Columbine Coincidences

Columbine was the 262nd school shooting in American history, occurring under the administration of Clinton =262. The Central Intelligence Agency =262. Yes, I went through this list and counted, and learned that as of today there’s been a total of 461 school shootings in the United States since the first one in 1764. Interestingly, that first one (the Enoch Brown Massacre) happened during Pontiac’s Rebellion (part of the American Indian Wars) and Chief Pontiac himself was assassinated on 4/20 (1769) – exactly 230 years before the Columbine Massacre. (4/20 is also the birthday of both Adolf Hitler & Napoleon Bonaparte.)

  • That’s also a period of 12000 weeks 6 days between Pontiac’s assassination and Columbine. Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold =126. Columbine High =126. Columbine Colorado =1062. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold =260. The Virginia Tech Shooting was the 26th School Massacre in American history (Columbine the 20th exactly 2000 days after Denver International Airport opened). The last American school massacre was the one in Roseburg OR, which was the 36th all time.

On the subject, I would also really not be surprised to learn that the Enoch Brown Massacre was a total staged hoax. Native American terrorists storm a school house and tomahawk the teacher and 11 students, all during a rebellion against the British invaders, thus providing the moral panic to demonize all so-called savages. Especially in the 18th century, imagine how easy that news would be to fake. It also happened 11 years 11 months 9 days before American Independence Day. 

That 11-11-9 sequence also reminds us of the Mountain Meadows Massacre of 11 September 1857, one of the first known false flag attacks in American history when a group of Mormons disguised as indians attacked a wagon train – all to give the appearance of Native American aggression and thus provide justification for increased war measures against the aboriginal population. It happened exactly 144 years before 9-11-01, and there’s some real good coding in that story that I will share another time. For this post is about some crazy predictive programming surrounding the Columbine Massacre.

Eric & Dylan were big fans of the German industrial band KMFDM, who released their 11th album “Adios” on 4/20/99, the very day of the staged shooting at Columbine.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Way back in September of 1991, the news program 20/20 included a segment called ‘Death in the Classroom’ about the disturbing new phenomenon of Death Education – its feature school none other than Columbine High. Of all the thousands of schools in all the United States of America, they had to walk into theirs.

  • Promised Land (a spinoff of Touched by an Angel) was a TV show set in Denver Colorado and had an episode titled “A Day in the Life” cancelled on April 22nd, two days after Columbine (and incidentally Adam Lanza’s seventh birthday), for depicting a drive-by shooting outside a Denver high school.
  • The very same day, MTV aired a Justice Department-produced program called “Warning Signs” about violence and its effect on young people, scheduled before Columbine.

That very same week, a scheduled episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was postponed due to its also depicting a school shooting. “Earshot” features the protagonist discovering a new telepathic ability, which she uses to hear that someone is planning to kill all the students in the school. They find the boy assembling a rifle in a clock tower, apparently for mass murder but actually for suicide, and take his gun away. As I cover in the book, TV programs with parallel plots scheduled to air the same day or thereabouts as a nearly identical ‘real-world’ scenario is far from the exception, but rather the rule.

Now the craziest part of these two episodes featuring school shooting themes scheduled to air the week of the Columbine Massacre is that they were both Season 3 Episode 18.

And wouldn’t you know it: Columbine High School =318 (in Kabbalah) and the massacre happened 3 years 1 month 8 days after the Dunblane Massacre – the British Sandy Hook that, like Port Arthur in Australia, succeeded in effectively disarming the public. Not so much in America, where gun sales spike after mass shootings – staged or not.

  • The 318th prime number is 2111. Four Twenty =2111. World Government =2111. Buffy the Vampire Slayer =112 premiered 2 years 1 month 11 days before the Columbine Massacre, or 110 weeks 2 days.

Both episodes also pair: Earshot =112. Day in the Life =112. Buffy Summers =211. Stephen King’s book Rage (1977), about a school shooting, had 211 pages and came out 11,120 weeks after the first ever school shooting in America. Sandy Hook =112 happened 201 months 1 day after Dunblane. Mass Shooting =211. Mason =211. Satanic Rituals =211. Interestingly the day after Columbine was 2001 days after Denver International Airport opened, that creepy-ass locale.

Eric David Harris =93. Dylan Bennet Klebold =93. Eric Harris =63. Dylan Klebold =63. The massacre at Columbine High =63 in Jefferson County happened exactly 6 years 3 months after William Jefferson Clinton took office. School Shooting =63. False Flag Event =63. Make Believe =63. High School Massacre =363. Eric was born 363 days before the first school shooting in Littleton Colorado (which happened on 4/7/82). High School Massacre =163. Staged Shooting =163. Shooting Hoax =1163. 

  • The 63rd prime is 307. Freemason =307. The first ever school shooting in Denver Colorado happened on 17 October 1961, a suspiciously clean span of 13,700 days before Columbine (137 the 33rd prime). The school opened in September of ’73 (the same year the Twin Towers opened) which puts the Massacre =137 in its 307th month of existence. Virginia Tech =37 would go on to be the 307th school shooting in the history of America.

Digging further in the scripted history books we see that Columbine happened just 10 months 30 days after the Thurston High School Shooting (that killed 4 injured 25 in Oregon) and exactly 1030 months after the world’s first ever school massacre, which happened in Germany. Government Conspiracy =103. High School Massacre =103.

The Columbine Event also happened when Dylan was 17 years 7 months old, exactly 1707 weeks after the Texas Tower Sniper Massacre and 7 years 7 months after the aforementioned 20/20 episode. 17 years 7 months after the Oklahoma City Bombing was Sandy Hook, which happened when Adam Lanza was 1077 weeks old. The square root of Pi is 1.77 and while we’re not sharing any pi-coding in this post, best believe that once again – as always – the pi pattern continues to rule. (I’m also plotting a book that focuses solely on the Pi angle).

And these ones I’ve covered before but deserves repeating: Eric Harris and Dylan Kebold =1119. Dylan was born on 9/11 (yes, September 11th). The story goes that Eric & Dylan =119 had planned to follow-up their massacre, that started at 11:19 AM, by hijacking commercial airliners and crashing them into the skyscrapers of Manhattan – just like the ending of Stephen King’s book The Running Man. 

  • Writing under his pseudonym Richard Bachman, the protagonist on the run from hitmen on a reality TV show hijacks an airplane and plows it into the skyscraper headquarters of a television corporation – the tallest building in downtown New York. As the book’s final paragraph ominously reads:

“Heeling over slightly, the Lockheed struck the Games Building dead on, three quarters of the way up. Its tanks were still better than a quarter full. Its speed was slightly over five hundred miles an hour. The explosion was tremendous, lighting up the night like the wrath of God, and it rained fire twenty blocks away.”

And if anyone has any other killer Columbine intel, drop it in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Columbine Coincidences

  1. There’s a news video of the event showing the police dragging a dummy off of the grass. In another shot, a man with a clipboard is following a sniper on the roof. This was a drill.

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  2. OK so basically I’ve learned from your posts that you can put on your clipboard
    “come on people, you can’t make this up”
    then pretty much paste it at the end of every paragraph.

    Thanks again for an articulated lifting of the wool.

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  3. I appreciate the dark humor with the well-placed ‘Casablanca’ line, BBerg: It’s so fitting!
    Casablanca = 162 (J)
    White House = 137 (K)
    Play it again, Uncle Sam = 1037 (J) (as in psy-op)

    Some Hollywood & New Yorker Magazine synchs, too:

    ‘The Bad Seed’ (9-12-56) release to Columbine = 2222w 6d (film length: 129 min).

    ‘In Cold Blood’ = 192 / 1st published in New Yorker Magazine series:( 9-25-65) to Columbine=12,260d.

    Truman Capote’s (1/1966), documentary-like novel, covers the creepy, random, and middle-of-nowhere,Kansas, murders (Herbert Cutter Family = 119,216) by two male outcasts.

    Cutter Murders (11-15-59) to Columbine = 14,401d.

    Film release ( Sandy Hook) 12-14-1967 to Columbine = 31y 4m 1w span (Pi code).

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  4. How about the Mandalay Bay opened 49 days before the Columbine Shooting? Eric David Harris’ birthday was 4/9. The 49th Prime is 227.

    Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino + Columbine High School massacre =227.

    Eric was the Pi reflection age of 17 years 11 months 22 days when the Mandalay Bay opened.
    Mandalay Bay + Eric Harris =227/666 (Kabbalah/Primes).

    Eric Harris + Dylan Klebold =329 (Bacon). 329th Prime is 2207.
    Columbine High shooters Eric Harris Dylan & Klebold =227.

    The Columbine High School massacre psychological operation =314 (Rev. Single Red.)
    September eleventh psychological operation =227.

    Everything you know is a lie =314 (Kabbalah).
    Circumvent the gentile =227 (Jewish Ordinal).

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  5. “Heeling over slightly, the Lockheed struck the Games Building dead on, three quarters of the way up. Its tanks were still better than a quarter full. Its speed was slightly over five hundred miles an hour. The explosion was tremendous, lighting up the night like the wrath of God, and it rained fire twenty blocks away.”
    Three quarters plus one quarter = 4 quarters
    500 miles
    20 blocks
    As we know 0s mean nothing in numerology; thus, we have 4+5+2=11, the Twin Towers, also, 4+5=9 and the 20=2 or 2 ones for 11. You have your 911 again. TPTB love their occult numbers and leaving their calling cards, like an artist signing their work.

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