AC/DC Die Young

Malcolm Young, co-founder and lead guitarist of AC/DC, has passed away on 18 November 2017 at the age of 64, less than a month after the death of his and Angus’s older brother George Young, another rocker in the family. When we see that Malcolm & George were both born on the 6th day of the months we know we’re in store for a good long count, one of many mind-blowing synchs in this post, so take your time with it.

Malcolm born on 6 January 1953 and George on 6 November 1946 means their births came exactly 6 YEARS 2 MONTHS apart – then they died 26 DAYS apart. Quite astonishing when we consider that nearly every single post of mine for the past several months has featured the 26/62 coding in full effect, cyphers notwithstanding. Yet if we were to incorporate some Gematria we’d probably start by pointing out how AC/DC is said to be an occult acronym for either “Anti-Christ Death to Christ” =1626/260 or “Anti-Christ Devil’s Child” =262. Take your pick, as both are coded up.

  • And the official acronym works as well: Alternating Current Direct Current =1620. Which reminds us of the so-called Current War between Nikola Tesla & Thomas Edison =261/126. The winner was Edison with his Direct Current =162 (because it was profitable) and incredibly, Edison & Tesla died a span of 16 years 2 months apart. Malcolm was replaced by his nephew Stevie Young =162.

Bon Scott died 206 days after his own birthday. George Redburn Young =1262/261 died a parallel span of 206 days (or 6 months 21 days) after the 62nd birthday of Angus Young =126. Malcolm + George =1260. Rockstar Family =1026. The Youngs =126. AC/DC hailing from Australia =126. All this points to a blood sacrifice for Angus, paying his club dues. Sacrifice =206. Saturn Sacrifice =206. Ritual Sacrifice =206. We could wrap this post up here and it’d be solid but the shit don’t stop and neither do we.

Angus =26 borrowed the Duckwalk =26 from Chuck Berry, aka Charles Edward Anderson Berry =126/162 who just died this year, pronounced dead at 1:26 PM on March Eighteenth =261. Chuck =26 was born in ’26 — amazingly a span of exactly 261 weeks before the death of Thomas Edison (that’s five years apart on October 18th). We could perceive Rock N’ Roll as a celebration of electricity, the Satanism aspect associated with Lucifer the light-bringer. Hard Rock =26. Back in Black =26. For Those About To Rock We Salute You =126. Twins Trick =126. 

  • Now get this: Malcolm Young died on the same day as jazz drummer Ben Riley =126, as well as Olympic gold medalists Gillian Rolton =626 and Naim Suleimanov =1260, both of whom competed in the ’92 Summer Olympics =1206/1062 in Barcelona. That’s crazy eh? Two Olympians from the same games dying on the same day as Malcolm Young… I don’t know about you but it smells like a riddle here.

Now the thing about that 6 years 2 months span between Malcolm & George’s births is that it’s exactly 74 months. Another huge number. Malcolm Mitchell Young =74 died 74 years after the death of Tesla with his Alternating Current =74. Thomas Edison =74/174 died with 74 days remaining. Thunderstruck =74. Hard Rock =74. Rock and Roll =174. Lucifer =74. Devil =74. Occult =74. Masonic =74. Etc, etc.

Rockstar =666. Ronald Belford Bon Scott =969 died when Malcolm Young =906 was 9906 days old and Malcolm died 1969 weeks after the death of Ronald Scott =66. Chuck Berry =66/166 born on March Eighteenth =669. Australian =696. Twin Trick =696.

  • AC/DC =66. Youngs =606/69. Rock and Roll =66. Tesla + Edison =66. Stevie Young =1606. Thunderstruck =166. AC Lightning Bolt DC =960. Angus Young =196. Angus =96. Satanism =96. 
  • Chuck Berry born on the 18th and died on the 18th for a lifespan of exactly 90 years 5 months or exactly 1085 months. Malcolm dying on the 18th as well means his death came exactly 91 years 1 month after the birth of Berry, and further Malcolm was born 9 years 11 months after the death of Tesla. Alternating Current =911. If we break it down, Malcolm died exactly 1093 months after the birth Chuck Berry. Direct Current =193. Thunderstruck =193. Ronald Scott =193. 

AC/DC =33 in Kabbalah, which brings us to some real juicy 33s, always a crowd favourite. Rockstar =33. Rock =33. Ronald Belford Bon Scot =333 died at the age of 33 and five months before the release of Back in Black =33. Ronald Scott =133. Malcolm died 33 weeks after Angus’s birthday and 133 days before Angus’s next, and (for another wild one) exactly 1033 months after the death of Edison =33. Tesla =33. The Devil =33. Satan =330. 

Young =1117. Rockstars =117. Tesla + Edison =117. ACDC Highway to Hell =117. Ronald Belford Bon Scott =117 died 7 months 11 days after his birthday. The Dream Team =117 was the Team USA unveiled at the same ’92 Summer Olympics in the first year to include NBA players. That team featured Earvin Magic Johnson Jr =117 who is co-owner of the Dodgers =117 the team that just lost the World Series on 11/1/17. Ritual Sacrifice =117. 

  • And I’m sure there’s a big clue in here for the NBA Finals, a Dream Team member associated with the 2018 Champion. Maybe Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics =1170 as they’re currently sitting at the best record in the league. Two Thousand Eighteen NBA Champs =117. What else do you guys see here?

This 117 sequence associated with Barcelona reminds us of the recent Barcelona Attack, which was absolutely saturated in 117 coding. It happened 643 days after the Paris Attacks and 643 is the 117th prime. It was the deadliest terror attack in Barcelona since the 1987 Hipercor Bombing which happened 11,017 days before this latest act of Vehicular Terrorism =117 that began in the 1,017th minute of the day in Spain =117 involving a Fiat Talento =117 that killed Thirteen =117 a span of 117 hours after the Charlottesville Attack.

Rock Music =112. Angus Young =112. Scotland =112. Duckwalk =112. ACDC Back in Black =112. George and Malcolm =211. Edison born 2/11. The Dream Team =211. Olympics =112. Ninety Two Summer Olympics =112. Malcolm died 2 years 11 months 20 days after AC/DC’s final album, 11 weeks 2 days before the Super Bowl, 21 weeks 1 day before the NBA season ends, and 211 days before Game 7 of the NBA Finals, so we can assume that the 2018 Championships will have some AC/DC riddles involved.

  • Charles Mille Manson =112 was born on 11/12 (exactly 22 years before Stevie Young) and died 11,112 days after the Barcelona Hipercor Bombing. Earvin Magic Johnson Jr =112 is the NBA’s all-time leader in average assists per game, at 11.2.

AC Lightning Bolt DC =314. Direct Current =314. Malcolm =314 died from Dementia =314 on the same day as fellow Australian Gillian Rolton =314 for a pretty good start to the Pi Sequence. Bon Scott died one week after turning 12,270 days old and was replaced by Brian Johnson who was born 1 year 2 months 27 days after Scott. Malcolm died 4 months 13 days before the birthday of Angus McKinnon Young =227 and George died 22 weeks 7 days before Angus’s birthday. George and Malcolm Young =227. Devil =227. 

Now we’ll leave you with a truly gorgeous series. The midpoint of the ’92 Summer Olympics was 1322 weeks before the death of Malcolm Young, who died on the 322nd day, and was born exactly 322 weeks after the birth of George. Bon Scott died 32 weeks 2 days after his birthday with his last album being ACDC Highway to Hell =322. Back in Black then released 22 weeks 3 days after Scott’s death, the singer replaced by Brian Francis Johnson =223 while Malcolm was later replaced by his nephew Stevie Young =322. 


5 thoughts on “AC/DC Die Young

  1. Excellent post as usual, thanks. This one goes deep I think. When I looked at this death the other night and saw all the “Young’s” it made me think of Neil Young who just happens to have the same birth date as Manson Nov. 12 but Neil was born 11 years after Manson. Now Manson dead… When I googled Neil Young today an interesting article came up on Manson “Charles Manson dead: How the cult leader was referenced in popular culture” in the UK’s Independent. Lots to look up there including a song Neil wrote called “Revolution Blues” about Manson.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Neil young was a big fan of Mansons Music in the 60s Laurel Canyon scene..and even tried to get him a record deal cuz he thought he had potential, moreso than the other California cohorts …then the Manson shit went down.

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  2. You slayed this one brother. Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was sworn in September 9, 2015. Malcolm Young died 2 years 2 months 3 days later. Malcolm Turnbull =223. PM Malcolm Turnbull =322 (Bacon).

    Malcolm Turnbull listens to AC/DC =314. Malcolm Bligh Turnbull =227.

    Side note on Wendy’s comment about Manson. He was up for parole again in 2027. Lol.


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