Bronx-Mumbai Fire Ritual

Fire in the Bronx kills 12 people in what is described as the borough’s worst blaze since the Happy Land Fire of 25 March 1990, which incidentally occurred on the 79th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 25 March 1911, the fourth largest industrial disaster in US history. The media was talking about Happy Land in the wake of the Oakland Warehouse Fire, as both fires occurred during parties in unlawful spaces under investigation. Exactly five hours after the Bronx Fire, a fire broke out in Mumbai India at a rooftop restaurant, killing 14.

The BBC’s video clip of the news is 1:14 and the two events occurred 10,140 days apart. New York’s Mayor De Blasio was born Warren Wilhelm =1140, took office on 1/1/14, and this fire that killed Twelve =1140 happened 4 months 11 days before De Blasio’s birthday. Trump =114. Fire Ritual =114. Twelve Dead =1014. Bronx New York =1104. If we add 110 weeks 4 days to the 12/23/15 Fire at Aleister Crowley’s Boleskine Manor we arrive at Super Bowl LII (two days later being 777 days later).

  • Andrew Cuomo =262/126 born 10/26. De Blasio =26. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio =126. Governor Cuomo =62. Bronx =26/62. Belmont Bronx =206/62. Sacrifice =206/62. Bronx Apartment Fire =1602/206. Bronx New York =262. It’s said there’s 12 dead 6 injured. The Grenfell Fire happened exactly 1262 months after Titanic sunk.
  • Kamala Mills =206/26 was the restaurant in Mumbai India =1206. The PM of India is Narendra Modi =62.

The worst since the Happy Land Fire =126 (which broke out 1 year 2 months 6 days after George Bush Sr took office) happened 1 year 26 days after the Oakland =126 Fire and 2 years 6 days after the fire at Aleister Crowley’s manor – which happened two days before a fire at Bill Clinton’s birth place; Clinton born 2 months 6 days after Trump.

Bronx =67. Bronx New York =67. India =67. Modi =67. Blood Sacrifice =67. It happened 607 days after the Fort McMurray Fire. Governor Cuomo =67. Cuomo =67. Mayor De Blasio =67. A surname that sounds like “Da Blaze, Yo” in ebonics. Trump was also born 67 days after Clinton. Super Bowl LII comes 10,607 days after George W Bush took office. United States =167. 

  • The Mumbai Fire broke out in a restaurant called One Above =156 in Kamala Mills =156 at 6:51 PM (UTC), the exact same local time as the Bronx Fire started, 6:51 PM (EST), exactly 56 weeks after the Oakland Fire and exactly 156 weeks after the death of Cuomo’s father, the 52nd Governor of New York; his son the 56th Governor of New York State =1056 and De Blasio is 56 years old. Donald J Trump =1056. Ritual Sacrifice =1506. 

The death of Mario Cuomo is something to look into. Mark Cuomo became Governor exactly 1461 weeks after his father became Governor and 1461 days before his father died. The Bronx Fire happened 6 months 14 days after the Grenfell Tower Fire of 6/14. London Taxi =614/1064 which is a nicely coded theme restaurant next door to the Mumbai Fire, which is probably a big clue to something upcoming.

Fire =46/64. Sacrifice =46. We see in the top picture fire engine #46 which is featured prominently in most of the images of the fire. Governor Cuomo =46/64. Warren Wilhelm =46. De Blasio =64. Donald J Trump =46. Happy Land Fire =64. Happy Land =146 was located at zipcode 10460 in the Bronx New York =604. Happy Land Social Club =1164. Grenfell Tower =1146 which burned exactly 40,600 days after the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 caused the first four skyscraper fires in world history, none of which resulted in collapse.

  • The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire killed 146 people. Super Bowl LII comes 16 years 4 months after 9/11/01. The Great Fire of Rome was in 64 CE and in 406 CE an inferno burned much of Constantinople. This Bronx Fire happened the same day as the death of Rose Marie Mazzetta =1464.

And this interesting: Trump was 15,990 days old for the Happy Land Fire (which was five days short of coming 599 weeks before 9/11) and Super Bowl LII comes 5990 days after 9/11/01. Walt Disney =1599. Fire Sacrifice =566.

Rose Marie died on the same day, 12/28. I’m reminded of the song Evil by Interpol which stars “Rosemary, heaven restores you in life,” from their 2004 album Antics which released 4840 days before the death of Marie. She’s associated with Dick Van Dyke, who is associated with Julie Andrews through Mary Poppins and thus the death of Heather Menzies four days earlier. Van Dyke will be exactly 4804 weeks old on 1/8/18, the day of the College Football National Championship, which is also 484 days after Trump’s election.

The Twin Towers stood for exactly 1484 weeks and the Eiffel Tower was completed 1484 days after the Washington Monument. This Bronx Fire happened 1448 weeks 4 days after the Happy Land Fire and the Mumbai Fire happened in the Kamala Mills Compound =1848. On 1/18/18, George Bush Sr will be exactly 4884 weeks old.

Happy Land is the name of the mini golf course where Happy Gilmore works on his short game and anger management. The movie came out 1146 weeks before Super Bowl LII. There’s an actual Happy Land amusement park in Southern India, like the Twins Trick fire ritual occurring in Mumbai. 

2 thoughts on “Bronx-Mumbai Fire Ritual

  1. Great work, I was hoping for something on the fires. 2017 has definitely been a year of sacrifice by fire. Glad to have you back. Thank you.


  2. So much fire/sacrifice synchs: 46/64

    Reagan’s 911 Emergency Day Proclamation (8-26-87) to 9-11-01 = 14y 16d.
    Dubai Tower Fire & Obama’s bday (8-4-17) to Bronx Fire = 146d.
    Grenfell Fire & Trump’s bday (6-14-17) to Bronx Fire = 6m 14d.

    Chicago Iroquois Theatre Fire (12-30-1903) to SB 52 = 114y 1m 6d span.
    NYC Baal (fire god) Arch (9-19-16) to SB 52 = 1y 4m 16d.

    Rose Marie Mazzetta / Rosetta Stone created 196 BC.
    196 BC was the 146th Olympiad of Ancient Greek era.

    1st 911 National Emergency Day (9-11-1987) to SB 52 = 11,104d.
    Obama’s birth (8-4-61) to SB 52 = 56y 6m (566th prime: 4111)
    Iroquois Fire to Bronx Fire = 1d short of 114y span,

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