Liberian President Weah

Liberia has elected former football legend George Weah as their new president, set to take office on 1/16 of 2018. Widely considered one of the greatest African players of all-time, he was the first and only African to win the Ballon d’Or, the coveted award won five times each by Messi & Ronaldo. He ran on the platform of Change For Hope, which is pretty much a direct ripoff of Obama’s campaign, and in case your African geography isn’t up to snuff, Liberia was the continent’s first nation to proclaim its independence (26 July 1847) making it the oldest modern republic in Africa.

President George Weah =102 was born 10,200 days after the current president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf =102, who will have been in office for exactly 12 years when she leaves. President Ellen Sirleaf =102 was the first elected female head of state in Africa. Weah’s vice-president is the wife of former Liberian President, similarly coded: Charles McArthur Ghankay Taylor =102. Liberian =120. Illuminati =120. 

Monrovia Liberia =201 is the capital synched up: President George Weah =201. His full name: President George Tawlon Manneh Oppong Ousman Weah =201. Schwarzenegger =201 is coded likewise, the most famous athlete celebrity turned politician.

The 21st President of Liberia was Samuel =21 Doe =12 who murdered the previous president and was himself tortured and brutally executed by a man named Prince Johnson, who ran against Weah in this election. Speaking about Prince and Football, the widow of the president Doe overthrew escaped to Minnesota.

  • That 12 year stint of Sirleaf’s is also exactly 626 weeks and this election was on 12/26. Liberia =126. Liberian =26. African =62. African Union =62. Africom =62. President Weah =602 played the longest for AC Milan =26. Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger =126. 

Jewel Taylor is Weah’s vice-president, the former First Lady of Liberia married to Charles Taylor, who was the 22nd President for exactly 2200 days. I mean c’mon. Monrovia =22. African =22. Milan =22. Weah =222.

Notice that’s also 314 weeks. Charles McArthur Ghankay Taylor =314. This news comes when President Ellen Sirleaf =314/227 is the age of 4130 weeks old (exactly 950 months). The Republic of Liberia =314.

  • Schwarzenegger =1314 took office 2 years 2 months 7 days after 9/11/01. The widow of the 20th Liberian President who escaped to Minnesota of all places died there in 1997, a pi span of 20 years 2 months 27 days before Super Bowl LII.

Arnold Schwarzenegger =242 took office exactly 14 years 2 months before George Weah =124/42 will take office. President George Weah =204/1224. President Weah =204/1224. The Liberian election came 1424 weeks 2 days after President Samuel Doe was tortured and dragged naked through the streets before having his ears, fingers and toes cut off to prove that he wasn’t protected by black magic then being decapitated. Doe once a staunch ally of the United States.

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