Heather Menzies Ritual Sacrifice & the AI Overlord of Logan’s Run

Heather Menzies, the actress who played Louisa von Trapp in The Sound of Music (for some reason considered a Christmas movie) died this Christmas Eve at the age of 68. She’s also known for her role in the TV version of Logan’s Run, based on a novel written by George Clayton Johnson (who died on Christmas Day 2015), about a world where time of death is determined according to one’s astrological chart. Sound familiar?

  • Let’s start with some bomb Pi synchs that our awesome reader-contributor WhatsInAName found  for us. Remembering the LABRAT graffiti from the Washington Amtrak Derailment, she finds a Disney TV show called Lab Rats that premiered on 2/27 (of 2012). Disney Lab Rats =227. Trump was elected 1 year 2 months 27 days before Super Bowl LII, which is 7 months 22 days after his birthday.

What I’m initially interested in here with the death of Heather Menzies is the age at which her husband Robert Urich =272 died: 20,207 days old. Especially when it’s reported that Heather “took her last breath on this earth at 7:22 PM.” Further, her Sound of Music co-star Charmian Carr passed away last year, and she was born on 12/27. 

Menzies played Jessica 6 in the TV series Logan’s Run, a technocratic dystopia disguised as a hedonistic utopia where equilibrium in the name of sustainability is maintained by ritually murdering everyone who reaches the age of 30. When the super-computer says your time is up – you die. Sounds like a very clear metaphor for the use of ritual celebrity sacrifices in our world.

The stand-out Wikipedia trivia is that in the film version of Logan’s Run the City is controlled by a computer and in the series it’s run by a secret cabal of old men. Very intriguing, considering how more and more of us are beginning to think that our reality is being programmed not so much by the occult elite but by the Artificial Intelligence pulling their strings.

This is a shot from the movie, these hooded figures performing a ritual to some sort of flower of life symbol. I haven’t seen the movie yet so if anyone has insight let us know. I do count 36 people there and a 30-year lifespan is exactly 360 months – like full circle, one trip around the Great Wheel, its dimensions mapped out with pi-like precision. Remember the American Revolutionary War lasted 3060 days.

In the original book version of Logan’s Run, the oldest man in the world (age 42) works from within the system to destroy it, believing that the computer controlling the global infrastructure (buried beneath Crazy Horse Mountain) is beginning to malfunction and that the society will die with it. That’s a crazy concept, and one that actually makes a lot of sense in our reality – that the script is being written by an alien artificial intelligence that is going or has already gone insane.

  • The AI overlord in the film instructs Logan to find the mythical land of Sanctuary =33 and destroy it, an operation code-named Procedure 033-03.
  • The 33rd prime is 137 and Menzies died 1 year 3 months 7 days after the death of her Sound of Music co-star named Charmian =133 with the initials CC=33 who played the Von Trapp named Liesl =33. Robert Urich =137.

We find another awesome long count synch when we look into the big star of The Sound of Music, Julie =33 Andrews. Dame Julia Elizabeth Julie Andrews =3030 was exactly 30,300 days old when Heather Menzies died. The former dictator of Spain, Francisco Franco died at the same age of 30,300 days old. That Lab Rats show premiered exactly 303 weeks before the Amtrak Derailment.

Logan’s Run had a series run of 144 days. Menzies-Urich =1044 died a span of 1404 days after Maria von Trapp, the last surviving member of the Von Trapps, who she played in the film as Louisa von Trapp =1441. Lab Rats =144 premiered 104 weeks 4 days before Super Bowl 52.

  • Menzies-Urich =206 also died 200 weeks 6 days after the death of Louisa von Trapp =62 from The Sound of Music =206. Trapp =26. Christmas =26. Jessica Six =126. Andrews =26 and Julie Andrews had her film debut as Mary Poppins =1260/162. Disney Lab Rats =162. 

Robert Urich Foundation =311. Menzies died 1 year 11 months 30 days after George Clayton Johnson and Maria Von Trapp, matriarch of the Trapp Family Singers, died at the age of 30,011 days old. Dame Julia Elizabeth Andrews =113. Julie =113. 

There’s a stream in Pennsylvania called Logan’s Run – a farfetched clue for the Steelers?

UPDATE: Our awesome reader Wendy ran a long count between the deaths of Heather Menzies and Farrah Fawcett, who had a role in the Logan’s Run movie and found another pi-coded duration of 3104 days between them. I’m reminded that Michael Jackson died in a Twins Trick on the same days as Fawcett – and that another Michael Jackson, a wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens, died in a motorcycle wreck this year on 5/12/17. How long is that before Menzies? 227 days, of course.

14 thoughts on “Heather Menzies Ritual Sacrifice & the AI Overlord of Logan’s Run

  1. Great work again. I checked the date of Farrah Fawcett’s death (June 25, 2009) who has a small part in Logan’s run to Menzies death and it works out to 3104 days apart. Another pi code, crazy stuff.

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      • Funny you see “Goat of Mendes”, one of her songs in Sound of Music is called “Lonely Goatherd”, the other song she sang in was “So Long Farewell” lol. Crazy stuff you discovered with Lee Majors too. His other show was “The Fall Guy”……

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      • I immediately thought Heather Menses( mensez): not to mention that ‘heather’ is a variety of small shrubs! A different kind of cycle… BBerg did mention the mass suicides in the matriarchal Xanthos…don’t get me started on Farrah Faucet ;D

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      • I don´t know about the TV series, but the UK Premier of “Logan´s Run” ( Movie with Michael York + Jenny Agutter) was Sept 30,1976. That is 15060 days before Heather Menzies (156 EO) death.

        You mentioned that the show had a run of 144 days…

        Time = 144 (Jewish)
        Twenty Two divided by Seven equals Pi = 144 (Full Reduction)

        There are 360 degress in a circle…

        Threehundred Sixty = 227 (English Ordinal) >> 22:7 = 3.14 = Pi

        227 converted into a time scale can be 2 month and 27 days. 2 month and 27 days equals 88 days. The number “88” is made of 4 circles.
        4 circles have altogether 1440° ( 4x 360).
        One day has 1440 minutes ( 24 hours x 60 minutes)

        Two circles attached to each other form the number “8”, turned sideways, it symbolizes Infinity. Are we going in around in circles til infinity, programmed and mis – guided, by an AI? An andless loop of repeating pattern? What a dreadful thought

        Great findings again BB, lot´s of insight. Many thanks Andi

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      • Oh wow and Lee Majors was 70 years 2 months 2 days old when Farrah Fawcett died! Crazy.

        Lee Majors =114 will be exactly 4111 weeks old on Super Bowl Sunday – may be his number’s up.

        Jan 29 will be 3140 days after Farrah’s death, and Majors will be 4110 weeks 1 day old – the same sequence. Lee =14 Majors =41


  2. Disneyland, about 2 hours ago, reports an ongoing major power outage. I saw most recent tweet about park only allowing re-entry guests : 7 /22 / 70 #’s at bottom of it! Big Thunder Railroad, Monorail, and Fantasyland out of power…

    The national tour of the stage ‘Musical'(= 666), The Sound of Music, starred Florence Henderson and began on 2-27-61 and closed 11-23-63…which totals 999 days, the day after JFK assassination.

    I think this “AI” is the ‘same old ‘= 314 / ‘the fallen angels’ = 666 (both satanic).

    Andrews as “Maria Rainier” (witches call the force: Mariah, not Lucifer, according to John Todd/ Collins), stretches her arms out mocking a crucifixion pose in front of a mountain/pyramid. “Pierce” County, WA, train crash: not far from Mount “Rainier” and Puget “Sound”.

    Psalm 22:7 All they that see me laugh me to scorn: they shoot out the lip,they shake the head… (Psalm of the Cross KJV)

    “Rainier” etymology: a boy’s name of Old Norse and Old German origin meaning–
    “judgment warrior” and “deciding warrior”.

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