A Vikings Twins Trick: The Longest Yard

Hal Bedsole and Pervis Atkins were two former NFL players who both passed away on 22 December 2017. What’s immediately interesting is that they’re both associated with the Minnesota Vikings, the hosts of this season’s Super Bowl 52. Bedsole played for the Vikings his entire yet brief NFL career (1964-1966) while Atkins was selected in 1960 (the AFL’s first draft) to the then nameless Minneapolis franchise that would become the Oakland Raiders. Further, they also died on the same day as Pam the Funkstress, a hip-hop DJ associated with both The Coup (the band with the album art detonating the Twin Towers) and Prince – who was born & died in Minnesota, all purple reign like the Vikings.

  • Hal Bedsole =52 and Pervis Atkins =52 coded for Super Bowl 52 in Minnesota =52 just like Prince Nelson =52 who died at Paisley Park =52 in the town of Chanhassen =52. The Vikings =52 owned by Zygmunt Wilf =52. Twin =252. This Twins Trick for the Twin Cities came 205 weeks 2 days after Mike Zimmer was hired as head coach of the Vikings. Minneapolis–Saint Paul =205. Super Bowl LII =1205. 

Further, Pervis Atkins acted in the 1974 film The Longest Yard =52/205 which opened a perfect span of exactly 520 months before his death. We see this number repeating again as Atkins & Bedsole also died 520 days after the death of former Vikings coach Denny Green (who passed away the day before Minnesota’s US Bank Stadium opened). Quite a few 52s for SB 52 as Vikings pull to a 12-3 record, looking mighty strong as Super Bowl contenders.

Bedsole & Atkins were born exactly 317 weeks apart, and (this is really amazing) both died exactly 3107 weeks after the birth of Prince. Especially amazing when we find this gem synch: Super Bowl LII =317.  *UPDATE* On 12/24 Jerry Kindall died, a former baseball player for the Minnesota Twins born in St Paul Minnesota. His full name Gerald Donald Kindall =317 and on 12/31, the last day of the NFL season, he would have been 30,170 days old… Very interesting.

Bedsole & Atkins died exactly 74 weeks after the opening of US Bank Stadium =47/147. Super Bowl =1407. Super Bowl LII =47. Minnesota MN =47. The Twin Cities =47/74. The Vikings =474. Viking =74. The Longest Yard =74. Pam the Funkstress =74. Prince Rogers Nelson =74. Dennis Green =174. Mike Zimmer =174. Teddy Bridgewater =174. 

  • The day after this Twins Trick associated with Minnesota, the Vikings defeated their arch rivals the Packers 16-0, their first shutout since 1993. Incidentally that was the Vikings’ 33rd season, back when Denny Green was head coach. The Vikings also have the chance to be the first team in NFL history to reach the Super Bowl in their home stadium, which again opened the day after Denny Green died (in a pretty blatant blood sacrifice).

Bedsole & Atkins were born 2220 days apart and died on 12/22. Vikings quarterback: Teddy Bridgewater =222. Theodore Bridgewater Jr =2022. Vikings Super Bowl =222. 

The Longest Yard leads us to a clue from its Wikipedia that the film starred a Pittsburgh Steeler & a Minnesota Viking. 20 weeks 4 days after its release was Super Bowl IX with , that’s right, Steelers defeating the Vikings. This season is 42 years after that game. Longest Yard =42.

Now we also find a very clean span of 4 years 20 days between the deaths of Atkins & Bedsole and the groundbreaking ceremony at US Bank Stadium =42. Coach Zimmer was hired the parallel duration of 4 years 20 days before the upcoming Super Bowl =42 at US Bank Stadium =204 on 2/4 in Minneapolis–Saint Paul =240. Minnesota =142. 

  • Prince =42. Chanhassen Minnesota =402. Pam the Funkstress =204. The Twin Cities =242. Twin =24/42. Mike Zimmer =242. It was 24 years since The Vikings =124 had a shutout. Denny Green =42. LII =24. Vikings Steelers =242. 

The 42nd prime is 181. They died 1 year 8 months 1 day after the death of Prince.

It’s also interesting to note that The Longest Yard was remade in 2005, before the season that once again saw the Pittsburgh Steelers go on to win Super Bowl XL. Making it even more blatant, the 2005 remake starred Adam Sandler as, yes, a disgraced former QB for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  • SB XL came exactly 1621 weeks after Steelers’ SB IX victory. With this in mind, the following duration should resonate: Super Bowl LII comes exactly 626 weeks after Super Bowl XL. Excluding end date Atkins & Bedsole were born 6 years 26 days apart.
  • Denny Green =626. This latest Vikings shutout came 1262 weeks after their last shutout at home. Atkins & Bedsole died 6 weeks 2 days before Super Bowl LII =62 in Minneapolis =62. Vikings Super Bowl =1260. Vikings Steelers =1260. 

Teddy Bridgewater =262. Bedsole =206/26/62. Pam the Funkstress =62. Minnesota Vikings =261. Super Bowl =260. Twin Cities =260. Prince Rogers Nelson =260. Twin =206. 

One thought on “A Vikings Twins Trick: The Longest Yard

  1. Whenever I see twins I think of Issac and Rebekah’s twins in the bible. They were fighting in the womb and are two nations in the “Old Testament”. A continuous parallel of biblical mockery or biblical symbolism.
    “Biblical Mockery”-Full Reducation=68/The divisors sum to “126”
    “Old Testament”-Reverse Full Red.=68(68/86)
    “Bible Symbolism”-Reverse Full Red.=86
    “Sixty-Eight”-Reverse Full Red.=52
    “Prophecy”-Full Reduction=52(Prince told Tavis Smiley in an interview “All we have to go by is prophecy”)
    “Twins In The Bible”-Chaldean=52
    “Two Nations In The Womb”-Full Red.=88
    “Professional Football”-Full Red.=88
    “Old Testament”-Sumerian=888

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