9/11 Numerology & Long Count Synchs

My apologies for the delay in posts, I’ve been working overtime on the book. Here’s a teaser that will focus solely on the 911/119 coding on the September 11th False Flag. And I continue to find huge examples that confirm the long count as one of (if not the) most important factors in the Alphanumeric Program. As you’ll see, the bigger the sequence synchronization the more powerful (and thus persuasive) it appears. This post is a page from my notes, and it’s a bit long to make up for all the days of absence and will probably take several reads to properly absorb all the information, but I’ve included several links (that open in new windows) so you can go down the rabbit holes of some related incidents I’d never heard of until the last couple weeks.

9/11/01 appeared a perfectly parallel span of 90 years 11 months 10 days after the Los Angeles Times Bombing of 1/10/1910, the first terrorist bombing of a building in the history of the United States. It was dynamited by the McNamara Brothers, anarchists opposed to capitalism, who were arrested in 1911. We find another massively coded clue when we calculate the full name of the union to which the domestic terrorist brothers belonged: International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers =911 (in English Ordinal) and =1119 (in Francis Bacon). This is a perfect example of how this all functions.

  • Anarchy =119. Anarchist =119. McNamara =116. The LA Times Bombing also came a span of 9 years 11 months 16 days before the Wall Street Bombing. Notice the doubly reinforced sequence 9-11-16 encoded into the first false flag terror attacks in America on media and finance. It’s important to point out that eye-sight is processed upside down in the brain, so 116 reaches the subconscious mind as 119 or 911.
  • The Office of Naval Intelligence (the first intelligence agency in North America) was founded in 1882, a span of 91 years 11 days before the World Trade Center opened and 119 years before 9/11/01. So we could say it was a tribute coded to the Intelligence Community as well, and we’d be right.

The Islamic State =911. Jihadists =911. World Trade =119. The World Trade Center Twin Towers =119. Tower 7 was the Salomon Brothers Building =119. The Pentagon =119. Airplane Crash =119. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed =119. Hani Hanjour =119. Cheney =119. US Embassy =119. USA =119. And the Twin Towers were even aligned to a heading of 119 degrees, the date of their destruction encoded right into the blueprints.

The World Trade Center officially became the world’s tallest building on 10/19 of 1970. The first tower to fall collapsed completely in 11 seconds, the second in 9 seconds. The 7/7 London Bombings took place at 8:49 AM, or 11 to 9. The Madrid Train Bombings of 3/11/04 happened 911 days after 9/11. We’ve used those ones a few times now but I don’t think we’ve heard of these:

  • The three-alarm fire that broke out on the 11th floor of the North Tower on 13 February 1975 happened 1 year 10 months 9 days after the World Trade Center’s grand opening (the ceremony 60 years 11 months after the Titanic sunk). The Pentagon opened 1 year 1 month 9 days after Pearl Harbor and NORAD formed 9 years 11 months after the formation of the CIA. The 2017 Halloween Attack (just down the street from Ground Zero) happened 9011 days after the ’93 Bombing. 

The WTC Project was approved by the Port of New York =1911 a span of 9 months 11 days after the birthday of Larry A Silverstein =119 who signed the WTC lease (7/24/01) a span of 1 month 19 days before 9/11/01. In 1980 Silverstein also won a bid to construct Tower 7, aka Seven World Trade Center =119. Federal Reserve Act =1190. September Eleventh Attacks =116/1109.

And we could stop here having shown more than enough examples – but as always, Gematria is the gift that keeps on giving. Especially when we experiment with new methods and techniques and compile the evidence, as I’ve done for the long-count veracity. Now what I’ve done here to start is used this timeline of key dates in the history of the Twin Towers and went through the process of correlating them to each other as well as to other key “birth” dates, such as the CIA founded on 9/18/47 and the Mossad on 12/13/49. And the patterns continue to repeat.

Psychological Operation =1116. The Twin Pillars =1116. Day Which Will Live In Infamy =1116. We find this sequence repeating often as well, a perfect mirror of the date 9-11-01. The ’93 Bombing happened 111 weeks 6 days after the Oklahoma City Bombing. Usama Bin Laden =116 (killed exactly 119 weeks after Obama took office) was introduced to the world with the US Embassy Bombing =1116 and became the 1st General Emir of Al-Qaeda on 11 August 1988, a span of 10,016 days after Port approval for the WTC project, its proverbial date of inception.

There’s an incident from 16 March 1970 that is perfectly symbolic. Four separate explosions went off during construction of the Twin Towers (like the four hijacked airliner explosions) less than half an hour after a bomb threat was called into the site – an apparent totally unrelated hoax that police called coincidental (read the NY Times article here). So funny, especially when we see that so many threads from that date produce A+ juicy sequences.

  • I’ve called that ritual event the Explosion Coincidence of 1970, and it struck a too good not be staged span of 1116 days before 9/11/01… I mean c’mon. It also happened 11,190 days after the first fatal airplane hijacking in history.
  • The same sequence, 1116 weeks before 9/11, there was an evacuation on the 106th floor due to electrical fire. The Patriot Act was signed 1116 weeks after the Statue of Liberty was damaged in the Black Tom Explosion.

On 15 February 1964, the New York Times published an article concerning the safety of the World Trade Center in the case of an airplane crashing into the Twin Towers, a structural engineering firm proving that “if a tower were hit by an airliner at 600 miles per hour, the damage to the tower would be only local and its occupants outside the immediate area of impact would not be endangered.” (Read the original article here). Exactly 9 years 11 days after it published was the ’93 Bombing. Too perfect.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 3.04.40 PM.png

Mass Media Initiation Ritual =119/1160. Jachin and Boaz =116. On 20 February 1981 an Aerolíneas Argentinas 707 (another AA=11 and another 77) airliner heading for a possible collision with the North Tower makes an emergency turn less than 90 seconds from impact. A search reveals that another Aerolíneas Argentinas 707 aircraft crashed due to severe turbulence on 4 Feb 70, another similar span of 11 years 16 days before the 1981 near-miss. The WTC was completely evacuated on 3 August 1977 following a series of bomb threats and bombings in two other buildings by radical Puerto Rican separatists, 10,911 days after the CIA was founded.

  • On 26 May 1977 a man named George Willig climbed the South Tower with special clamps he made himself as crowds watch from below. His mother was a survivor of the 1945 incident in which an Army bomber crashed into the 79th floor of the Empire State Building, where she was working at the time. George Willig =1119 was born on 6/11 and his climb happened 6 years 11 months 11 days after the Explosion Coincidence of 1970 and exactly 119 weeks after the ’75 Fire.

The previous title holder for tallest building in the world, the Empire State Building, experienced a similar event when a B-52 Mitchell Bomber from the US Army piloting through heavy fog crashed into the skyscraper on 28 July 1945, causing fourteen deaths. That collision on the Empire State =116 piloted by William Franklin Smith =116 occurred 11 months 9 days before the birth of George W Bush (born 1 month 16 days after the 40 Wall St Plane Crash) and 111 weeks 6 days before the formation of the CIA (and 1600 days before the formation of the Mossad). The Wall Street Plane Crash came 10 years 1 month 16 days before the Mossad was formed.

I hope you guys got a few good WOW-moments out of these finds like I did. As you know, I find the predictive programming stuff to be the most fascinating shit around so I go pretty deep into it. And I’m gonna be releasing the sections in instalments because it’s already taken way too long to finish the entire book as a whole. So it shouldn’t be too much longer! I’m almost ready to set a date and commit to it… Living by the beach in Southern Turkey for the next few months where the inspiration is fully charged.


7 thoughts on “9/11 Numerology & Long Count Synchs

  1. Great to read your new post, have been checking your blog from time to time. Glad that all is well.
    I have been thinking about Trump’s announcement on Jerusalem, in connection to your previous post – the death of David Cassidy & The Partridge Family Temple. Did David Cassidy’s death clue us into Trump’s announcement? ….. With regard to The City of David, Temple Mount, Jerusalem and the possible building of the 3rd Temple?

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  2. Great read and work brother…

    I’m really starting to believe in a collective conscience or that telepathy is really real??? 🤔

    Was thinking to myself 3 or 4 days ago that I would message you asking if you’d ever consider doing a full on re-vist of 9/11 and put loads that has been found and done since together with it all…

    And bam… No message sent… But I’ve thought of it a few times and you’ve delivered anyway… 😉

    Only reason that I didn’t actually ask is I knew that it would be BIG… 😂

    Keep it up though… can’t wait for the next parts and “THE” book…


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