Philadelphia Eagles & Invincible

Alright so even though all my research seems to be connecting with little more than my handful of loyal readers, I’m gonna keep putting this work out because it matters – or at least because I think it’s damn interesting. And I figure we look into the Disney film Invincible about the Philadelphia Eagles, as they’ve currently got the best record in the NFL. The movie from 25 August 2006 is the story of the oldest rookie in NFL history who didn’t play college ball, the Cinderella story of Vince Papale who miraculously made the Eagles under Dick Vermeil, the former coach who also led the Rams & Chiefs.

  • I wrote about Dick Vermeil & the Eagles back on Halloween (read here) with the sacrifice of former Eagles player Daniel Te’O-Nesheim who died on Vermeil’s birthday, at the age of 11,100 days old. Dick Vermeil =111. Philadelphia Eagles =111. Super Bowl LII =111. Minneapolis Minnesota =111Papale =111 played by Marky Mark =111. Counting only days between, Invincible opened 11 years 11 days before the start of this NFL season. 

There’s an association here as we’ve just seen the deaths of three professional sports players from Kansas City: Nate Hobgood-Chittick (DE with the St Louis Rams who won Super Bowl XXXIV under Vermeil then finished his career with the Chiefs) and Rance Pless (who played baseball with the Kansas City Athletics) both died on 11/11/17. Then two days later on 11/13 was the death of Jim Rivera, who also played with the Kansas City A’s. The Rams are playing their first season in LA and have one of the best records in the league, while the Kansas City Chiefs served the Eagles their only loss of the season.

Now let’s see how all this connects – and what it may say about the upcoming Super Bowl LII.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 1.02.48 PM.png

INVINCIBLE =1026 came out in 2006 about Vince Papale =206. Vince =26. Papale =26/261 who was coded up perfectly with The Philadelphia Eagles =261. Eagles =26. Philly =26. Philadelphia =62. Pennsylvania =62/206. Philadelphia PA =206. They play at Lincoln Financial Field =262.

  • Greg Kinnear =62 plays Dick =26 Vermeil =26. The movie opened 126 weeks after Eagles old venue, Veterans Stadium, was demolished. Coach Pederson =126. Douglas Pederson =206. Douglas Irving Pederson =262. Eagles Owner Jeff =162 Lurie 26/62 and their QB Carson James Wentz =62/206. Carson Wentz =126.
  • Super Bowl LII =162. Minneapolis MN =162. Minneapolis =62. Super Bowl =260. 

Kansas City Chiefs =260. KC =26. KC Chiefs =62. Rams won the 2000 Super Bowl in their 62nd season with Kurtis Warner =1062 the QB who also had a Cinderella script, the legend that he was formerly bagging groceries. Super Bowl LII =62. Rance Pless played only 162 days with the Athletics and died 10 months 26 days after his 12/6 birthday. Rivera =26 died 16 weeks 2 days after his own birthday. Daniel Te’O-Nesheim =262. Eagles Super Bowl LII =1260. 

Super Bowl LII =966. Papale =666 played by Marky Mark =666 and Invincible opened when Papale was 60 years 6 months 16 days old. Dick Vermeil =666. Nate Hobgood-Chittick =696 (JG) played for the St Louis Rams =996 and died 6 years 6 months 9 days into the term of Sly James, Mayor of Kansas City. Tony Danza will be 66 years 9 months old for Super Bowl LII =966. 

  • There was another Disney flick starring Tony Danza =42 called The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon =204, (aka The Philadelphia Phenomenon =124/241) about a garbageman named Barney Gorman =124 who becomes the Eagles kicker, aired on 15/2 of ’98, exactly 1042 weeks before Super Bowl Fifty-Two =204 at US Bank Stadium =204 on the date 2/4. Papale =24. Lurie =240/420 the Eagles owner makes an appearance in the movie as Danza’s best friend. Fifty-Two =124. Vermeil =42. 

Kansas City =242/42/24. Kansas City Missouri =124. KC =240. Hobgood =24 Chittick =242/42 died at the age of 42 or exactly 2241 weeks old. Rams =24. LA Rams =142/24/42. He also died when Kurt Warner =42 was 2420 weeks 4 days old and 4 months 20 days (142 days) after Warner’s birthday. Dick Vermeil will be the inverse age of 4240 weeks 2 days old for SB LII. Hobgood-Chittick born 11 months 24 days after Pless’s birthday. Daniel Te’O-Nesheim =421. Glenn Frey =421, founding member of the Eagles rock band who died on 18 January 2016, a clue to the Philly Eagles success as we discussed back then.

The Philadelphia Phenomenon is pretty much the same story as Invincible, as the Eagles owner in the former movie says it’s a clever publicity stunt, “giving an average Joe a shot at the NFL.” Eagles now play at Lincoln Financial Field, which opened on 3 August 2003, a clean 5300 days before Super Bowl Fifty-Two =1530 in Minneapolis =153. Pennsylvania =53. Carson Wentz =153. Dick =53. Vince =53. Barney Gorman =153. Jim Rivera’s nickname was Jungle Jim =153. The Philadelphia Phenomenon =503. 

  • Invincible =54. Veterans Stadium =54. Coach Pederson will be 50 years 4 days old for Super Bowl LII. Carson Wentz =54. Wentz =1545. Pennsylvania Philadelphia =504/405. Philadelphia PA =54. Te’O-Nesheim =54. Kurt Warner was 10,450 days old when he was named MVP of Super Bowl XXXIV. Glenn Frey =45. 

With end date, Douglas Irving Pederson =505 will be 50 years 5 days old. Veterans Stadium =1505. US Bank Stadium =155. Minneapolis =55. Minnesota =515. Mark Wahlberg =55. Vince =55. Rivera =55. Wentz =1555. Invincible opened 11 years 5 months 11 days before Super Bowl LII, and maybe this is all too much intel but that 115/511 sequence has been hot lately.

Douglas Pederson =230 was 13,200 days old when Veterans Stadium was demolished. Mark Wahlberg =132/1230. Wahlberg =1023 (JG). Fifty-Two =132. Wentz was born on 12/30. Philadelphia Phenomenon =1320. Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl LII =231/302. NFL =32 for its 32 teams.

  • Kansas City Missouri =1302/231 was incorporated as a city 1032 days after its incorporation as a town. Missouri =123. Kansas City Chiefs =1032. The Kansas City Chiefs =1230.  Hobgood =123 Chittick =23 was part of the Rams team that won Super Bowl XXXIV when he was exactly 302 months old; he then died exactly 32 weeks before Warner’s birthday. Hobgood-Chittick + Pless =1320/320. Gorman =32. Kansas City =32. 

The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon =312 came out 3112 days before Invincible (444 weeks 4 days). Daniel Te’O-Nesheim =312 played 444 days with the Eagles. Invincible also opened 888 days after Veterans Stadium demolished, so we know that number matters. Kansas City =888. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 6.30.06 PM.png

Eagles Super Bowl LII =314. It’s also 3114 days between the two Eagles movies of coded predictive programming. Lurie =314 (JG). Carson Wentz =314 (FB). Manuel Joseph Jim Rivera =314 born 22/7. Douglas Pederson =227. Twenty Seventeen =227.

  • Hobgood-Chittick =86 died 86 days before Super Bowl LII =68 which comes 18 years 6 days after his 2000 SB. Veterans Stadium was open for a total of 11,860 days. KC Athletics =186/189. Carson Wentz =1809. The 1089th prime is 8737 and the twin trick 11/17 deaths of Hobgood-Chittick & Pless came exactly 8737 weeks after Kansas City was first incorporated as a town.

Editor’s Note: Brother Berg has not watched a single play of a single NFL game this year because he’s got better things to do – like proper research and pattern analysis in instances of predictive programming. Because as we saw with the Astros (he also didn’t watch a single inning of a single MLB game), it’s all hidden out there in plain sight, in a lot more interesting places than a rigged sports game. 

6 thoughts on “Philadelphia Eagles & Invincible

  1. Admittedly I couldn’t stick with this one all the way to the end. My short attention span is getting the best of me. BUT what does pop out is the #11. Whether its the 11’s from the previous blog posts on this subject, or if we add the #83 of Paple we get 11 (8+3). Movie released 11 years ago.

    Then I think about the Kansas City connections, & current KC QB Alex Smith wears #11, & was drafted 1st Pick 1st rd. Alex Smith =111. Looking at the SB LII Logo – you see a clear 11 hidden in it. The Chiefs =83, also like the Jersey #. Oh, & Chiefs Head Coach, Andy Reid, was first the coach for Philadelphia Eagles, & was the Coach of the Eagles when that movie came out.

    Will it be Chiefs vs Eagles in SB52? Sounds like a decent possibility to me. Good Stuff BB!!


  2. So today on Redzone the announcer was on the Lions game, he randomly was referring to champions who could take a punch, but get up and continue to win. The announcer goes on to specifically mention Rocky Balboa and Joe Frazier.


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