Black Panther: From Huey P to Cam

Our reader Nicky T makes an interesting case for the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl LII with regards to the upcoming Marvel film Black Panther out on 2/16 – the day before Huey P Newton’s birthday. As we covered back with Super Bowl 50, Cam Newton as the Black Panther versus Peyton Manning as the White Bronco very much played into the race-baiting propaganda – so with regards to the previous post that strongly suggested that theme continuing with Super Bowl LII, we find some extremely juicy finds to make the case for the Panthers. Especially as the Carolina Panthers are up for sale and Diddy, Steph Curry, and Colin Kaepernick want to purchase it, with Diddy saying he’d immediately sign Kaepernick – the scripted poster boy for the anthem protests.

  • Boseman =137 is the actor playing Black Panther who was born 13,070 days after the birth of Huey Newton; Martin Luther King died 1137 days after the death of Malcolm X. 137 is of course the 33rd prime. Black Panther =330 is king and protector of the fictional African nation of Wakanda =330. Newton died in Oakland =303 and Colin Rand Kaepernick =330 will be exactly 30 years 3 months old the day before Super Bowl LII.
  • Kaepernick born on 11/3 was 11,003 days old when Panthers went up for sale – and Super Bowl LII would be Newton’s 113th all time game with Carolina =113. Ronald Eugene Rivera =113. Cam was born 3 months 11 days before the death of Huey and 101 weeks 3 days before the birth of Panthers LB Luke Kuechly. Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey (the son of former Broncos WR Ed McCaffrey, interestingly enough after Super Bowl 50) will be 1130 weeks old for Super Bowl LII.

Super Bowl LII comes 3 years 30 days after Ron Rivera’s house burned down. Panther =33. Carolina =33. Cam =33. Boseman =33 is from South Carolina. The super-villain Killmonger =33 is played by Michael Bakari Jordan =133 who will be 11,330 days old for opening night and Michael Jordan the basketball player is from North Carolina, the current NCAA Champions. Newsweek =33 just copped shit for tweeting on New Years Day a controversial picture of MLK’s body in an open casket with the comment “Has anybody here seen my old friend Martin?” Weird right?

And this is interesting: Panthers owner Jerry Richardson was 20,920 days old when the Panthers were founded and 19,290 days old for the birth of Cam Newton. Ronald Eugene Rivera =292. The Panthers were the league’s 29th franchise and based in Charlotte, as Princess Charlotte will be 2 years 9 months 2 days old for the Super Bowl. 

Chadwick Boseman =260 was exactly 612 weeks old when Huey Percy Newton =62 died and on 2/16 when the Black Panther movie comes out it will be exactly 912 months since the birth of Huey P Newton =26. The Black Panther’s real name is T’Challa =26. Michael Bakari Jordan =162 plays Killmonger =126/62. Malcolm X died 162 weeks before MLK Jr who died 2600 weeks before Super Bowl LII.

  • The Carolina Panthers =126 were founded on 10/26 and will be 1262 weeks 6 days old on the 1/7 Wild Card game versus the Saints, the same day McCaffrey will be 1126 weeks 2 days old. Panthers are in New Orleans for that one but their home games are at Bank of America Stadium =262 in Charlotte =612 and the team is owned by Jerome Johnson Richardson =126/1620/2106. 
  • Colin Kaepernick =216. Kaepernick =1062. Colin Rand Kaepernick =261. 

Ronald Rivera =62 born in ’62, he won the ’86 Super Bowl on 1/26 and his house burned 1126 days before Super Bowl LII. And this one’s good: Rivera was hired as Panthers coach on 1/11/11, or exactly 260 months after the birth of Cam Newton.

He was also hired exactly 21 years 8 months after Newton’s birth like 2018. Coach Ronald Eugene Rivera =218. Boseman =218. Power to the People =218. And it gets crazier because the Panthers franchise was founded on 10/26/93, a span of exactly 218 weeks after the death of Huey P Newton. Cam Newton was also born 21 years 1 month 8 days after the assassination of Martin Luther King. Government Tyranny =2118/218.

  • Cam Newton was also born 7707 days / 1101 weeks after the death of MLK, which Newsweek just controversially reminded the world about, and he was also born another triplet synch of 555 days before the birth of Kaepernick.

We know the triplets are key because Cameron Jerrell Newton =111 weighs 111 kg was born on the 11th, was 1st Round 1st Pick in ’11 and wears #1. Rivera became Coach of the Panthers =111 on 1/11/11. Black Panther =111. Colin Rand Kaepernick =111. African American =111. Super Bowl LII =111 comes when Princess Charlotte =101 will be 1010 days old.

Cam Newton will be 10,509 days old for the release of Black Panther =159. The nemesis super-villain is the similarly coded Erik Killmonger =159. Wakanda =59. Negro =59. The Super Bowl comes 59 days before the 50th anniversary of King’s assassination. Steph Curry was born 1 year 5 months 9 days before the birth of Newton.

Cameron Newton =156. Chadwick Boseman =1156. Two Thousand Eighteen NFL Wild Card =156. Carolina Panthers =56. The Panthers =56. The 1/7 Wild Card game is on Rivera’s 56th birthday and Bank of America Stadium broke ground exactly 56 months after the death of Huey P Newton, who died 1115 weeks 6 days after Martin Luther King. The club is worth approximately US$1.56 billion, according to Forbes. Puff Daddy =156. Diddy =56. Steph Curry will be exactly 1560 weeks old for the Super Bowl. 

Black Panther =666. Kilmonger =696. African American =696. Huey P Newton =996. Civil Rights =966. Super Bowl LII =966 comes a perfect 6 years 6 months 6 days after Cam signed with the Panthers. Black Panther =666 is the 18th Marvel film (6+6+6) and coming out on 2/16 (6x6x6) because it’s just a fact of life how this stuff is coded relentlessly. 18 years is also exactly 216 months which is age difference of Diddy (11/4/69) & Kaepernick (11/3/87).

  • Black Panther debuted in 1966, the year Huey Newton founded the Black Panther Party at the age of 9006 days old. Rivera won the ’86 Super Bowl a nice span of 11,696 days before Super Bowl LII and the Panthers are owned by Jerome =66/96 Richardson =966. 

Huey P died 14 weeks 6 days after the birth of Cam and will have been dead 10,406 days for the Super Bowl. Black Panther Party =1146. Charlotte North Carolina =146. African American =146. Colin Kaepernick =146 will be 11,064 days old for the release of Black Panther. Ronald Euguene Rivera =1164. The Panthers =164. Black Power =164. 

Interestingly for Super Bowl 52, Black Panther’s first appearance was in Fantastic Four #52 in 1966, which is 52 years ago. Panthers =52. Chadwick Boseman =52. Black Panther directed by Ryan Coogler =52 and Huey Newton died when his co-founder was 52 years old. Stephen Curry =152. Kaepernick will be 11,052 days old for Super Bowl 52. 

  • The 52nd prime is 239. Huey Percy Newton =239 was born 2309 weeks before the birth of Coogler in Oakland where Newton was killed. The Super Bowl comes exactly 2093 weeks after the 1977 release of The Black Panther (293 the 62nd prime).

The 239th prime is 1499. Cam Newton will be 1499 weeks old for the Super Bowl. 

And remember the time Cam was made to wear a Fez =44 for post-game interview on 12/10/17? Cameron Jerrell Newton =1440 was 10,440 days old that day. Carolina Panthers =1044 are owned by Jerome Johnson Richardson =144. Princess Charlotte will be exactly 144 weeks old the day before the Super Bowl. Civil Rights Movement =144.

  • Of course the Fez is the symbol of the Shriners, an appendant body to Freemasonry. Remember in the Charlottesville Rally of 8/12/17 (read post here) there was a Shriners bumper sticker front & centre of the staged vehicle ramming and Trump shook hands with a grinning Shriner following his post-event press conference.

That bumper sticker read “No Man Stands So Tall As When He Stoops To Help A Child” =2018. That’s in the Satanic Method, a nice one for the New Year to go with the aforementioned 218 sequence above (one of my favourite runs here). The Charlottesville Rally of 8/12 happened 10,218 days after the murder of Huey P Newton, just like the Panthers (based in Charlotte) were founded exactly 218 weeks after his death.

That Charlottesville event that happened 188 days before Black Panther opens was all about the 88 and the Super Bowl comes 18,008 days after the Black Power Salute at the ’68 Olympics. Huey P Newton =1808. Civil Rights =188. Cam’s fez hat was 8811 days after the Panthers were founded. Twenty Eighteen =1188. Ronald Eugene River =188. Jerome Richardson =188. Newton =88. Ed McCaffrey (one of my favourite Broncos back in the day along with Terrell Davis & Shannon Sharpe) will be 18,080 days old for the release of Black Panther. Third Time’s a Charm =808/88. 

And speaking of Freemasonry, two recent articles in the Guardian you may be interested in: “Freemasons are blocking reform, says Police Federation leader” (read here) from 12/31 and “Why the secret handshake between police and Freemasons should worry us” (read here) from 1/2.

12 thoughts on “Black Panther: From Huey P to Cam

  1. I’m liking the Charlotte / Princess Charlotte connection ….
    Superbowl LII will be shown live in the UK on 2/5 (5th Feb due to the time difference)…. Princess Charlotte born 5/2 (2nd May).
    On 2/5 (5th Feb) she will be 1011 days old ….. Which falls in line with your 111’s.

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  2. I’ve been waiting for you to put out a post on Carolina. This is their year. The Super Bowl will be Carolina vs. New England and the Panthers will win. Take it to the bank!

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  3. awesome job, but as you know, there’s code for all teams. look what happened to the ravens, man. I found some good stuff on a Ravens-Vikings Super Bowl and Baltimore didnt even make the playoffs.. its tough to understand what is and what isnt.


    • totally. i do think teams can be ranked by their coding and the one with the strongest wins, the trick is figuring out which coding is season specific and which is tributes to other teams & players – as seems to have been the case for ravens. it’s damn near impossible to understand what is and isn’t but it’s sure fun to play along and try to decipher narratives in advance. and this is supposed to be fun – not discussing a dozen teams then if one of them wins claiming you accurately predicted it and that everyone else is frauds [which i’m sure no body would do, right? ;)]

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  4. Crazy stuff man. Speaking of black and white, has anyone else noticed how just about every news anchor for the last three months or so — on every station but especially CNN — has been wearing black. Like all day everyday. Something is off. Or in the offing.


  5. B-Berg,
    Love your work. Thanks for your efforts. I know you realize all these ‘connections’ are more than just sports stuff, so when I make my association/’connection’ . Here in Louisiana we had the populist character Huey P. Long, whom I feel has some ‘connections; at least to Huey P. Newton, since he was born in Louisiana and probably named after Huey P. Long, a man who built the ‘temple’ called the Louisiana State Capitol building, but literally was ‘sacrificed’ in the bowels of said building.

    In a city called Baton Rouge, which means ‘Red Stick’ , which wasn’t names such because of a cosmetic company, I’m just sayin….

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