Another Melbourne Ramming (and the Drowning of Harold Holt)

Another vehicle ramming attack in Melbourne =48, this one on Flinders =48 Street coming exactly 48 weeks after the last vehicle ramming in the Melbourne CBD. It happened the day after the Mayor of Melbourne took a leave of office in the wake of sexual harassment allegations. We compare the two events to find parallel coding and the big number that stands out is 12 (4+8) here in the 12th month. For a segue alphanumeric, Illuminati =48/120. 

Now, the first Vehicle Ramming Attack =120 happened on 1/20 on Bourke Street =211 and this one on the corner of Flinders and Elizabeth =112/121 on the date 12/21 or the Twenty-First of December =102 coming a span of 11 months 2 days apart. This latest crash also comes 11 months 21 days after Australia’s birthday and 12 days before its next, 1102 days after the Sydney Siege and 1 year 2 days after the Berlin Attack killed 12 people. Melbourne Australia =102. Flinders =102. Flinders St =120. Down Under =120. Australia =102. Xmas =12/21/112.

  • The Aussie PM is Malcolm =12 Turnbull =120/1002. Prime Minister Turnbull =102. Mayor Robert Doyle =211 who became Melbourne’s mayor on 12/1 (1 Dec 2008). Doyle =121 made his official statement in response to the sexual harassment allegations on 12/17, the 50th anniversary of the death of Harold Holt.
  • Harold Edward Holt =102 was Australia’s 17th Prime Minister who’s presumed to have drowned in the ocean off Cheviot Beach =102 near Portsea =120 on the outskirts of Melbourne, 1 year 10 months 21 days into office, 1 year 21 days after his election, and 10 months 21 days after Australia Day. We’ll explore more about PM Holt in a moment, but Cheviot Beach was named after an 1887 shipwreck in the same location – on 10/20. 

Holt’s swearing in was delayed due to the death of Defence Minister Shane Paltridge =211 who died suddenly on 21/1 another parallel span of 11 months 21 days before his next birthday. So much in Australia associated with this 12/21 pattern, which may suggest the upcoming date of 1/2 as a target; January Second =201 coming exactly 120 weeks after Turnbull took office and 2 months 10 days after his birthday.

As it turns out, 1/2/18 is 66,600 days after the city of Melbourne was established. We see that Melbourne also has an area of 9990 km² which makes for an interesting parallel. Australian =696. Bourke St =666. The Lord Mayor of Melbourne took office at the appropriate age of 19,960 days old. Defence Minister Paltridge, at whose funeral Holt was pallbearer, died 696 days before the vanishing of Holt.

  • Vehicle Ramming Attack =82. Melbourne =828. Australia =128. Australians =128. Lord Mayor Doyle =182. Both these incidents occurred in Melbourne’s 182nd year as a city, the recent attack coming  8 weeks 2 days / 1 month 28 days after Turnbull’s birthday and 118 weeks 2 days / 828 days after he took office.
  • We can segue into the next part of the story here, as our 1/2/18 target comes 18,280 days after the death of Prime Minister Harold Holt =128/1208/281 who died 8200 days after the last Australian Prime Minister to die in office, John Curtin =828 (on 7/5/45) – who in turned died 2282 days after the first Aussie PM to die in office, Joseph Lyons (4/7/39) some 28 years before the disappearance of Holt.

This attack happened 9 months 11 days after the Westminster Attack and 9 years 11 months 10 days since Lord Mayor Robert Doyle took office. Flinders Street Station =119. And 911 the 156th prime number. False Flag =156. Twenty First of December Twenty Seventeen =156. 

Holt =330. Harold Edward Holt =333 died exactly 33 weeks before his birthday.

There’s some pretty funny conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Harold Holt, an experienced swimmer who knew that cove like the back of his hand, and whose body was never found. The fake death rumours abounded, some saying that he ran off with a lover, or was assassinated by the CIA. Apparently the most popular one that he was taken away by a Chinese submarine – either he was a Communist agent working undercover for Beijing or that he was kidnapped and brainwashed for intel.

  • Submarine =102. Communism =120. HMAS =21. Sub =21. On the similar date 1/21 of 2018 it will be 3 years 10 months 14 days after MH-370 vanished, or 3 years 10 months 4 days on 1/12 (exactly 201 weeks), which makes that a good target date as well.

With the submarine story in mind, news from the same day as the latest Melbourne Vehicle Ramming says that the wreck of Australia’s first naval submarine has been found after a 103-year search. The HMAS AE-1 was the first Allied submarine lost in World War One, vanishing off Rabaul, Papua New Guinea with 35 Australian and British crewmates onboard on 14 September 1914. The discovery solves Australia’s oldest naval mystery, the government said. And fun fact speaking about disappearances, the submarine was discovered by the same ship that searched in vein for Flight MH-370.

And two days earlier The Diplomat wrote this article about China’s bid to dominate the global submarine export market. I’m also reminded of the Swedish journalist Kim =21 Wall =12 who disappeared after boarding a submarine owned by a famous Danish entrepreneur / inventor Peter Madsen =120 (born 1/12) who has now been charged with her murder after Wall’s dismembered body was discovered on the 21st of August, the day of the Solar Eclipse.

I haven’t looked into that story at all but I think I’m gonna have to. Wall’s body was found when she was 11,109 days old and the day after Madsen was 17,022 days old, a couple solid finds to start us off well. 

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