Amtrak & Atlanta Airport: Occult Rituals & Coded Riddles

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Amtrak Cascades passenger train 501 derailed near DuPont Washington on 18 December 2017 on her maiden voyage, spilling cars off a railroad bridge over Interstate 5. The day earlier, a power outage paralyzed Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, the busiest in the world. All this chaos on America’s transportation routes one week before Christmas, and we know from past research that railways and blackouts are common tricks up the programmers’ sleeves. So while American transport infrastructure is on par with some third world countries (driving south from Vancouver BC across the border onto the I-5 like day and night) and a lot of American airports are in about as good a condition as bus terminals, it’s safe to assume that these were no coincidental accidents. Let’s see what the patterns have to say about it.

Let’s start with the basics, it happened at 7:33 AM a span of 17,033 days after Amtrak operations began. 733 is the 130th prime number. 13 cars derailed with 13 days left in the year in WA =13 that allegedly killed 3 injured 100 on the Point Defiance Bypass =103 traveling 130 kph a span of 10 months 3 days after a mock train derailment drill in Virginia. Amtrak’s full title: National Railroad Passenger Corporation =130. Washington =130. DowDuPont =130. LABRAT =13. Atlanta Airport =1003. 

Amtrak Cascades =113. LABRAT KNATS =113 as is tagged across the bridge. Georgia Power =113 and its said the power went out at Hartsfield–Jackson =113 around 11:30 AM and came back on around 11:30 PM. The Airport Blackout happened 113 days after the opening of Atlanta’s new Mercedes Benz Stadium10 months 13 days after Falcons lost Super Bowl LI, and 1 month 13 days after Atlanta’s 1-85 overpass was finished repairs (following its suspicious collapse last year). DuPont reminds us of the recent Dow-DuPont merger, the world’s most profitable chemical company, valued at $130 billion. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 3.44.40 PM.png

To tie it back into the initial 733 clue, the Airport Blackout happened 3003 weeks 7 days after airport’s first accident, a plane crash in 1960, and Mercedes-Benz Stadium opened 3 years 3 months 7 days after its groundbreaking ceremony. And to top it all off, Atlanta Falcons =733 in English Extended.

  • We can also view it in the other direction, 337 is the 68th prime number. Amtrak =68. Point Defiance Bridge =68. Lab Rat =68. Labrat Knats =1068. Governor Inslee =1068. Maynard Jackson =68. Super Bowl LII =68. The Falcons franchise was founded 1168 days after the founding of US Bank, stadium sponsor for the upcoming Super Bowl. Groundbreaking at Mercedes-Benz Stadium happened 168 days after groundbreaking at US Bank Stadium. The Derailment also occurred 1608 days after the Santiago de Compostela Derailment of 7/24/13 in Spain.

There’s a video clip of a local news broadcast from DuPont WA (shown on InfoWars) of a reporter showing buses purported to be full of train crash survivors, each with a tale of bravery and heroism, and the mayor and other emergency personnel already on site and training for just this sort of occurrence. That’s right, there was a mass casualty event drill occurring at the same time and the same place as this train crash – that seems to be most definitely empty for the staging. 

AMTRAK =36. Derailment =36. Labrat Knats =36. The blackout happened 3 weeks 6 days after the Georgia Dome was demolished and 13,600 days after Hartfield Jackson Airport =306 reopened in 1980. Falcon =306. Richard =306 Anderson =360 the new CEO of Amtrak. Daimler-Benz =1036. DowDuPont =136. Mike Courts =136 is the Mayor of DuPont. This derailment came exactly 136 weeks after the Philly Derailment, which we used to talk about so much, and 11,306 days after the first deadly Amtrak wreck (the Maryland Train Collision of 1987).

  • This one also came a pi-friendly span of 30 years 11 months 14 days after the Maryland Collision. Atlanta =314. The airport named after William B. Hartsfield =1314 and 13/14 of the train cars derailed. Hartsfield–Jackson =227. Joint Base Lewis-McChord =227. LABRAT KNATS =227. Transport Infrastructure =1722. The Georgia Dome was demolished 7 months 22 days after Atlanta’s I-85 bridge collapse.

People have been citing Planes Trains and Automobiles to describe these twin events, as in the 1987 film the character is trying to get home for the holidays but first his plane is diverted due to a blizzard then his train breaks down. The movie opened 30 years 22 days (10,980 days) before the Atlanta Airport Blackout. Sitting at an elevation of 322 feet (98 m) is the airfield for Joint Base Lewis–McChord, the US military’s “most troubled base,” whose main gate is located just five miles from the derailment.

The Joint Base merger happened exactly 411 weeks before the Derailment =1014 which happened 4 years 11 months 1 day after Jay Inslee became Governor of Washington. Amtrak =14. Atlanta Airport =114. Its first international flight was exactly 14 years 11 months before Amtrak’s first train.

Amtrak =18 Cascades =81 was going 81.1 mph on the 18th of the month and engine 181 derailed on a section of track that had just been upgraded as part of a $181 million project to improve Infrastructure =181. The first ever Amtrak incident happened 8 years 11 months 1 day after its start of operations.

  • Richard Anderson =81 the Amtrak CEO who just so happens to be the former CEO of Delta Airlines =181, its central hub located at none other than  Hartsfield–Jackson International Airport =181.
  • We see this coding repeating strongly through Atlanta as well: Hartsfield–Jackson =181. Hartsfield, the former mayor of Atlanta, died at the age of 80 years 11 months. Governor Inslee =1181. Falcons QB Matt Ryan was 11,801 days old the day this regular season began.

181 is the 42nd prime and Washington is the 42nd state. National Railroad Passenger Corporation =420. Derailment =42DuPont =142. DuPont Washington =204. LABRAT =204. Joint Base Lewis-McChord =2040. Transport Infrastructure =2004. Super Bowl Fifty-Two =204 at US Bank Stadium =204 on 2/4. Georgia =42. Hartsfield–Jackson International Airport =424/242. Falcons =420. DowDuPont =42. 

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8 thoughts on “Amtrak & Atlanta Airport: Occult Rituals & Coded Riddles

  1. Its amazing how everything comes together.

    To pick up on the train #501 & the blackout….There was a Blackout during Super Bowl 47 in New Orleans at MERCEDES BENZ Superdome. Falcons now play in brand new Mercedes Benz Stadium. From the Blackout SB on 2/3/13 to this years SB on 2/4/18 = 5yrs 1day – A tribute to Train 501 crashing onto I-5. Sort of how the Falcons crashed in SB51 last year?


    • Nice one. Blackout =510. Hartsfield Jackson =1050 and Dan Quinn became Falcons coach 1050 days before the airport blackout. That Blackout Bowl happened 15151 days after Superdome’s groundbreaking ceremony. WA =501. Amtrak Cascades =151. Hartsfield Jackson Airport =151. I’m reminded too of all the vehicle ramming predictive programming synchs in Mr Mercedes –
      published 15 days after Benz Stadium groundbreaking (and 1181 days before the Benz Stadium opened).


    • I also see the word KABALA hidden in there.

      Du Pont means ‘from the bridge’ as in, “le train est tombé du pont”. DuPont is said to have been behind the whole War on Drugs by getting hemp outlawed in favour of their plastics. So it’s fitting then that this crash happens in the Evergreen State, where weed was legalized on 3 Nov 12 a span of 5 years 1 month 15 days earlier (keeping with that sequence from the other comment thread).

      I also found this article documenting the DuPont Family as a “dynasty of satanic royalty”.


  2. Great breakdown and comments here. AMTRAK going off the rails on December 18 was Steven Spielberg’s 71st birthday. Spielberg was born 8,900 days before AMTRAK was founded. Spielberg =89. National Railroad Passenger Corporation + Steven Spielberg =189.

    spielberg + amtrak =314 (Baconis).
    National Railroad Passenger Corporation + Spielberg =227 (Jew Red.).
    The National Railroad Passenger Corporation and Steven Allan Spielberg =227/666 (Chaldean/Kabbalah).

    Now Spielberg put some Jews on trains in his movie “Schindler’s List”. The movie premiered in Washington (D.C.) that is. If you include the end day from the founding of Amtrak to the debut of “Schindler’s List” it was 22 years 7 months. Schindler’s List =227 (Kabbalah).

    Steven Allan Spielberg + Schindler’s List + National Railroad Passenger Corporation doing business as Amtrak =314 (Chaldean).
    Spielberg + National Railroad Passenger Corporation doing business as Amtrak =314.

    Your not gonna believe this one. The movie “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” debuted 314 weeks before the Washington, D.C. premier of “Schindler’s List”. Ha!

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  3. Dow/ Bank/ Washington/ Infrastructure/ Crash/ Super Bowl/ Lab Rats Knats (silent K, like G in Gnats, you K-now?).

    Bitcoin Creation = 314 (Baconis), 501 (J), 150 (JO).
    Bitcoin first mined “1-3-09” with ‘Genesis Block’ = 115 (JO), 331 (J), 68, 121 (US Treasury Mnuchin’s bday: 12/21).

    1-3-09 Bitcoin Creation date / # 1309 prime: 10733.

    Economist cover Jan’2015 Angry Panda (China) is peeing on George Washington’s face (dollar) near a global football, set for kick off (good zoom needed to see this). “PANIC” seen at Panda’s side, on the Pinko board game.

    Bitcoin Creation to Super Bowl 2018 = 9y 1m 1d.

    On XMAS 2017, ‘AC Chain’ youtube channel claims that a global basket for digital currency , A-SDR, will be “born”. A-SDR is a fund generated by anchoring Bitcoin and Etherium.
    It’s motto: “Wealth Power Peace” = 2203 (Jewish).
    Three Card Monte = 2203 (sq), 511 (Jewish).

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  4. Amtrak’s 5-1-71 start is exactly 314 days before Nixon closed the gold window (8-15-71) and the new financial infrastructure was changed to all fiat. (“Fiat money is currency that a government has declared to be legal tender, but it is not backed by a physical commodity.” (Investipedia.)

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