David Cassidy & The Partridge Family Temple

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Former teen idol David Cassidy, best known for playing Keith on The Partridge Family, has passed away on 21 November 2017 at the age of 67. The man who once had a larger fan club than both the Beatles & Elvis was admitted to the hospital for complications of dementia on the 18th, the very day that AC/DC’s Malcolm Young died of dementia. Cassidy was born on April 12th, which reminds me of the Queen’s April 21st birthday (the day Prince died on) and as Cassidy died the day after the Queen’s 70th wedding anniversary on 11/20, we can start by seeking tribute connections to her.

Cassidy =26. Keith =26. The Partridge Family =206. Partridge Family =1262. Queen =26/62 born in ’26 took throne on 2/6 coronated on 6/2 and married at 1126 weeks old. Crown =26/62. Her Majesty the Queen =1602. Teen Idol =126. Another teen idol is Ariana Grande born 6/26 and David died 26 weeks 2 days after her concert bombing. David’s stepmother is Shirley Jones, 16 years 12 days older than him, and she plays his mother on the show, also named Shirley =612. David’s father was actor Jack Cassidy, who died when David was 26 years old.

  • In fact, David =32 was aged precisely 26 years 8 months when his dad died, or 320 months old to be exact. Queen =320. David Cassidy =32 died of Dementia =32 exactly 32 weeks after his birthday and 20 weeks 3 days before his next. Partridge Family Temple =1032 was a religious group the show spawned.
  • And as today is the anniversary of the JFK =132 Assassination, we can point out that JFK Jr was killed a clean 13,020 days after the death of his father (exactly 1860 weeks). Kennedy =132. Freemason =32. We find another parallel here as David died 11,320 days after the birth of his daughter Katie Cassidy.

JFK Jr died at the of exactly 2016 weeks old. Cassidy was the third cast member to pass away, the other two coded to the same specifications. Suzanne Crough =162 just happened to go 2 years 6 months 26 days before the death of Cassidy, while Dave Madden died 200 weeks 6 days earlier. Sacrifice =206. The Central Intelligence Agency =262. Princess Diana =262. The British Empire =262. Queen of the United Kingdom =262. Further, as we keep seeing gorgeous durations synched with the royal children, Cassidy died when Princess Charlotte was 2 years 6 months 20 days old.

With the Queen born on the 21st and Cassidy dying on the 21st, we can look for a long count and find exactly 91 years 7 months. In the English Extended method, Cassidy =917 and he died 7 months 9 days after his birthday. Keith Partridge =79. Keith =79. Dementia =97. The Partridge Family =197 was based on the real life musical family The Cowsills =197 and the show premiered in 1970. Partridge Family Temple =970. The Partridge Family cartoon aired on 9/7. 

  • The series premiered when David Bruce Cassidy =67 was 1067 weeks old and its finale came 7600 days after the Queen’s coronation. Cassidy was admitted to the hospital 6700 days after the 16/7 death of JFK Junior, another heart throb. Blood Sacrifice =67. Freemasonry =67. 

Then you know the next step is breaking 91 years 7 months down further into exactly 1099 months after the Queen’s birth. David Keith Cassidy =199 (Kabbalah) for a perfect match. David Keith Cassidy =169. Teen Idol =166. Heart Throb =690. Queen Elizabeth =69/66. Shirley Jones =990/66. Freemason =96. Partridge Family Temple =96. Keith Partridge =906 and there were 96 episodes of the show. David =66. And for a real beauty to connect this up with the Queen (actually the first duration I searched in this investigation) David Cassidy =66 born on 66 numerology was 666 days old when Elizabeth II took the throne.

Her Majesty the Queen =1314. Partridge =413. The show aired 413 days after the Tate Murders and Cassidy died the day after Charlie Manson =1314, and 3 years 10 months 4 days after his costar Dave Madden. His father’s full name also fits the Pi bill: John Joseph Edward Jack Cassidy =314. Dementia =314. 

  • Keith Partridge =227. Cassidy was admitted to the hospital 17,220 days after Partridge Family premiered then died 7 months 22 days after the birthday of his stepmom Shirley Mae Jones =227. Jack Cassidy himself died 7 months 22 days after the Queen’s birthday and 1227 weeks after her coronation. John F Kennedy Jr =314/1314 died 7 months 22 days after his birthday. David’s daugther Katie Cassidy =722 in JG.
  • Prince George was born on 7/22 and on 11/26 he’ll be exactly 227 weeks old so especially with the 126 coding, watch for this day for a big sacrifice – especially as that day will also be 20 years 2 months 27 days after the death of Diana.

Partridge =124/42. David =240. David Cassidy =204 was born on 4/12 and Partridge Family =241 aired 412 days after the Tate Murders and wrapped up exactly 241 weeks later. Charles Manson =124/142. Her Majesty =124/42. Queen Elizabeth =142/240 born on 4/21. Cassidy died 142 days before his own birthday – and on the day that current teen idol Harry Styles was exactly 1242 weeks old, and exactly one moth later Justin Bieber =1142 (JG) will be exactly 1242 weeks old as well. Selena Gomez =242. 

The partridge is a symbol of fertility and is widely associated with lunar forces. In Greek lore, it was believed to be a person transformed into a bird, which has led to its significance in alchemy as assisting in creation and transmutation. In the biblical tradition, the partridge represents the deceitful ways of the devil, as the bird is known to steal eggs from other birds and hatch them as its own – like the whole stealing souls concept, inextricably woven with Hollywood.

Queen Elizabeth the Second Queen By the Grace of God Queen of This Realm and Territories Head of the Commonwealth Defender of the Faith =1120 was married on 11/20 and coronated 1 month 12 days after her birthday. David Cassidy died on 21/11 and his dad Jack Cassidy =1211 was born 10 months 12 days after the birth of the Queen. The Partridge Family ended 11 months 2 days after the Queen’s birthday and 11 months 12 days after David’s. Again they were based on the real band the Cowsills =112. Partridge Family Temple =211. Mason =211. Freemason =112. 

  • Freemason =411. David Cassidy =114 died 4 months 11 days before Shirley’s birthday and 40 years 11 months 10 days after Jack, who died 4 months 1 day before David’s 27th birthday. Counting days between, Partridge Family aired 411 days after the Tate Murders. JFK Jr died at the age of 14,111 days old.

Prince George was exactly 4 years 4 months old for the death of Cassidy =44 which means that on our sacrifice target 11/26 he’ll be 4 years 4 months 4 days old. Mix that with his exactly 227 weeks of life (and Diana’s own 227 connect) and there’s little to no way that day will go without either a staged terror attack or the death of a celeb.

Check it out, they did a Jetsons spinoff cartoon set in the year 2200 AD. Why? Partridge Family =220 in Kabbalah. 22 the Master Builder Number =220. Prince George =202. Queen Elizabeth =202 was married exactly 220 weeks before her father died and she took the throne, and she was coronated 2020 days after her wedding. The CIA was founded 2 weeks 2 days after her wedding. Cassidy died 20 years 2 months 22 days after the death of Princess Diana. Partridge Family Temple =222. British Royal Family =222.

  • Based on the Queen’s 70th wedding anniversary, imagining the consecutive ritual sacrifices of Malcolm Young, Charles Manson & David Cassidy are all her anniversary gifts. 70 years is exactly 840 months. David Cassidy =84. David Bruce Cassidy =84 his hit single I Think I Love You =84. Selena Gomez =184 and Justin Beiber =804 were born exactly 84 weeks apart. Jesuit =84 and other stuff too of course but what matters is thematic synchs, not every time you see 135 stating that it definitively means The Key of David.

Last one I’ll bring up with regards to our November 26th target is that’s exactly 1056 weeks after the death of Princess Diana. John F Kennedy Jr was exactly 156 weeks old when his old man was assassinated. False Flag =156. Also on 11/28 (33 days remaining) Trump will be exactly 26,100 days old; then on 8 March 2018 he’ll be 26,200 days.

9 thoughts on “David Cassidy & The Partridge Family Temple

  1. Fab work as usual. I didn’t see it but I read an article about Selena Gomez’s performance at an awards ceremony very recently. There were some photo’s of her performance which involved her being in what looked like underwear (all white) and at the scene of a car crash – she is covered in blood…..some sort of predictive programming? Sorry if this is not relevant.


  2. Nice work, so many American actors sync’d to the queen, which begs the question … Why?
    When I heard the news of David Cassidy, I thought of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid ….. Looking for any connection I came across the following link, which details a Hanna-Barbera catoon series from 1973 called ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids’, where the animated Butch Cassidy actually resembled David Cassidy of The Partridge Family.


    Butch Cassidy famed for his Colt 45.

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  3. Sub disappeared “370km” off St JORGE Gulf – DC died on the sub’s 32y2d of service – –GEORGE’s 4y4d of life—RR called Diana “Princess David”


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