Francisco Franco’s Daughter & the Catalonian Constitutional Crisis

Carmen Franco, the only child of Spanish dictator General Francisco Franco, passed away on 12/29 at the age of 91. This is but another chess move in Spain where a lot of shit is going down this year, like the Barcelona Attack of 8/17 followed by the Catalan Declaration of Independence of 10/10 and the regional elections of 12/21 that saw pro-Catalan Independence parties win a majority government – then two days later Barcelona FC (representing the people) march into the capital of Spain to humiliate Real Madrid (representing the state) in the El Clasico, as Messi appears to take back supremacy over Ronaldo. All of this is connected, and tied to even bigger movements afoot.

Carmen Franco died on the 55th birthday of Carles =55 Puigdemont =505 who is the President of Catalonia, re-elected on 12/21, and currently in exile after Spain issued arrest warrants following the Declaration of Independence =55. Quite an interesting scene indeed over there. Quite an interesting day for the death of the only offspring of Generalisimo Francisco Franco =155. The 2018 UEFA Champions League Final on 5/26/18 comes 5 weeks 5 days after the Catalonia Election.

Francisco =33 Franco =33 died at the age of exactly 30,300 days old. We just mentioned this a few days ago as Dame Julie Andrews was the same age of 30,300 days old when Heather Menzies died, five days before Carmen Franco, who died eleven days after she turned 33,333 days old (which she was on the day of the Amtrak Crash, 12/18). The Prime Minister of Spain is Mariano Rajoy =33 and was in office exactly 303 weeks when Catalonia declared its independence.

Thirty-Three =156. Francoist Spain =156. Francisco Franco =1560. Carmen Franco died exactly 1560 weeks after the death of her mother. The 2018 UEFA Champions League Final on 5/26/18 comes 156 days after the Catalonia Election, watch Barcelona FC go the distance there. King Felipe VI was also on the throne for 1156 days for the Barcelona Attack. False Flag =156.

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 2.46.43 PM.png

General Francisco Franco =126/261/620. Francisco Franco =260. Franco =26. Duchess of Franco =62. Carmen Franco First Duchess of Franco =1260/162. Spanish Civil War =261. Spanish =26. Espana =26. Catalonia =26/126. Barcelona FC =126. Lionel Messi =262/62.

  • Independence =62/260. Carmen Franco died 260 days before her birthday and was born in ’26 a clean 20 weeks 6 days after the birth of Queen Elizabeth. She also died 16 weeks 2 days before Elizabeth’s next birthday. On 2/6 Elizabeth took the throne, 1126 weeks after her birth, and she was coronated on 6/2. Queen =26/62. Crown =26/62. 

Carmen Franco had a daughter named Maria who was born on 26/2. Further, Carmen’s mother, the wife of Francisco Franco, died on 2/6 (of 1988), exactly 36 years after Elizabeth took the throne. King Felipe VI =620. Felipe VI =162. Francisco Franco died 11,162 days after Adolf Hitler =162 and exactly 626 weeks after the assassination of JFK.

Actor James Franco was exactly 2060 weeks old for the 10/10 Declaration of Independence.

Carmen Franco =666 was married for 666 days when Queen Elizabeth took the throne upon the death of her father. Citizen =666. Humanity =666. The World =666.

  • Curiously, Super Bowl Fifty-Two =1205 comes exactly 125 years 2 months after the birth of Francisco =52 Franco, which is exactly 1502 months. Carmen died 125 years 25 days after the birth of her father and 252 days after Queen Elizabeth’s birthday, as well as 15 weeks 2 days after her own birthday. Franco died 2052 weeks after the start of the Spanish Civil War. James Franco =1152 was 2052 weeks old for the Barcelona Attack.

Fascism =25. Carles Puigdemont =250. Puigdemont =52. Francoist Spain =52. Leo Messi =52. Lionel Messi =125/152. King Felipe VI =125/52. Felipe VI =152 was married 525 weeks before he became King of Spain.

The Catalan Declaration of Independence happened exactly 15,300 days after the death of Franco. Kingdom of Spain =153. Crisis =153. The Illuminati =153. The Secret Society =1053. Carmen Franco =531. And 153 is the 17th triangular number, the number everything in Spain this year has revolved around (search for my work on the Barcelona Attacks for more information).

Benito Mussolini died at the age of exactly 61 years 9 months old (exactly 3222 weeks or 741 months), just two days after Hitler died. Felipe VI of Spain took the throne on 6/19 and Carmen Franco died 6 years 9 days (314 weeks) after PM Rajoy took office. Lionel Messi =69. Queen Elizabeth =69. Carmen Franco =69. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 10.02.08 PM.png

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