Erica Garner & MLK Jr: COINTELPRO and the State of the Collective Consciousness

Eric Garner was killed by the NYPD due to an illegal chokehold on July 17th 2014, and now his 27 year old daughter Erica Garner, an activist with Black Lives Matter, has died from a heart attack on December 30th 2017 – on the very same day as the death of Isaac Farris, the brother-in-law of Martin Luther King Jr. Talk about a Civil Rights themed Twins Trick to wrap up the year.

The Eric Garner story being a major propaganda piece promulgated over the past several years strongly suggests its staging, and knowing that Black Lives Matter is a COINTELPRO operation run by spooks (as was the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr – and possibly the majority of his public life), it’s safe to assume that Erica was either A) playing out her scripted role to fruition and/or B) was yet another pawn who meant well by resisting the rising police state oppression only to be taken out when the time was right.

  • Eric Garner was killed on 17/7 and Erica was 10,077 days old when she died. Police State =177, in the Francis Bacon method (the one that makes the G of Freemasonry equal 33). Police =177. Police Brutality =177. Propaganda =177. The officers involved in Eric’s death code similarly in the Satanic Method: Daniel Pantaleo + Justin Damico =1177.

J Edgar Hoover was 707 weeks old when the FBI was founded and he died when he was 77 years old. Counter Intelligence =77. US Law Enforcement =77. Police Department =77. Police Officer =77. Power =77. Shadow Government =77. Secret Society =77. Elite =77. Judaism =77. Fascism =77. United States =77. All those worth repeating, and coded up with the eldest sister of MLK and the wife of the man who died: Christine King =77. And if you read the Wiki Deaths, they’re both tagged as American Civil Rights Activist =77. The point yet again being, it’s the long-count of her death that matters more than anything else here.

Erica =26/62 was killed 1262 days after the death of Eric =26, for that royalty sequence appearing YET AGAIN. Eric + Erica Garner =1626. Daniel Pantaleo & Justin Damico =1602/2610. The Central Intelligence Agency =262. Ruling Elite =262. Every blog post I talk about this number, revealing itself primarily through date counts, which unlike the multiple methods of gematria, no one can dispute.

  • The daughter was also 1260 weeks 2 days old for her father’s funeral and an out-of-court settlement was announced 11 months 26 days after the murder in which the City of New York would pay the Garner family $5.9 million (59 a number strongly associated with African Americans but now is neither time nor place). Civil Rights Movement =1620. Cops =26. The CIA =126. The FBI =260. J Edgar Hoover =206. 
  • Again we find another reference to Atlanta Georgia =260/621 as the birthplace of both Martin & Christine King, and the death place of Isaac Farris =206/26. Super Bowl =260. 

Also very interesting is that Super Bowl LII =62 will be 2600 weeks 2 days after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr; as well as 626 weeks 12 years 6 days after the death of MLK’s wife, Coretta Scott King. Further, Super Bowl LII on 2/4 falls on the 105th birthday of Rosa Parks =62 which is equal to exactly 1260 months. And that’s wild.

There are a curious abundance of major synchs between Civil Rights characters and Super Bowl LII, suggesting another Black QB vs White QB scenario. Maybe of note, Coretta King died six days before Super Bowl XL – Steelers over Seahawks – which came 105 days after the death of Rosa Parks; again, SB LII comes exactly 105 years after her birth. Civil Rights Movement =105.

  • On Super Bowl Sunday, the FBI =45 will be 40,005 days old. NYPD =504. This means the day before will be 40,004 days, as well as 1666 days after Black Lives Matter was formed, making for a pretty prime day for shit to pop off. Civil Rights =966. Super Bowl LII =966.

Christine King Farris, wife of deceased Isaac Farris & eldest sister of MLK, will be 33,020 days old for Super Bowl LII and Erica Garner died exactly 233 weeks after the formation of Black Lives Matter. 233 the 51st prime. Erica Garner =151. Coretta Scott =151. 


COINTELPRO most assuredly extends into the online Truth Community of today. And as one of their core tactics is the old Divide & Conquer trick, we should continue to be wary of any self-professed leader so dedicated to throwing shade at other members of the community. Obviously if we’re Truth Sleuths we’re also critical thinkers – which means we take everything with a grain of salt [truth as authority instead of authority as truth] – which means there should be no need whatsoever to expend so much negative energy on the modern-day witch hunt of “outing shills”.

The truth is, a movement doesn’t need leaders – it needs MOVERS. Human beings actively striving to decode and decipher this rigged reality of ours. Real people putting in the legwork to help interpret and understand this riddle of our existence. Dudes & Dudettes embracing The Mystery – while supporting each other in our individual quests for Meaning – which is the collective Quest for Truth. Simple as that.

So let’s all set some positive intentions for 2018. A ritual of mine I like to do with friends on New Year’s Eve is to write down a list of all that which no longer serves me, and together we burn our papers and release all that old & detrimental energy in order to make way for the new. We can create our own interpretation of “Order Out Of Chaos” to mean the discovery of personal and spiritual meaning emerging through the patterns we uncover, together. The Official Narrative is anchored on the belief in coincidence, yet as we continue to reveal, the apparent chaos is in fact highly ordered. Highly organized.

And if we really pay attention to what all this alphanumeric conspiracy means, it isn’t that we’re mere pawns in some psychopathic chess game in which we have no control, but rather that the outcome depends entirely upon the choices that we each make in our own individual and perfectly flawed lives. Our thoughts create our reality, and that which you feel becomes that which is real. And maybe this awareness is the bigger picture outcome that all this deliberate evil in the world is meant to actualize. Because that’s definitely been the outcome of my own personal truth journey thus far – that each of us Earthlings are BORN with the gift to Create Reality. It’s innate, which to me inspires love and compassion for everyone and all living beings. The trick is to first realize it and then take action.

And we’re all at our own perfect paces, which means that we need to have empathy for each other, and remember the parable of the Blind Men and the Elephant – the moral being that we humans have the tendency to project our own partial experiences as the whole truth, and that only through genuine teamwork – which requires the suppression of ego in order to actively listen and communicate – will we ever hope to understand the reality of the beast.


Coretta Scott =42 died exactly 4020 weeks after the birth of MLK Jr and exactly 11 years 11 months before the 12/30 Civil Rights Twins Trick of Farris & Garner. Remember we just had the two AA=11 porn stars born exactly 11 years 11 months apart.

  • James Earl Ray died 72 years 2 days after the birth of Queen Elizabeth and will have been dead 7220 days for this Pro Bowl, the week before the Super Bowl.

Interestingly, Ezekiel Elliott was born on 7/22 and is from Alton Illinois, the same hometown as James Earl Ray. And this is weird – searching through the Notable People section of that city I clicked on Rick Yager, recognizing the name. He was a cartoonist famous for Buck Rogers, and he died on the exact same day that Ezekiel Elliott was born: 22 July 1995. Crazy eh? Cowboys are out, so there’s no direct clue there but oh shoot isn’t life fucking wonderful. It reminds me of this quote from the The Secret History of Twin Peaks: 

“A wise man once told me that mystery is the most essential ingredient of life, for the following reason: mystery creates wonder, which leads to curiosity, which in turn provides the ground for our desire to understand who and what we truly are.

The search for meaning at the heart of life brings us to the contemplation of an eternal enigma. Mysteries are the stories we tell ourselves to contend with life’s resistance to our longing for answers. Mysteries abound. This continent, this country, our own earthly origins are all laden with them, underlying our existence, pre-dating all our childish notions of “history.” Mythology precedes our access to historical or scientific fact, and, we know now, fulfilled much the same function for earlier civilizations – providing meaning in the face of a remorseless, indifferent universe – but in the absence of scientifically verifiable fact it is necessary to sometimes view them as one and the same.” – Mark Frost

But with these alphanumerics so deciphered we are indeed in the presence of scientifically verifiable facts, widely accessible for the first time in recorded history. We can all now choose to surrender the passive consumer roles that we’ve been programmed to lead and adopt a life of active producers of our own reality. Because ultimately, it’s all about what we choose to believe. And I for one choose to believe that this Experience is here to teach. And that I am here to learn.


7 thoughts on “Erica Garner & MLK Jr: COINTELPRO and the State of the Collective Consciousness

  1. Happy New Year! Thank you for this information, I did not know. I notice MLK’s brother-in-law birth name is “Isaac Newton Farris” (Like “Sir Isaac Newton”) and was “83” when he died. Christ is mentioned “83” times in the “New Testament” and his wife’s name is “CHRISTine Farris”. Also, he died 2 weeks and 2 days(22) from MLK’s birthday January 15th. “Twins”-Full Reduction=22, and “Twenty-Two”-Full Reduction=39(The age of his death).

    “Martin Luther King”-Full Reduction=83(83/38)
    “December Thirtieth”-Septenary=83
    “Brother-In-Law”-Jewish Reduced=62
    “Eric Garner”-Full Reduction=62/”Sixty-Two”-Full Reduction=38
    “Sir Isaac Newton”-Full Reduction-62
    “Sacrifice”-Reverse Full Reduction=62
    “Christ”-Jewish Reduced=38
    “I Have A Dream”-Reverse Sumerian=1260(1260/1602)
    (Erica Garner died 1260 days from the date of her father)
    “Divide And Conquer”-Reverse Sumerian=1602

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  2. Happy New Year! = 314 (Baconis)

    Thank you, BBerg, for sharing your work and passion. Enjoy your Turkish beaches. The beaches here in CT are at 0 degrees F (wind chill).

    More from the dark side: Trump visited Pope 5-24-17 and graciously gave Francis a bronze sculpture of a lotus called ‘Rising Above,’ and also a set of books by MLK Jr. and a piece of the King Monument, in Washington, D.C., called ‘Stone of Hope’ = 170 & 162 (K).

    From 5-24-17 exchange of gifts to Erica Garner’s death = 31w 4d span.

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  3. Thanks as always for the insight into the intentions of the new year. Your messages in 2017 have always been encouraging and thought provoking.
    All the best to you and yours for 2018 – may your travels take you to one beautiful place after another.

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  4. Great words and sentiments. I agree with you ….. Do not follow any (wo)Man (Leader), they will only lead you in circles and ‘leaders’ in the ‘Truth community’ will lead you to their own version of ‘Truth’.
    Lead only yourself.
    We all have our own version of truth and I would advise anybody to not impose it on anyone else.

    2017 has been all 26/62 since Superbowl LI ‘s combined score of 62 points.
    Looking forward to new finds during 2018. Thanks for all your work.

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  5. Great work as always.
    Have you had a chance to look at the Black Panther film that gets released on 2/16, the day before Huey P Newtons birthday.
    Film will be out 28 years after Newton died. Newton = 28.
    His lookalike Cam Newton is currently 28 years old.
    Cam was born 14 weeks 5 days before Huey died on 8/22/1989.
    8/22/1989 is 10405 days before the film is released.
    If the Panthers win the NFC their record on the season will be 14-5.
    The championship game is on 1/21.
    Could be against the Vikings.
    Minnesota vikings = 75. Huey would be 75 if he was still alive.
    Seventy five = 152.
    152 days before 1/21 takes you back to 8/22.
    Seventy five also adds to 53.
    53 days before 1/21 is 11/29.
    That’s the birthday of Chadwick Boseman, he is the Black Panther in the film.
    Chadwick Boseman = 131. 131st day of the year is 5/11 which is Cam Newtons birthday.
    From the films release to 5/11 is 84 days.
    Superbowl fifty two = 84.
    5/11 is also the date Minnesota became the 32nd state. 32nd prime is 131.
    Back to the 28. Twenty eight = 57.
    Fifty seven = 131.
    Championship = 131.
    57th prime is 269.
    269 days before the Superbowl is back to 5/11, Cam Newtons 28th birthday.
    The 1/21 championship game will be 110 days before Newtons next birthday.
    Minnesota = 110.
    The Minnesota QB is Case Keenum, he shares a birthday with Huey Newton.
    The last time the Superbowl was in Minnesota was the ’91 season.
    Vikings = 91. Newton = 91.

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