Lab Rats – Ultimate Tailgate Challenge

Let’s take a closer look at Disney’s Lab Rats with regards to the LABRAT KNATS graffiti on the bridge where the Amtrak derailed on 12/18, the day after the power went out at Atlanta Airport and nine days before the blackout at Disneyland on 12/27. In particular there’s an episode of this show called ‘Ultimate Tailgate Challenge’ that just may be full of clues for Super Bowl LII.

Ultimate Tailgate Challenge” is the 21st episode in Season 4 of Lab Rats: Bionic Island and the 93rd episode overall. It first aired on December 2, 2015 and features the appearance of special guest Willie McGinest – the former New England Patriot. I watched the episode and it not only references a woman pretending to be a man named TOM to play quarterback, one line says something to the effect of, “that’s not chicken you’re eating, that’s FALCON.” Of course last year’s Super Bowl was Patriots over Falcons.

The bionic gang of Lab Rats (promoting the transhuman agenda) are all pretty awful to each other. In this episode they go to the Big Game between the Mission Creek State Pioneers (in blue and yellow like the LA Rams) and the Mission Creek Tech Vikings; the Vikings of course home to Super Bowl 52. The tailgate challenge goes awry and the game is cancelled “since there was so much fire damage to the stadium.” Yet more fire ritual programming eh.

Disney’s Lab Rats =1260/206. Lab Rats Ultimate Tailgate Challenge =206. McGinest =126 was 16,062 days old for the episode’s release, 2 months 6 days before Super Bowl 50. Mission Creek State Pioneers =126/162. Mission Creek Tech Vikings =260/1602. Both team names similarly coded to each other and the teams they represent: LA Rams =262. Minnesota Vikings =1206/261. Super Bowl LII =162. 

Disney Lab Rats =162. Lab Rats: Bionic Island Ultimate Tailgate Challenge =162. The Bionic Island series led to a spinoff series called Lab Rats Elite Force =1026 which ended on 10/22/16, a span of 1 year 1 month 26 days 60 weeks 2 days before the Amtrak Derailment and 1 year 2 months 6 days before the Disneyland Blackout.

Lab Rats and LABRAT reminds me of 90s rapper Da Brat, aka Shawntae Harris =162. Shawntae ‘Da Brat’ Harris =1260/206 was born on 4/14 of 1974 – exactly 62 years after the Titanic sunk and 16,002 days before Super Bowl LII. Da Brat was involved in two separate altercations (seven years apart) where she beat a woman with a rum bottle – both times in Atlanta. The second time she even assaulted an Atlanta Falcons cheerleader, and did three years for it. 

  • To be exact she spent 1217 days behind bars and was released 2170 days before Super Bowl LI where Falcons lost to the Patriots; Lab Rats premiered 2170 days before Super Bowl LII. The Falcons cheerleader was awarded $6.4 million 2 years 11 months 7 days before SB LI. Kelli Berglund, the actress from Lab Rats, was 21 years 10 months 17 days old for the Disneyland Blackout. And if we include the end date, “Ultimate Tailgate Challenge” aired 2 years 17 days before the Amtrak Derailment. Clues to the 2017 NFL Season.

Lab Rats =696. Da Brat =696. Falcon =666. Super Bowl LII =966. 

In other news, Al Luplow was a baseball player for the Pittsburgh Pirates who died on 12/28, the day after the Disneyland Blackout, at the age of 4111 weeks 3 days old. Shawntae ‘Da Brat’ Harris =314. The Rams =314. Atlanta =314. William Lee McGinest Jr =1314. This episode was production #413. Lab Rats Elite Force =413 ended 1 year 3 months 14 days before Super Bowl LII.

Living A Dream =227, as it says on one of the kid’s shirts in the episode. Disney Lab Rats =227. LABRAT KNATS =227. The 12/27 Disneyland Blackout came 722 days after Rams moved to LA. I also skimmed through the episode summaries of the last season of Lab Rats and this one stood out – in particular the cast or crew member from a particular TV series dying every year on Halloween since the show ended. Walt Disney Pictures: ritual blood sacrifices and predictive programming rigged sporting events since 1923.

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 1.42.23 PM.png

4 thoughts on “Lab Rats – Ultimate Tailgate Challenge

  1. Whenever I see the word “Transhumanism” I think of the movie “The Matrix”. I was thinking what if that “Train Derailment” was some type of “Operational False Flag”. So when I did my decode the number “87” or it’s reverse “78” came up. The same number on the football jersey the girl is wearing in one of your images. I never watched “Lab Rats” and it’s been a while since I’ve seen “The Matrix” franchise.
    “Operational False Flag”-Full Reduction=87
    “Fake Train Derailment”-Full Reduction=87/Jewish Reduced=78
    “Labrats Knats”-Full Reduction=87
    “Slavery”-Reverse Ordinal=87
    “The Matrix”-Sumerian=708(78)
    “Keanu Reeves”-Francis Bacon=178
    “Human Lab Rats”-Sumerian=780(78)
    “Human Rat Race”-Reverse Sumerian=1206(1206/1260)

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  2. 11-7-1940 ‘Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse’ = 126 (JR), near Amtrak Derailment.
    Nicknamed: ‘Galloping Gertie’ = 314 (Baconis).
    11-7-1940 to Amtrak Derailment = 77y 1m 12d span.
    11-7-1940 to SB 52 = 77y 2m 27d (if smaller units (days) added first)
    Tacoma is locally known as the “City of Destiny” = 1216 (J)


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