Death of Mafia Boss Toto Riina


Salvatore ‘Toto’ Riina, former chief of the Sicilian Mafia, died in prison on 17 November 2017, one day after his 87th birthday. Here we find another great example of why month counts matter, as 87 years is exactly 1044 months. A perfect age for: SALVATORE TOTO RIINA =1404 of the Italian Mob =1044. His nicknames also synch: Toto u Curtu =1044 which means Toto ‘The Short’ =441/44, and ‘La Belva’ =44 (which means The Beast).

  • Don Riina =44. Corleone Italy =144. Jimmy Hoffa =144. Giovanni Falcone =144 was anti-mafia judge who was Assassinated =144 by Riina’s men, in a hit very much synched up with his death as we’ll see. Kill =44. Killer =144. The Chief =144. Invisible Government =144. Order of the Illuminati =1404. Mark of the Beast =1404/144. 

The first 144 decimal points of Pi sum to 666. Mafioso =666. Mobsters =666. La Cosa Nostra =696. The Sicilian Mafia =699. Directors =666. Black Nobility =666. And for another correlation, there’s an HBO movie about his life called Excellent Cadavers that aired on 16 October 1999 for a perfect span of 6606 days before Riina’s death (counting to his last full day of life, his birthday).

Excellent Cadavers =181. A fun fact about 18 years, seeing as (6+6+6)=18, is that it’s equal to 216 months, and (6x6x6)=216. La Cosa Nostra =216. Which again proves that month-based long counts are very much in play. 

Salvatore =113. Italian =311. Sicilians =311. The Beast =311 aka The Short =113 aka The Boss of the Bosses =113 aka The Godfather =113 for The Sicilian Mafia =113 was born in Corleone =113 and died 11 months 30 days before his birthday. Judge Falcone =113. Controlled Opposition =113. International Brotherhood =113. Another big Corleonesi boss was Luciano Leggio =113 (who died on Riina’s 63rd birthday).

  • Mafia =33. Mafioso =33. Mobster =33. Boss =330. Don =33. Riina =33 died exactly 1330 weeks after the assassination of Falcone =133, the judge whose hit he ordered in Capaci =33 a span of 33 weeks before Riina’s arrest. Italy =133. The Sicilian Mob =133. Corleonesi =133. Then 133 days after his arrest was a mob-ordered bombing in Florence that injured 33 people. Corleone =303. Sicilian Mafia =33. Sicilian Mob =33. The Boss =333.

The 33rd prime is 137. Mafia Boss =137. Mobsters =137. Palermo Italy =137. The Jewish Mafia =137. Zionist Occupation Government =137. Government =137. Global Government =1037. 

Salvatore Toto Riina =117 worked for The Mafia =117 as Mob Boss =117 aka The Godfather =117 and died on 11/17. Mobsters =117. Central Intelligence Agency =117. The Government =1170. Mafia III =117 is a video game that came out last year, a span of 1 year 1 month 11 days before his death.

  • As the first 144 decimal points of Pi equal 666, we have one last sequence to cover. I punched in the wrong dates but came up with a beauty find: Judge Falcone died 20 years 2 months 7 days after the premier of The Godfather and 7 months 22 days before the arrest of Riina. The mob boss was also 22,700 days old exactly one week before his arrest. Italian Mafia =227. A One World Government =2207.

And how’s this one, just to keep reinforcing the Pi Code in every frickin post: Salvatore Riina died 2207 weeks after the disappearance of Jimmy Riddle Hoffa – that’s right, the middle name of one of the most famous disappearances of all time is Riddle. Italian Mobster =314. 

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