    I also remember Simona Halep on August 21, 233rd day of the year, having the honor of throwing the ceremonial pitch at the New York Mets game at Citi Field. She wore a New York Mets baseball singlet with number 13 on the back. The catcher, number 26, stood next to her briefly for the photograph. So it read 1326. 1326 is the 51st Triangular. New York Mets = 51 Mets = 51 & Simona = 26
    Also…..Simona Halep = 50/58 Citi field = 50/58 (a match).

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  2. You been on a roll brother. Thanks for putting in the screen time. Do you remember the heavy metal guitarist Diamond/Dimebag Darrell Abbott that was killed on stage at a concert by a former Marine named Nathan Gale? Dimebag was from Arlington,Texas and he died 12 years 10 months 25 days before Game 7. Dimebag Darrell + the Astros =225/314. George Springer was 15 years 2 months 20 days old when Dimebag died. Pantera’s “Vulgar Display of Power” debuted on 2/25 and was the last album that Darrell Abbott went by “Diamond” as he was called “Dimebag” going forward. Pantera’s “Far Beyond Driven” debuted 20 years 25 days before George Springer made his MLB debut (4/16/14) and was the first album Darrell used the name Dimebag. The 911 call for Darrell Abbott was made at 10:15 pm or (22:15 military time). Marine Nathan Gale =225.

    The World Series MVP was (George Springer =227) born as (George Chelston Springer III =227). MVP George Springer + Dimebag Darrell =314. The Vulgar Display of Power =314. Diamond Darrell Abbott + World Series + George Chelston Springer III =227.
    Far Beyond Driven + George Chelston Springer III =227.
    Pantera’s groove metal =227. Diamond/Dimebag Darrell =2027 (Squares).
    Diamond Darrell + the Houston Astros =227 (Rev. Single Red. EP).


  3. WOW! Fascinating connections here! Although, maybe it was just a typo, but the 1989 World Series was not the Dodgers, their last one before this year was 1988, not 1989. 1989 was the “earthquake one” between the Giants and A’s, so still CA connections.. Thanks as always!


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